Friday, November 4, 2016

"Do You Sell Bolt Cutters?"

Do you even recognize these kids? Because I'm having a hard time believing they're mine. They're changing every. single. second.

Harvest 2016 is complete! We finished last week and we've been celebrating ever since. Well, at least I have been. Trevin put in A LOT of combine hours this fall and is devastated that harvest is over. Regardless, we're grateful for another year of provision and thankful for more time together.  

Myla has been a champ in the tractors and combine. She loves watching out the window and even got a chance to ride in the best seat (Dad's lap) when Trev was at Grandma's. She won't remember her first harvest, but she loved it. 


Ashton and I took our nephews on our annual day-trip. My kiddos tagged along, so we just did a short day in Kearney. 

We spent the day bowling, playing laser tag, glow-golfing and go carting. 

Scott will be in Junior High next year, and I'm having a hard time accepting that. They've grown so fast. Love spending time with these boys. 

We finally got to the zoo last month. I'm pretty sure we chose the warmest day in October. Upper 90's and beautiful. 

Myla LOVED the zoo. She squealed in her stroller all day, and then napped. 

They've added a few new exhibits; Trevin loved the helicopter simulator and seeing the elephants! 

Feeding the fish

So special doing our favorite traditions as a family of four. 

We also spent a day at the pumpkin patch with our moms' group. 

Myla didn't know what to think of the corn pit. I crawled in there with her to help keep her steady. She definitely tried to eat it.  I definitely dropped corn out of my pants for the rest of the day. 

Trevin had both of our pumpkins as we attempted to get off of the hayrack ride. As I was busy trying to get the stroller off, Trevin wanted to show me his new way of getting down with both pumpkins. He threw the pumpkins on the ground and jumped off after them. Thankfully, we didn't have a smashed pumpkin, but one stem broke off. It really wasn't a big deal; he felt bad and I told him it would be easy to super glue when we got home. But he seemed so surprised by the natural consequence of throwing the pumpkins. It was almost comical how shocked he was that it happened. 

Trevin spent most of his time playing in the sand. When you're a 4-year-old boy, nothing beats sand. 

We had a blast spending time with some of our best friends! 

Nicole and I chose to ride together. With four kids, four and under. We drove through and got fast food on the way home, because we deserved it. 

We love this stage of our life. The moments are so sweet. I love watching Trevin be a brother. I love having a baby around again. These two have brought so much joy into a dark year. 

+He's been a terrible eater for almost all of his life. I can't count the number of fits we've had at the kitchen him or by me.. So many battles surrounding food. It's not that he's picky. He really likes most food; he's just horribly stubborn and won't try anything. Even if it's something he's had before. But something happened this summer. We started winning more battles than we'd lose. We've gotten him to eat pepperoni, ham, pizza, turkey, carrots, spaghetti, chicken in a form other than nugget, (I know what you're thinking. Yes, some of those are foods that kids generally love. Yes, he seriously refused to eat them. Yes, I felt like a fool trying to "make" my child eat pizza. It's whatever.) But after we had some success, he started loving these foods and requesting these foods and eating all of these foods! It was miraculous. We thought the day would never come. We finally feel in control of his diet. He ate brisket one night and we let him fly the drone, (with James' help, of course). That's how excited we are about this. Sure, we still have tantrums over this weekly, but progress is being made in big ways. 

+He's always done fairly well with other kids, but seemed to like doing his own thing more. But in the last couple months, Trevin has really started to enjoy playing with friends.  Lately, he's had the time of his life playing cops and robbers, tag, Marco Polo, and anything boy. 

+He was scheduled to have his first dentist appointment last month. When we got there we found out that the doctor was out sick, so technically the hygienists couldn't see Trevin because he was a new patient. We had brushed his teeth before we left, but he ate a pop tart on the way. They hygienist took a quick look at his teeth, just to make sure there wasn't anything alarming. She told him his teeth looked great and he asked, "Did you not even see the pop tart in there?" She laughed and said she didn't even see the pop tart. And just like that, he wasn't scared of the dentist's office. 

+He's really started to like having jobs in the house and on the farm. He helps empty the dishwasher, dusts, vacuums, picks up toys, sweeps the shop, vacuums out tractors, helps feed the cows, and is a constant radio for anyone who will listen. His station plays Peterson Farm Bros parody songs and is advertised by, "Arby's. We have the meats." 

+We're still doing school work at home. We've slowed down a bit through harvest, but we've worked through an entire book already and now have started a reading curriculum. He's starting to sound out words and gets so excited when he can do it by himself. Learning to read has been fun to watch, but it's hard to see him get frustrated when he can't get it. Obviously we're still in the very early stages, but I'm proud of all he's accomplished! 

+His new favorite thing is hunting for bull frogs. They bring him so much joy. It doesn't do the same thing for me. 

+5 months old and chubbier than ever

+Sitting up on her own
+Rolling both ways
+She spins in circles on her tummy, isn't quite scooting yet, but is figuring out how to pull her knees up. She does push herself backwards, and gets her body in a full plank position. I'm guessing she'll be on the move before long. 
+Still nursing, but takes a bottle on occasion
+Started some solids, like bananas, avocados, and egg yolk. She loves eating and pleads with her eyes for us to feed her during suppertime. 

+She hates getting dressed. When I put her shirt over her head, she acts like she can't breathe. (Not just when it's over her face, but when it's around her neck as I try to put her arms in.) Apparently, she's a little claustrophobic. 
+She smiles and coos when Trevin is crying. Which only makes him more mad. So far she's nailed this little sister thing. 

+Her new nickname is "Cryla" She's started to have a fussy period in the evening, and it's been pretty brutal. Hoping it's just a phase, and that it will pass soon enough. 
+She has been a solid sleeper since week one. But something happened around 4 months. She started waking up several times in the night. I figured it was a growth spurt, but days turned into weeks and before we knew it it was like we had a newborn again. We're finally starting to make some progress and getting her to sleep through the night, but there's still been more bad nights than good. 

+She naps really well, so at least she's got that going for her. Takes 2-3 solid naps a day, loves her bed, and takes her pacifier. 
+She's still a mama's girl, often very picky about who is holding her.
+Myla is generally a very happy babe. 

There's something so special about being brother and sister. 

Growing babies!

We went to Scare the Square and spent Halloween night going around Stockham. I decided to go with a sibling theme for their first Halloween together. Trevin loved the bow and arrow that James made for his costume. 
Trevin the hunter and his prize deer.  


Engagement pictures for Ashton and JT are finished. Hard to believe the wedding is only 6+ months away.  

October holds one of my favorite annual traditions. Girls trip to IKEA. We had a new face join the crew. We were tickled that Mckenna was brave enough to tag along. I asked James if we could take his truck and he said yes with only a little hesitancy. We left bright and early and made the 4-hour drive to Kansas City without much trouble. We found our treasures and I backed the truck into the loading zone in the parking lot. As I was backing up, I could see the rest of the girls laughing and looking at the truck. (I thought that they were laughing at my parking job; it's a huge truck. But I was parking it like a boss. Straight between the lines.) I got out of the truck and found something disturbing. My sweet, dear, innocent husband had hung, um... how do I say this delicately... "metal testicles" on the back of his truck.  I think so highly of this man that my first thought was that someone had pranked him and he'd been driving his truck around without knowing they were there. I video messaged him trying to figure out what was going on. I'll have you know he is the worst liar in the world. It was then that I realized my darling husband was the culprit. He didn't just have a part in this, it was his idea. He'd been planning it for a week. 

We tried to get them off, but of course, he'd chained and bolted them on and there was nothing we could do about it. We attempted tying them up with twine. I was trying to figure something out, when an older couple started watching us. They looked disgusted. We invited them over and told them about the horrible men we were married too. We instantly gained their sympathy and the man even tried to help get it off with his pocket knife. That did us no good. We fueled up before leaving Kansas City and I asked the gas station attendant if they sold bolt cutters. She gave me a strange look and said no. We were out of luck and began to make the long, humiliating drive home. It all started to make sense as we put the pieces together. James had been overly kind when he backed the truck out of the garage at 5:15 that morning for me so no one would walk around the back of the truck. He also told me to check the tires after loading up before making the trip home, knowing that I would find it then. Taylor had a hard week and got a text from Seth saying, "It's your day. Go nuts." We had thought that it was a sweet gesture, giving her permission to buy whatever she wanted. Nicole got a text from Mitch asking if James' truck had balls. Nicole said, "I don't know. It drove nice!" On the way home we embraced the look and drove the truck with pride. A car went to pass us on the interstate, slowed back down, got their phones out and took a picture. I don't think James has ever giggled so much in his entire life. I can't believe he pulled it off. The wife in me wanted to scold him, but the best friend in me was proud and impressed. Good one, babe. Just know that payback is coming. 

Looking forward to celebrating many firsts for Myla as the holiday season approaches!

The harvest is in, growing on the farm...