Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just Call Me Taz.

This space is being used for the first time since we've lived here. Countless hours have been poured into this room and we're finally benefiting from our effort. Do you remember when it looked like this? 

We've been having people over every chance we get, even in the midst of harvest. I've literally told people to come over if they're needing a place, even when we're not home. Seriously come over, it's too nice for us not to share. 

This was our first night with carpet and furniture, so we celebrated with our friends. 

We've still got a long ways to go. Furniture to make, purchase, and refinish, decor to arrange, and more painting. Most of which will be on hold now that we're making room for baby. 

We've been busy farming like it's our job. We wrapped up harvest last week and now we're looking forward to slowing things down and enjoying time together. 

I ran down the road after them to get this picture. Moments like this are worth it. 

There's no way I could be sad if we added another boy to this picture.

You can't tell where the corn stops and his hair starts. "Mom it matches!" 

I'm truly grateful for farm life. Trevin has spent many hours with James in the tractor and it's been fun to watch their bond grow as they work together growing crops.  

All of my family got together a couple weeks ago to get some Christmas card pictures. 

And I was lucky enough to take engagement pictures for my brother and his soon-to-be bride, Kristin!

They said they only wanted 3 good ones. I told them they chose the wrong person; I'm known to take way more than I ever need. I'm still editing their shoot. They were good sports and even posed weird just for me.

Fall days are some of the best days. 

Trevin's been busy farming and playing in the last couple weeks. 
-We started taking him to our Wednesday night activities at church, and he's loved it. 
-He continues to ask questions about the baby, "When is it coming?" "Do we get to keep it?" "Is it a boy?" "Can I play with it?" 
-As I was dancing with him one evening in the kitchen, he grinned at me and said, "Mom, are I handsome?" He melts me. I whispered to him, "You are the most handsome." 
-While walking through JC Penny's we walked past the bra section and he noted, "Ooo those are pretty! Mom, you have those at home!" Yes, yes I do. So that happened. 

We were able to spend an evening with our sweet friends, the Bartek's! Alyssa has always wanted to "make the blog" so I had to make sure I included our fun time at the park. ;) Trevin is now obsessed with being a pirate-robot. 

These two crack me up. They are the best of friends and always enjoy their time together. 

James taught Trevin how to play checkers. Somehow they ended up without shirts and now Trevin thinks that's part of the game. Gotta play shirtless. For your information, I don't play checkers anymore.

Ashton gave Trevin her old point-and-shoot camera. He's been hilarious with it and I've added a few of his photos for all of you to enjoy. My biggest laugh of the day comes when I check the camera after he goes to bed to see all the pictures he's taken. He's got quite an eye for it. If you can't tell, I'm rolling laughing. 

 It's been hysterical listening to him "pose" people. It's obvious where he's picked up on that. "Mom. Mom. Look here, mom. Mom, look at the camera. Ok, now smile. Let's go to the kitchen and take one. Mom, look. Mom, look at the camera. Ok, now stand right there. And hold this. Oh that's a nice one!"