Friday, March 4, 2016

Angry Baby

Believe it or not, my family has never really been on a family vacation all together. The closest thing we had to it was a ski trip 18 years ago with some of our cousins. Granted, we took trips growing up, but Brooke had already graduated, and soon after, so did Ryan. This meant only part of the family went, never the whole gang. My mom has been wanting to have one for years, and we finally decided it was time. We spent a long weekend in Lead, SD. We stopped at Wall Drug (a Travel Camp favorite!), drove through the Badlands, spent a day skiing, tubed down the mountain, went sight-seeing, and spent many fun hours in the cabin. 


Wall Drug

Our plan was to let Trevin try skiing if he was up for it. The thing about a 3-year-old is to never have your heart set on plans. We knew there'd be chance that he'd be thrilled and love it. We knew there was a chance that he'd try it and cry down the mountain, like his mom. We knew there was a chance he would absolutely refuse to try it and later say he wanted to do it. He chose the last option. We couldn't even get the ski boots on him. We definitely caused a scene. The next day he said he wanted to go skiing. 

Trevin and I hung out in the lodge watching our crew come down. My sister, Brooke, broke her pinky a couple weeks ago and was on the no-ski list, too. So it was nice to have company! 

See that weird, cloudy spot on Trevin's face? Found out my lens is scratched, right in the center. I was pretty bummed, but I'm hoping to replace it before long.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, but it came with plenty of soreness the next day. 

We were lucky enough to stay in this 5-bedroom, 3.5-bath cabin right on Terry Peak. Joey's parents own it and they were generous enough to let us enjoy it. 

The foosball table was a hit. Tournaments and pick-up games all weekend long. Ashton and I are terrible. Trevin LOVES foosball. Anytime he finds a foosball table, I can guarantee he'll come ask you for quarters. Thankfully, this one was free. 

We played cards every day. I felt like I was fulfilling my purpose. I will never tire of card games. 

These sweet kids had so much fun. Trevin is pretty lucky to have such cool cousins. I sure hope baby girl can hold her own when it comes to these crazy boys. 

Trevin fought pictures all weekend long, but when the Marshall's wanted a family picture, he was quick to volunteer. 

James brought his drone along, (don't worry we brought toys for Trevin, too). He captured some awesome videos of the Black Hills National Forest. He may have lost it once, but let's not talk about that. 

Tubing was a hit! Trevin jumped right in a tube and didn't look back!

They had so much fun, definitely the highlight of Trevin's trip. 

Trevin got hot, (shocker), so he went without a coat and hat. I didn't even question it. He goes from comfortable to boiling in 0.07 seconds. Then he screams. It's just life. 

We had a great trip, and look forward to more down the road. 

When the toddler insists on taking a picture with a toy plane and a large stick, you just roll with it. 

My to-do list seems to be growing, not shrinking. I think I've been nesting for about 3 months. I'm desperate for some normalcy in our house. We're getting there, people. Both bedroom floors have been sanded and are in the process of being stained. The trim is in the garage ready to be painted. Walls are painted, lights are in. I still have doors and furniture to paint, curtains to make, and about a million other things to do, but sometimes life happens and you've just got to go with it.  

This means we've continued to be basement dwellers. James and I have become quite comfy sleeping in the basement, but it's certainly caused some problems.  For starters we don't have a bedroom door. (This isn't going where you think it's going.) I'm a fairly light sleeper, I've always heard Trevin before he would come into our room. But without a door and being in close proximity to the furnace in the basement, I'm a sitting duck. One day I was in desperate need of a nap, so I laid Trev down in his room for nap time and I ended up fast asleep in my bed in the basement. Soon after I heard the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps in the hall above me. I figured I should get up to check on him, but I was only half-awake. I laid there with my eyes closed falling in and out of sleep. I finally convinced myself that I had enough strength to get out of bed. I turned over and opened my eyes. There stood Trevin, his face 12 inches from mine. I screamed, peed my pants, and started crying. (All in about 3 seconds.) My reaction startled him. I tried to get myself together and explain that he scared me. Once he understood that, he thought it was funny.  My 3-year-old seriously made me pee my pants. I suppose he and his sister are already working as a team since she's the one to blame for my poor bladder control in the first place. I don't even know where to go from there. I have a long life of motherhood ahead of me...

Just a couple days later James and I had gone to bed, long after Trevin. James fell asleep quickly and I tossed and turned to find a comfortable position for this beach ball of a body. I started hearing a quiet shuffling sound. Our temporary bedroom is right next to our unfinished storage room. The place where I imagine that mice have their raves.  I tried to pass off the noise as the sounds of an old house, but the rustling continued. I was convinced that it was mice. I tried to make myself ignore it. (Yeah, right.) But the shuffling became faster. Suddenly the noise was right next to my bed. I froze. The room was pitch-black except for the small red light of the space heater switch next to my bed. I slowly leaned over the bed and saw this massive thing move in the glow. I shot over to James' side of the bed and whisper-screamed, "There's something in here! Something big, like a raccoon!" I was practically on top of him waiting for the raccoon to jump on our bed and start mauling me. James turned on his phone light and looked over the edge. I was peeking through my fingers, not wanting to know what it really was. James said, "It's just Trevin." He was less than amused at my reaction. Sure enough, that little punk jumped up. He had crawled across the basement, up the hallway, and next to my bed. We've had several stern talkings since then about announcing yourself when you come into the room. He is seriously going to either give me a heart attack or put me into early labor. I would guess that there's no way of getting around high-blood pressure at this point. 

 Obviously life with Trevin is exciting. Remember how I always tell you all the weird stuff he does? I've got another one for you. Recently he's started baby talking. Maybe he's practicing for when little sis comes. He started out doing a sweet "goo goo gah gah" bit. Adorable. And then one day something changed and in the creepiest batman-type voice he said, "ANGRY BABY! GOO GOO GAH GAH!" So that's his thing now. James took him to a farm sale and the lady at the window said to Trevin, "Aren't you so cute!" He stared her dead in the eyes and did the angry baby, "GOO GOO GAH GAH!" Her eyes got big and all she could manage to say was, "Oh my!" This is real life. 

Loving the nice weather! We took our buddy, Uzziah, on a walk. Looking forward to this view all summer long.  
I must confess, I'm extremely naive. You all know that we told Trevin immediately when we found out I was pregnant, and shocker, he spilled the beans. You think I would have learned... We told him baby sister's name. We've been using it around the house on a daily basis. We thought that it would help Trevin grasp the reality of the baby and make the transition a little easier.  Our name is no longer much of a secret. He likes to share the information with anyone and everyone. A couple days ago, I heard him have a conversation with someone and they asked, "Are you excited for a little sister?"  His response, "Yes. Do you want to know her name?"And then blurted it out. He's not exactly a lock-box. I suppose it's my fault. I trust him. He's my best friend, the person I spend every day with, the person who sees me at my worst, and... he's three... I just feel like we share a special bond and I'm always surprised when he betrays me. Lord, help me, I'm in trouble. 

I turned 23 last month and feel more blessed than ever before. 

Paul and Dori took a vacation in February, so we hosted a brick oven pizza party in their house. (Not many people welcome you to use their house while they're gone. Seriously, they are so sweet!) 

We had 20+ friends show up and sent about 30 pizzas through this beauty. We love the people God has placed around us and wanted to use this as an opportunity to show them how much we appreciate them. 

+I've hit my 3rd trimester! It's been an obvious change; each day gets a little harder and a little more uncomfortable. 
+I'm nesting hard-core. I feel like I have to tackle everything on my to-do list in the next week. 
+My face swelling, cheek pinching fear has come true. Trevin has started pinching my cheeks daily, without being prompted. It's a sad reality. 
+Baby Girl hasn't turned yet, so she's still stretching all the way across my stomach. This caused me to measure a week behind, but should catch up once she's turned. She turned momentarily, or partially, last week. Instantly, I couldn't catch my breath and had pressure high and low. But it was short-lived, and she's back to being sideways. 

God is working hard in our lives right now. It's been a week of constant prayer, processing, and grace. We don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds it. He has been faithful and we continue to trust Him. 

Sledding into spring, growing on the farm...