Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bowling Strikes and Nursing Strikes

This month has been full of long days. James has been working like a mad man to get everything done. If he's not irrigating, he's cutting hay, roguing, baling hay, putting up sweet corn, doing endless field work, picking up bales, loading semis, or fixing equipment.  Regardless, I was able to steal him away for a few fun things this month. 

Somehow it takes 4 people longer to irrigate than it takes 1 person... 

Trevin took swim lessons from Ellie, my friend from high school. She did such a good job with him and Trevin loved her. He told me that she was pretty and tells me often how much he misses her. 

He worked on arm circles, front and back floats, kicks, blowing bubbles, and going under water. He didn't care to go under water because he didn't want to get his eyes wet. That was his concern. We tried to tell him to close them, which he did, but he insisted that the water got through the cracks. We tried goggles and it seemed to help. At least we'll have something to work on for next year! 

He passed the preschool level! He's almost passed as many levels as I have now.. 

At the beginning of the week he didn't want to go so I had to bribe him with a new Lego set if he went the whole week. It worked and he wanted to go back more and more as the week went on. He ended up having so much fun. After lessons on the last day he got to pick out which Legos he wanted. Of course he chose the $150 Star Wars Millennium Falcon, so we compromised and I let him get two small Star Wars Lego spaceships instead, because two is always better than one to a four-year-old. 

A'ror'n Days and Sutton Dug Out Days always land on the same weekend. Last year we watched the street vault and parade in Aurora and then hit the parade and carnival in Sutton that night. It was a day packed full of sugar, memories, fun, no naps, and a massive tantrum to end the day. So I thought we should do it again! I'm either really hopeful or I'm an idiot. 

Trevin loved the parades!

Last weekend was the Hamilton county fair. Apparently we have no limits, so we went to another carnival. 

Did I forget to mention that Myla attended all of this? She slept and smiled through all of it! This girl is amazing.

We celebrated the 4th of July at a couple different gatherings. We spent one evening at my sister's house for the annual Bash on the Blue. Trevin spent the evening chasing kittens and trying to keep up with the big kids. He was jumping in the netted trampoline for a while. A little girl opened the zipper and was about to get in, when Trevin fell through the opening. He flipped over backwards and landed on his head on concrete. (They said I was like a ninja, flying over picnic tables to get to him. That maternal instinct is no joke. It gives you super powers.) It didn't take Trevin long to get back to his normal self, but it sure gave me a scare. The next night we were at James' sister's house. Trevin managed to fall through the opening of the net on their trampoline too. Landed on his head, thankfully on grass this time.  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN? And he did it twice. Apparently, not even a fully enclosed net is enough to keep him safe. 

On a rare rainy day, we took the gang bowling. 

There's two things I remember about bowling from my childhood: I'm really bad and the shoes are incredibly nasty. Both are truer than ever. 

Sweet corn days! 

We've enjoyed many days with friends and family this month. 

Paige and I were taking pictures of Blayke and Myla, so Trevin grabbed his camera and joined in. 

The Helms' family stopped by again on their way home from their 40-day Lewis and Clark, National Parks camping trip. 

We spent an evening fishing with the crew. 

And what's a trip to NE without a stop at Gary's for some grilled wings? 

Trevin and Ruthie always have so much fun playing together; looking forward to next time!

We finally made it to the pool for something other than lessons. Myla slept the afternoon away, so I was actually able to get in the water and swim with Trevin. 

As soon as we got home, he slept the rest of the evening. He can't handle the pool life. 


+The newness of baby has wore off and he's back to his typical 4-year-old self. He still loves Myla dearly, but his tantrums are back in full force. Thankfully, he is still making us laugh every day. He is full of surprises. 

+Eating has always been our biggest struggle with Trevin. He has a few select foods that he'll eat, but anything else is a fight. The other day I made him sit at the table until he tried his food. He fought it for a while but eventually he quieted down so I came to check on him and he had fallen asleep. I ended up taking him to his bed. When he woke up from his nap, he asked me, "Did I not even have to eat my food?" You win again, son. 

On the plus side, he's eating cucumbers now! Solid victory for Team Mom. 

+One day I was holding Trevin in my lap and I noticed that his tooth was chipped! I really don't know when or how this happened. Maybe the trampoline incident? But I probably should have noticed it sooner if it happened that long ago... God knew what he was doing when he gave us baby teeth. 

+This boy has chalked up a lot of farming hours this month. He loves irrigation season! 


+This happy girl loves getting her diaper changed

Have I mentioned how much he adores her? 

+We struggled for a few weeks about how to get her to sleep. We rocked her, swaddled her, bounced her, sang to her... She would eventually fall asleep, but it took a while and she never seemed very content with it. And then one day we swaddled her, gave her the pacifier and laid her down. She was out in no time. Apparently she's a self-soother. Which makes sense.. When I'm tired, I want to be left alone, too. Since then, life has been a whole lot easier. 

+It's so hard to believe that she's 2 months already. Each day goes quicker than the last. She's growing fast. According to the doctor, she's tall and skinny. She's growing out of clothes length-wise, long before she does width-wise.

+She loves to talk while eating

+We're in the constant blowout stage. Do you know how to tell if it's a bad blowout? Two things: If it's in anyones hair... and if you have to change YOUR underwear. (You won't believe me, but it's happened more than once, folks. She's impressive.)

+She was doing 7-8 hour nights, but now she's transitioned into about two 6 hour stretches. She's been a rockstar baby. I want to have 5 more of her. 

+Myla is doing really good at tummy-time. Her head control is great. 

+She went through a nursing strike a couple weeks ago. It was a Sunday; she nursed fine at 7AM. I tried to feed her again before we left for church, but she didn't seem interested so I assumed she wasn't hungry yet. We got to church and she quickly got fussy. I attempted to feed her but she refused. She screamed through the entire Sunday School hour and half ways through the worship service. In ended up sitting in the car with her and eventually got her to fall asleep. We got home and she still wouldn't nurse, so I pumped and gave her a bottle. She took it with no problem. She refused me the rest of the day, but took bottles without fuss. I finally got her to nurse at 9PM after laying with her skin-to-skin for half hour. The next day, it was water under the bridge. She acted like nothing happened and nursed like a champ. She tried pulling this one other evening, but it was short-lived. 

 + She rolled tummy-to-back on June 20th for the first time and back-to-tummy on June 26th for the first time. Since then she's rolled tummy-to-back regularly. There were a few times that I literally could not get her to stay on her tummy, because she'd roll immediately. She still rolls every now and then, but generally it's not as often as it had been. She hasn't gone back-to-tummy since the first time, so I'm calling that one a fluke. She has gotten up on her side a time or two since then, though. 

+I left Myla for the first time. James and I took a date night and the kids stayed home with Ashton. I cried when we pulled out of the driveway. I don't think that first time will ever be easy. A couple weeks later James and I took a day out for our anniversary. It was great to have some time away, but I sure missed my baby cakes.

+James kept both kids by himself for the first time. I went tubing near Omaha for my soon-to-be sister-in-law's bachelorette party. The first picture James sent me was the one above of him and Myla in front of the tractor. I bought him a cheap baby carrier for a couple reasons. #1: I knew he wouldn't be able to sit still and do nothing. #2: I didn't want him to attempt wearing my Solly baby wrap, because I didn't want my baby to end up hanging upside-down by her legs. #3: I didn't want my wrap coming home with oil stains, dirt, grease, sweat, and poop. Although, my baby was probably covered in all of that at some point...
I took my pump along and planned to pump right before we got to the river. I opened my bag and started to have a panic attack. I left the pump shields next to the sink to dry before putting them in the bag. Except I never put them in the bag... It had been 4 hours since I'd nursed and expected to be gone another 8 hours. Thankfully we were running early so we stopped by Walmart. I fully expected to have to buy a new pump, with hopes of reselling it. I walked through the baby aisles, losing hope with each one. I got to the final aisle and spotted some Medela items. I saw the $250 pump and cringed. Then I looked up and saw shields sold separately for $10 a piece. I let out an audible cry of joy. I ran to the checkout. It was the best $20 I've ever spent. 

I can't believe it took James 5 years to buy me a gun, but now I have one to call my own! It's a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver. It's so pretty. Revolvers make me feel cool. For those of you that know guns, don't be too impressed yet. I shot a few rounds of .38 specials and felt pretty confidant. Then James gave me a few .357s to shoot. Nope. No way. Not happening. I shot two and I'm pretty sure it bruised my hand. In my defense, James shot it and said that it does kick hard. I'll just stick with the .38 specials. I'm not a great shot, but I figured out I was pulling the trigger too hard and it was throwing my shot off. When I gently pulled the trigger, it was much better. I'll have to remember to "hold on loosely but don't let go." (If you don't get that reference, you need to listen to better music.)

This whole thing started when I was 13. We have literally grown up together. We were excited for our first cars, we went to prom together, we cried together as we lost friends and family, we walked down the aisle together, we became parents together, we traveled together, we took on renovation projects, we've encouraged each other, served each other, and loved each other. It's hard to believe that at 13, I was falling in love with the man I would marry. 

James is a good man, no one will disagree with me on that. But he's an even better husband. What you see on the outside is a direct representation of what's on the inside. He is the most sincere and genuine person I know. I am so honored to be his wife. 

My best years have been spent with you. Happy 5 year. 

Hitting milestones, growing on the farm...