Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mountains and Skunk Pelts

January brought the first trip of the year, Copper Mountain in Colorado for a few days with some of our dearest friends. 

Of course, we can't have a trip to CO without some hiccups... AMIRITE? (In case you don't remember, last time was almost a complete disaster, saved only by the good company we were with.) One vehicle ended up with a dead battery on the trip down; someone may have forgot to turn off the lights while we had lunch... I'm not going to blame anyone, but just so you know it was Trey. 
We made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for jumper cables, and may have stocked up on candy while we were there. We're basically still high school kids. 

Oh and we had walkie talkies to communicate between vehicles. (Did I mention something about us being high schoolers? That's what happens when your high school friends are still your best friends..) The walkie talkies were used 13% for necessary information and the other 87% was for code names, movie quotes, and pure nonsense. 

There was no chance this pregnant mama was going to strap her feet to an apparatus. My snowboarding skills are basically nonexistent and I was not about to risk a nasty fall for a few hours of fun. So I was condo-bound while the rest of them hit the slopes. It was an enjoyable weekend spent reading, working on the computer, and some good ol' R&R.  Thankfully our condo was on the mountain so the crew was able to go in and out as they pleased. 

Emily has a new camera and she did a great job of capturing our time. Not going to lie, it was nice to have someone else documenting the trip. I sure was grateful for her!  

James' ice-beard cracked me up every day. 

The girls stayed in a little more than the guys, so it was nice to have some company for a couple days!

 I think being in the same 2 rooms for 3 days had me stir-crazy. Also being pregnant and emotional may have played into it. I missed Trevin terribly. I realized that in the past year I've been away from him for more than 3 weeks total, just in out-of-state trips, not including overnighters and day trips where I've left him. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've had this year, the memories made and the sights seen, but I think I'm ready to be a homebody. Fortunately, Baby #2 will be a natural force of that. 

Each night we gathered around the table and played games. It was the highlight of each day for me. Games are my favorite, especially any form of cards. I grew up watching my parents play pitch with their friends until way past my bedtime. I've probably watched more hands of cards than I've played and lived for the moment when someone had to take a bathroom break and asked me to play their hand. I will never turn down a card game and am desperate to get a pitch night going at my place. The only problem is that not many people know 6-point pitch, so I often have to compromise for a game of 10-point. I've been enjoying learning Euchre and James picked it up quickly, so it may become our new game of choice. 

We played the Game of Things one night and that created all the laughs. One answer was read wrong and as a result #infinitytrey was born. I don't even know... 

These people make life so fun. 

James was beat after a couple long days on the mountain. 

We had a great time getting away with friends and look forward to a trip to SD this month with my whole family to do a little more winter vacationing. 


We spent New Year's Eve at home with a few friends and actually made it to midnight. (That's a solid win in the pregnancy world.) 

The last family picture of 2015, along with our favorite little creeper. 

I hosted my annual high school Christmas party reunion. This year marks 5 years since we graduated. Where has the time gone? It's always a joy catching up with these gals. 
Trevin joined the party for a little while and insisted on taking pictures of everyone.. Then he put the skunk pelt on his arm and put it in each of their faces. So charming. Thankfully they were good sports and he was a solid choice for the night's entertainment. 

We wrapped up Christmas celebrations in January with James' immediate family. We were so grateful for another day with the people we love. 

A few of my favorite Huenefelds!

We finalized the purchase on our land! I've never bought dirt before, but I guess it's valuable. We're looking forward to seeing what God does with the land and hope to be good stewards of it. First year of land payments, (gulp), here we come! We should be done in 25 years or so. To put that into perspective, I haven't even lived 25 years yet. I have no idea how long that is. 

You'd think we really enjoy renovation projects, because we can't seem to stop. Baby bumped up the timeline on a couple bedrooms so we're right back into construction mode!

Our bedroom after carpet and trim were pulled and mudding touchups were done. 
We found beautiful hardwoods underneath the carpet in our bedroom and the soon-to-be nursery. New paint, new lights, new floor, new trim for both rooms. Neither room had lights, just an outlet connected to the switch for a lamp. James spent many hours in the attic wiring up lights for both bedrooms and can lights for the hallway. There's corners of our room that I had never seen before. Scary stuff. 

This renovation has been different than the others. Generally we've been able to separate the construction from our living space, but this time it was impossible. Furniture from both rooms is spread all over the house. I bet it will be really fun when we (eventually) get to the kitchen. 

Trevin was happy to help paint, and he managed to do a large area with a tiny brush. We may have had to sand down the paint globs, but he gave it a solid effort. 

The next step will be sanding and refinishing floors, then trim and done. James is doing it all, because that's how he rolls. (Seriously, if I had 1/4 of the talent he has, I'd be thrilled.) 

Our solution was to move our bedroom into unfinished basement craft room. It's been painted and most of the outlets are in, but that's about it. There's no ceiling and no flooring. We laid some carpet remnants down and James had to wire up some temporary lights and a makeshift closet, but it's actually worked better than we imagined. It's been nice to have the majority of our furniture together and out of the way. I'm so eager to be back in our bedroom, though. The nightly trips upstairs to the bathroom are getting old. (Remember I'm 6 months pregnant?) 

Tubing behind the four-wheeler!

+Asks if it's his birthday or Christmas daily. 
+Paw Patrol is his greatest love. He saw one episode and couldn't stop talking about it. He doesn't watch much TV at home, but when he does, it's Paw Patrol. He asks me to call them all the time. 
+He is a total hot body. He can't stand having the heat on in the car. He tries to take his shirt off every week at church. Sometimes he does it before I catch him. He often refuses his winter coat and people think I'm a terrible mom for not having one on him when it's 30* outside.

+Legos are the talk of the town.
+Sometimes he scares me with his evilness. Me: "Oh I like how you lined the animals up like that!" T: (sighs) "Yeah I have to burn them because they are naughty." Me: "You have to what?!" T: "burn them..." He says things like this all the time. Is he too young for counseling? 
+He's excited to be a big brother, but doesn't care much for babies. So we'll see how that goes. 
+Loves his muck boots and working at the shop. 
+Plays with the animal pelts like they are our pets. 

Trevin and all of his "pets" 

We celebrated Ashton's 20th birthday last week. Shopping, Bdubs, and birthday cake! Followed by a couple snow days. I think that was the best present of all! 

We're so lucky to have her. Insanely grateful for all she does for us!

For Christmas we gave Ashton everything she'd need to make homemade donuts. The snow days were the perfect opportunity to try it out. They must have turned out alright, because we ate them all in about 24 hours. (They were actually unbelievable. If you've never had a hot donut, you can't really judge me right now.)

I was fortunate enough to attend a women's conference last weekend called IF:Gathering. Some of my all-time favorite speakers were involved, Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, and David Platt. Even more exciting was that I got to attend with some of my sweetest friends. These ladies are incredibly genuine about their life, their fears, and their Jesus. The tears were so therapeutic and brought us closer than ever before. God plans some cool things. 

I could type for days about the conference, about Jesus, about my struggles, about my sweet friends. There's honestly so much, I feel overwhelmed. I feel such a desparate desire for you all to know Jesus. Not the religious leader that you think you know, but the real Jesus. The One who took off His crown. The One who kneels to wash your feet. The One who took the cross in your place. The only One who can offer true comfort in the most devastating circumstances. He is something else, people. Don't let your view of Christians determine your view of Christ. Christians can be the worst offenders. 
John 11:25-26
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?" 

Our due dates are 3 weeks apart! It's so fun going through pregnancy with a great friend!

Trevin tagged along to my 24-week appointment in January. It was a routine appointment, checking weight, blood pressure, and Baby's heart rate. Trevin instantly had to show the nurse the "owie" he had on his finger. Shockingly to him, it wasn't life-threatening. The doctor came in to check Baby's heart rate and had trouble picking it up. I wasn't worried, but it seemed like she searched for hours trying to find it before going out to get a handheld ultrasound tool. Apparently the placenta was in front of the baby and she couldn't pick it up through that. We got to see Baby Girl on the little screen and I could tell the heart rate was really slow compared to any other time we'd seen/heard it. The doctor voiced that concern and had me turn on my side. Instantly the heart rate sped up to normal. A sigh of relief came and she instructed me to not lay flat on my back anymore because the pressure obviously stresses Baby. Grateful that the issue was minor and we're incredibly thankful for a healthy baby girl. 

+We're approaching that 3rd trimester! The longest one of them all, not by days, but by pain.
+Trevin has been taking some of my weekly bump pictures, so if it looks like I'm laughing or a little bit concerned, then that's definitely thanks to him. (Also, don't be super impressed, I set the camera on a tripod and have him push the button.)
+Face swelling has begun. Whoo hoo. I feel like an old grandma is going to come up to me and pinch my cheeks. 
+Crying. So much crying. I think I've made it through today without a tear, but the day is long from over... On Sunday, Trevin and I both cried on the way home from church. Poor James is just left to wipe up the mess. I've never understood Trevin better than I do now. In a lot of ways I cry about the same things he cries about. He cries because he wanted to stop for a snack, and I look into his eyes and know the pain. He cries because he spilled his drink, and I can totally relate. He cries because we can't understand what he's wanting, and I think, "I'm right there with ya, bud."  He cries because he's tired, and I'm next to him crying for the same reason. I'm not even ashamed to have the emotional capacity of a 3-year-old right now, because hormones are no joke. 

+I got a good weight report, so I celebrated by eating all those donuts... (Seriously though, I'm MUCH better off this time than I was with Trevin. There's no way I'm hitting 55 lbs. Not this time, french fries, no way.)  
+I'm feeling my little lady kick every day. She's fairly active in the day now, and probably in the night, but so far it hasn't woke me up. But if I'm trying to fall asleep while she's kicking, that's a different story. 
+Started to feel a little hip and back pain (because seriously, look at that stomach). I shouldn't even mention this because in 2 months I'm going to regret complaining about this tiny discomfort. 

We're finding ourselves in an interesting season of life, so much joy, but also so much pain. Leaning hard into Jesus right now; grateful that we don't have to bear the load on our own. 

A season with friends, growing on the farm...