Monday, December 19, 2016

The Reasons Trevin Wants to be a Robber

Every year I am taken by surprise of the busyness of the season. So many fun traditions and activities. Here's a few of our favorite memories from the past few weeks. 

The Super Moon:

Christmas caroling:

Reunited with Alyssa:

Parade of Lights:

Christmas Program:

It was Trevin's first year of being a part of the "big kids" part of the program. He did a great job standing on the stage and sang the songs he knew. At one point he was staring at something in the front pew and then looked at me and attempted to tell me something from the stage. I didn't catch it, but afterwards I asked him what he tried to tell me. He had noticed a Star Wars book on the pew that matched one he owned and he couldn't wait to tell me! 

Trevin has started the "I can't remember how to smile" phase. I hope it's short lived. Otherwise we're going to have a whole lot of pictures like this... 

James and I drove down to Kansas to see the annual Behold the Lamb of God concert. It might be my favorite tradition. Such an incredible night, getting my heart ready for Christmas. 

We also went with some friends to the Star Wars - Rogue One premiere in Lincoln. It was my first 3D movie since Spy Kids 3D, (which came out in 2003 and we had to wear the blue and red lensed paper glasses). So yeah, this was a little different. 

Paul and Dori went on vacation so we hijacked their home for a couple nights and had some friends and family in for brick oven pizza. The first night we celebrated with friends, new and old, and just wanted to say thank you for the support they've shown us this year. The next night I had my family in for my Grandpa's birthday. I love having a tight-knit family and making the time count when we're together. 

We've started making a little more progress in the multi-purpose room in the basement. (This is the room we dug the hallway too. Originally we thought it would be a craft room, but we're thinking of adding a bed too, for a guest room. So we're not really sure what the function of it will be yet.) We originally planned to add a drop ceiling, but we found we could get a cheap one that looked like a office building's ceiling or we could spend way too much money and buy one that kind of looked ok. We didn't want to do either option, so we decided to have an exposed ceiling, add some can lights, and paint it black. It turned out pretty cool and really inexpensive. James started laying floor this weekend, next will be trim and the kitchenette. Winter=house projects. Maybe winter isn't all bad. 


+We've taken a long Christmas break from school. The past month has been difficult, to say the least. The novelty wore off and now he dreads anything school related. We're taking a few weeks off now so we can reset after the new year, in hopes that we can get back on track. We're currently working through letter sounds and sounding out CVC words. Thankfully preschool is pretty forgiving, so I'm just trying to be as flexible as possible. 

+Trevin finished his Wednesday night memory verse book. He's worked really hard on verses and catechism questions. He'll start a new book in January. 

Mother/Son matching. This was probably the first (and last) time. 

+His Sunday School teacher told us about a conversation she had with him a couple of weeks ago. 
She asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Trevin?" He replied, "A robber." 
She said she's never had to tell a kid he couldn't be what he wanted to be when he grew up. We laughed and then shook our heads with concern. Our child's biggest goal in life is to steal other people's things. I mean, how am I supposed to take that? 
We asked Trevin about it. 
"Trevin, why did you say you wanted to be a robber when you grow up?"
"Because I wanted to wear a mask!" 
"Well, there's other jobs that you can wear a mask for. Like a firefighter, a welder, or a doctor..."
"Well... Louie said he wanted to be the cop, so I had to be the robber!" 
I tried with all I had not to laugh. I told you last month how much he loves playing cops and robbers. We're a lot less concerned now. He's still such an innocent 4-year-old and I'm totally fine with that. 


+Somehow she turned 6 months... and then 7 months... 

+Still no crawling, but she's up on all fours and rocking. She scoots backwards and turns and rolls herself around. I'm not officially calling her "mobile" but she's never in the same spot I leave her. I left her on the living room floor at Paul and Dori's while I went to finish a few things in the kitchen. She started fussing so I went to get her. But I couldn't see her. She wasn't in the middle of the room where I had left her. And then I see this... She was stuck under the couch. 

+She can go from laying to sitting. This has caused problems in the night (again...). If she wakes up, even for a moment, she sits right up and then just sits there and cries. She can't fall asleep sitting up, so we have to go in to lay her back down, because otherwise she just sits and cries. 

+Eating a lot more solids and she loves when she gets to eat with us. 

+Myla got her first tooth last Saturday! It's on the bottom and she's already bit my finger twice. 

+The same day she got her tooth, she woke up with a cold. Hoarse voice and cough. Thankfully it was short lived and she still was pretty happy. 

+She was finally sleeping through the night again, but then she started teething and now learned to sit up. So it's been a rough few nights again. 

+She's learned how to shake her head.
+She reaches for me when someone else is holding her. 
+Since teething, she's super cuddly and I'm soaking it up. 

+She loves to squeal and we're trying to get used to our ears bleeding. That noise level and high pitch should not be able to be combined. 

They're becoming the best of friends. 

Merry Christmas, friends. 

Wishing for a full night's sleep, growing on the farm...