Monday, September 26, 2016

Burn Baby Burn

We celebrated my brother's wedding last month! It was a great time honoring Ryan and Kristin. Trevin had the role of ring-bearer and I had the role of photographer. (I know what you're thinking. No, I don't take pictures anymore, but when my brother asked, I had a hard time telling him no.) I was sweating bullets over this responsibility, but we managed to survive the weekend and had some fun in the process. A HUGE shoutout to Emily B. Photography for lending me a hand and being my second-shooter and sanity for the day. Also, thankful for James, Ashton, and JT for tagging in and keeping the kiddos.

 Trevin nailed his ring bearer gig. He did his mama proud. After we finished all of the formal shots before the wedding, Trevin came up to me and said he wasn't done taking pictures. I sighed and couldn't imagine why he'd want more pictures taken and then he said, "I haven't got a picture with just Kristin." He is truly a softie. Deep deep deep deep down. 

I only cried a couple times during the day. As Kristen walked down the aisle, as they read their vows, and when my dad got to dance with his newest daughter. It was darling and perfect and beautiful and the most special thing. 

So happy for these incredible people.


September includes the State Fair and Husker Harvest Days. Why? Why do they do this to us? Don't get me wrong, I love both of these events, but 4-year-olds tend to... um... "struggle" with big days. The State Fair chalked up as a partial success, (mostly because we ate ice cream from two different vendors and then had donuts). HHD on the other hand... We just wanted to survive. Also, it was too cold for ice cream..

Nebraska State Fair:

The first thing we had to do was see the Banana Derby. Who knew monkeys made good jockeys?

The Case booth is always a favorite. Ferris wheel, driving tractors, free popcorn, and playing in a bunch of corn... what's better than that?

We went to the State Fair the day before James' accident. Looking back, we were grateful for the opportunity to go and spend the day together before the craziness of the following weeks. 

Trevin even got to ride the sky tram for the first time! 

Husker Harvest Days: 

We got a couple smiles that day in between the tears. Trevin's favorite part was the slide. We also watched a man break a horse. Trevin was convinced there would be blood. We're still trying to explain the term "break" to him. 

When we got home, I realized that Myla didn't cry, fuss, or whine the entire time we were there. I know she won't be this easy forever, but right now it's pretty great. 

We had another family wedding last month! James' cousin Carson got married and they will soon be our neighbors! We're excited to welcome Mckenna to the family and I'm looking forward to having another farmer's wife in the neighborhood.

James got a little help directing traffic for the wedding. 


It's about to get gross, so keep scrolling if you're not interested in seeing dead flesh. 

Tuesday, August 30th, I received a call from James. When I answered, I didn't even recognize his voice, and thought maybe one of his nephews was borrowing his phone. "Megan? There was an accident. I'm burnt badly and headed to the ER." I quickly realized that his voice was so different because he was in shock. I asked if he was headed to Aurora or Grand Island. I desperately wanted to ask how bad it was. I wanted to know where he was burnt. I wanted to know how it happened. I wanted to see his face, because I truly feared I wouldn't see the same one again. I wanted to know... But I didn't want him to have to relive the accident by telling me. I didn't want him to have to say where he was burnt in fear of reality hitting him for the first time. I didn't want him to know I was scared. So instead, all I said was, "James, I am so sorry. I'm on my way. I love you." 
Ashton was off work that day (so thankful for that), and I was able to kiss my babies and walk out the door in an instant. I tried to keep my composure in front of Trevin, knowing he would pick up on any panic. He watched me shuffle around, grabbing whatever I could think to take. As I ran out the door, he called to me, "Love you, Mom!" He showed concern but not fear. I was grateful for that. 
As I ran into the ER I saw James on the bed, his face was flushed and covered in dirt and debris. His right arm was being tended too. They were looking it over and asking him where else he felt pain. He pointed to his neck and the back of his knee. His beard saved his face from the explosion. The entire beard looked like it had highlighted tips; it was singed quite a bit. He had been wearing a hat, but his hair that was exposed made a rim of singed highlights all the way around his head. 

They were lighting up a brush pile on that cool, foggy morning. James had lit several the week before, using diesel to get it started. He doused the pile and went to light it with his torch. He was not aware that there was gasoline mixed in with the diesel in this can. It exploded as he went to light it. Thankfully he was able to turn just enough. He had irrigation boots and shorts on (thus leaving a tiny burn behind his knee) and the side of his neck/ear caught a little as he turned. His hand/arm, with the torch, obviously caught the worst of it. 
They started to clean the burns. He was shaking fiercely. We were doing everything we could to keep his arm/hand cool. We soaked towels in cold water to wrap over him. It hardly took a couple minutes before the towels were hot. We constantly switched out hot towels for more cold towels. He asked for more blankets, several times. He was cold, but his arm was radiating so much heat. Eventually they got him something for pain. We ended up pouring water over his arm to keep the temp down. His arm  looked red, but it was hard for me to tell how bad it was. The doctor said second degree burns, no need for us to go to the burn unit. So thankful. 
Finally, they were able to put the medicine on and wrap it up. This brought the greatest relief of pain for James. Just like that, we were on our way home. James was still in a lot of pain and I wasn't sure how long he'd have to suffer. We got home, set him up in the recliner and eventually he was able to nap for the rest of the afternoon. When he woke up, his pain level was down tremendously. A few visitors came through the evening, and miraculously he slept well that night. 
The next morning we changed the bandages and were able to take a good look at the wounds. His hand and arm looked dead. 

After the first day, he wasn't taking any pain killers. His arm was tender and sore, but not necessarily in pain. It was incredible to see how fast it healed. The white is the silver cream that we used to help soothe and keep away infection. He blistered up pretty good on his wrist and up some of his arm. Some popped on their own and some were popped by the doctor at his follow-up appointment. We started referring to the accident as a deep fat fry. 

James continued to refer to his skin as "hide" because of the texture. The burnt skin started to peel off after about 5 days. The new skin underneath was bright red and very sensitive. Within a few days, the new skin started to resemble a flesh color. He was home for a solid week, not even able to go outside because the heat caused his hand to swell and throb. He was happy to slowly get back to work. After a few days of work, he came down with a cold. Go figure. He basically has all function back in his hand. He just wears long sleeve shirts and a glove anytime he goes to work.  

 I was in high demand taking care of the kids and tending to James, without any relief. The meals, cards, prayers, and visits were truly a blessing. I'm still brought to tears when I think of all of you that served us so well during this time. I didn't make a single meal for an entire week. Please know that it meant so much. Truthfully this month has been so difficult. There's been more hard days than easy days. There's been more pain than comfort. There's been more struggle than relaxation. But in the midst of it all, God is faithful and God is good; He's proved that time and time again. 


+She's growing crazy fast. At her 4-month appointment she was 13 lbs 14.5 oz and 25.5 inches long. She grew 3 inches in 2 months. That seems so bizarre to me. 

+She found her fingers and thumb. She's started sucking them, but still prefers the pacifier. 

+Her nicknames include, My-love and Smyla (because she's usually smiling). 

+She found her toes! It's been cute watching her hold them and talk to them. 

Trevin is teaching her all about farm life already. He's generous enough to let her play with "certain tractors". 

+She's started giving kisses. She'll even grab our face and smother us in drool. 

+Myla is rolling back-to-tummy consistently but has slowed down on tummy-to-back. Thankfully that way she doesn't get too far. She's also turning, sometimes doing 180 degrees before I can even tell what happened.  


+No crawling or scooting yet, but she is able to climb over her boppy and face plant. 

+She's a Mama's girl. In the last month she's taken notice as to who is holding her. Often times if it's not me, she throws out a decent pouty lip. Thankfully she likes James and Ashton, so they are able to enjoy her too. 

Labor Day picnic
+She loves sitting up and standing. She's almost sitting by herself, just needs a little support. 

Oh baby girl, you are darling. 


+Trevin spent a half-hour one day picking "flowers" for Ashton and I and brought them in and surprised us. It was precious. 

+We also ran around with paintball gear on and pretended to shoot things. He's just enough sweet and just enough rough. 

+He got this batman mask and talked like batman the rest of the day. He's my hero. 

+He started Preschool! At the kitchen table... 
James and I have had many long debates about schooling for our kids. He was homeschooled all the way through graduation and I was public schooled. We started discussing schooling when I found out I was pregnant with Trevin, but the more we talked, the more unsure we were, so we stopped talking about it. We revisited the conversation a couple times a year, but always ended up more confused and frustrated. There are many positives and negatives for each option and we went back and forth constantly. Last year, I started praying that we would have clarity and be united in our decision, even if that meant changing me. We haven't made a decision yet, but we did decide we would keep Trevin home for Pre-K because it was a harmless trial run. 
I had several concerns about homeschooling. I had no idea what it looked like in real life. I didn't feel like teaching was a strength of mine. I wanted Trevin to have opportunities to grow his strengths and passions. I didn't want to lose my mind. (A legit concern.) I still struggle with these things, but the past 2 months have gone really well. Better than I could have anticipated. 
If we end up homeschooling, it won't be for the long run, unless things change. Our desire is to build a strong foundation for our kids before sending them out into a public arena, but also allow them to be a light to those around them and give them the best opportunity for knowledge. 

Trevin has blown my expectations out of the water. We've been doing school work for 5-6 days for the last two months for 2-4 hours a day. He's loved it and often is at the table starting his workbook before 7:30AM. Some days are harder than others, but he's soaking in so much information, it's incredible to watch. He can write his name, put letters in alphabetical order, and make patterns. He loves painting and working with the scissors and glue. Our Wednesday night church program has given us the opportunity for scripture memory. We're working on letter sounds and sound recognition now. We've almost finished an entire Pre-K workbook, in just two months. He's eating this up. I took him "school shopping" and he got to pick out pencils, markers, scissors, and a backpack. I've had to add new activities each week to keep things fresh. I don't want him to get burnt out or bored with school. I want to keep his excitement and interest. It's been so fun to watch him learn. 

Also, I use these sprinkles as rewards. That's the only way I know how to homeschool. With enough Jesus, coffee, and chocolate, we'll make it. 

I was so worried that two kids would be so hard. And it is. But what I didn't expect was for it to be SO fun to see them interact!

Remember when I told you earlier that Myla is a Mama's girl? Well, I should take that back. Trevin is actually her favorite person. She adores him. She gives him her best grins and he's the only one that has got her to belly-laugh. She watches him all the time and just smiles. There's been several times that she's been crying and Trevin will come over and say, "She just wants me.." And sure enough she stops crying and starts grinning. Sometimes he's too busy carpet-farming to "babysit" so that's a bummer. Maybe after harvest is over.. 

People have asked how Trevin has handled someone else getting attention. When we're all cooing at Myla, Trevin comes over, not to get our attention, but to get Myla's. It's not the reaction we anticipated, but that's the way he's dealt with it. 

Myla is able to get a hold of her headbands pretty easily. She slips them over her eyes and I usually have no idea because she doesn't fuss. She just lays there blindfolded. One time it ended up around her chin and Trevin said, "Look Mom, Myla has a flower beard!" Now we give Myla a flower beard sometimes, just for fun.

We're told all the time that we have a miniature James and a miniature Megan. I suppose they're right. 

Got to watch our nephews dominate the field yesterday!

Now that Ryan's wedding is over, we've officially started wedding planning for Ashton! She found the dress this month and I pretty much didn't even really almost cry. I was happy to tell her which ones looked ugly, which was zero because she can pull anything off. 
It's a happy time anticipating her marriage to JT, but also a sad time knowing that she'll be moving out in just a few short months. I'm soaking in all these special days before she becomes a SD resident.  But I'm guessing it doesn't matter if we're living in the same house or a different state, we'll still end up wearing matching outfits. 

Hoping October is good to us, growing on the farm...