Friday, June 24, 2016

Projectile Diarrhea

These two. It's hard to believe they've only known each other for a month. Trevin is a natural at this big brother thing, and Myla's lucky to be his little sister. 

He reads to her, shares his blanket with her (this is HUGE, his blanket is sacred), gives her the pacifier, and talks to her. One day, Myla was crying on my bed and Trevin crawled up there with her and said, "Be happy, Myla. Jesus loves you!"  

This baby girl is growing and changing every day. IT IS GOING SO FAST. I've spent so much time just holding her and staring at her, because it is impossible overdo that. I'm trying to eat up every second with her. I forgot how much I LOVE this baby stage. If people could smell a newborn baby every day, the world would be a better place.  

It's been fun starting to learn who this little girl is. 

+She sneezes in twos. Always two sneezes, usually followed by a coo or a smile. 

+She's holding her head really well, but when she was still gaining her strength, she would flop all over the place. Trevin started singing, "Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble" to her. It might have been one of the funniest things he's ever done.

+She sleeps. (I have to watch myself when it comes to talking about this. I know for many people, sleep is a struggle with a newborn. Trevin was a pretty good sleeper, but there were still nights that I saw every hour of the clock. It was brutal. So believe me when I say, I've been there!) Myla has been consistently sleeping well since week one. On night 5 she slept 7 hours. The pediatrician said not to expect her to do that regularly, so I didn't get my hopes up. She had several nights of 5 hours, then many 6 or 7 hour stretches and then managed a few 8 hour nights. She's fairly predictable at this point, going down around 10 pm and waking between 4:30-6:00 am, then back down for a while. (Coincidentally, the worst two nights she's had were the two nights James was gone on a fishing trip.) So far she's been in a basinet in our room, (something we never did with Trevin), but I moved it to the basement today, so tonight will be her first night in the big crib in her room. She'll only be about ten feet farther away, but it might make me cry.

+Oh my goodness, the burps. So many burps. She doesn't burp easy, but has to burp multiple times with every feeding, making it a LONG process sometimes. She cries her hardest when she needs to burp, often delaying the burp even more.

+She doesn't cry too often, usually just when she needs to burp or when she's tired. I'm usually on the ball with feedings, so she doesn't get too worked up with hunger cries. We've found the power of the swaddle this month. It's made a huge difference in getting her to sleep and keeping her asleep.

+She generally loves getting her diaper changed and is happiest right after! That's when I get all the smiles and coos. She flashed me her first purposeful smile at 4 weeks and has been practicing her grin ever since then.   

+1 month old. This month has flown by. Shockingly, it's gone much faster than my last month of pregnancy went. Weird. 

We had a difficult first couple of weeks with diaper changes... I don't know how many times I got pooped on, peed on, or had to change a diaper or an outfit twice in 5 minutes. It was insane. It was this way from the very first minute of her life. As soon as they set her on my stomach I looked down and saw poop. I asked the nurses, "Did I poop on her or did she poop on me?" They told me it was her and I should have taken that as a sign that this would be a constant scenario for me. There was one "incident" that I will not forget. Myla wasn't even 2 weeks old and we went to my cousin's house for a BBQ. It came time to feed her and so I took her to the car. (I should have gone to the house, but it was raining and the car was closer.) I got done feeding her and needed to change her diaper. (Once again I should have gone to the house.) I thought about opening the back of our Tahoe and changing her back there, but it was raining. So I did something stupid. I decided to change her diaper on my lap. I mean, it was just a quick change, no biggie, right? (I should have gone to the house.) I knew better, but she could do no wrong in my lovestruck eyes, so I risked it. I got her wiped, the dirty diaper pulled, and the clean one in position. I pulled down the front of the diaper to readjust it and then it happened. A very large squirt. (The word "squirt" doesn't even do it justice. It wasn't like a "squirt" gun, it was more like a power washer. There was force.) Projectile diarrhea. Poop everywhere. So many places. Covered in poop. I froze. I didn't move for 30 seconds because I didn't know how to move without making matters worse. I slowly reached for my phone and called James. In my best 'Leslie Knope about to throw up' voice, all I could say was, "You need to come here." (There was poop on my hands, which then got on my phone, which then went to my face. I didn't even care.) James came and opened the car door and, you guessed it, started laughing. He grabbed the wipes and we slowly started cleaning poop off of everything. I lost my shirt to the mess and was thankful for my zip up jacket that only smelled a little like poop. There was poop in my hair. There was poop all over the car door, down the seat and onto the floor. For the next week I kept finding more poop that we had missed. Even after that, I've still got lovestruck eyes for her. 

We had Vacation Bible School this month! 

I continued my role as VBS photographer. I was kept Myla with me, often wearing her in my wrap, and was able to get the pictures I needed. I loved being able to sneak into Trevin's class and see him enjoying the activities!

Of course, my mom and sisters helped with Myla too. 

I had to stop and nurse Myla half-way through VBS each day. Nicole was nice enough to feed me some cookies while my hands were tied up. Such a good friend. 

Trevin had some awesome teachers that really helped make the week fun for him. Khali was helping him with the actions to the songs. I have fond memories of babysitting Khali when she was Trevin's age so it's really fun to see her with Trevin now. 

The week of bible school, James' aunt, uncle, and cousins were back from IL. We spent each morning at church and then spent afternoons/evening at Paul and Dori's. All of our nieces and nephews, along with the Helms' were over and we were able to get a picture of all of them with the most recent babes. 

Trevin spent some time looking at Auntie Marilynn's pictures from Africa. She always loves on our kids so well when they're here. 

This was the first time Trevin had ever flown a kite. He was so excited!

It's always such a good time when the Helms' visit. Can't wait to see them all again! Maybe we'll have to make another trip to Chicago soon. 

Can you tell they were watching a movie? 

Father's Day

Mav and Myla. He may have tried to maul her, but I think it was a sign of affection. It's going to be so fun to watch these two grow side-by-side. 

She's a happy girl. 

We went fishing Memorial Day weekend. Trevin loves to fish, but he also loves to chase the ducks around the pond. 

Farming is in full swing. My husband surprised me on Wednesday night and came home at 9 pm. I was squealing with excitement! I actually got to spend some time talking with him face-to-face. It's been a busy couple of weeks, long hours and hot days. I've learned to be grateful for the farm and respect the work that needs to be done. Although it's hard going long stretches without seeing James, I've realized that it shows how much I love him and that it is healthy to miss him. I'm so thankful for him. We just got our first cutting of hay on our new farm and have been using the drip irrigation on it. It's been a pretty awesome experience! 

Myla has had many rides in the tractor already. I've found it really easy to wear her in my wrap. She falls asleep almost instantly and it makes our new family of four seem like no big deal. James has been in a tractor most days this month, so I've had to take a lot of meals out to him when possible. That's been my biggest challenge so far. Packing lunches/suppers for all of us takes me a while with a toddler and a newborn. Loading the car takes more time that it ever should. We try to ride a couple rounds with James while we're out, and then go home, unload, and unpack lunches. Some days it would take 2 hours just to accomplish that. Only to turn around and do it all again for supper. James has been awesome at trying to swing by to eat lunch or pick it up when he can. It's been really helpful, but we still enjoy riding when we're able! 

Myla's first tractor ride!

We went to the first wedding as a family of four! Our photo booth pictures said it all. 

We're loving these summer days. 

This goob has exceeded our expectations this month. He's been really helpful and is so sweet to Myla. Best of all, he's still giving us endless laughs.  

+The nursing thing interested him, but he didn't press too much. Pumping on the other hand... He's enthralled by the machine and likes to assemble it, run it, and disassemble it. He is asking all sorts of questions about it. After the second or third time, the lightbulb went on and he said, "It's just like how Aunt Bethany milks the cows!" Yes. That is what I am. A dairy cow. I don't even know what else to say here... 

He was taking a bath one day and I left the room to get Myla. Pretty soon I hear him calling for me, half cry, half yell. I come running in and his head and face are dripping with water. I asked him what happened and he replied, "I tried to do a summersault in the tub." I tried with all of my might to hold in the laughter, but I couldn't help but giggle. "You tried to do a summersault in the tub?!" "Yeah. And I got wet." If anyone ever has the urge to do a summersault in the tub, learn from Trevin's mistake. You'll get wet. 

A month of firsts, growing on the farm...