Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Happy Schwan's Man

We checked the zoo off of our summer bucket list!

This turtle swam right up to Trevin at the aquarium and stared him down. Glad I had my camera close! 

Trevin loved the zoo. He was so excited to see each exhibit and see some animals for the first time. 

They're in the process of building some new exhibits at Henry Doorly Zoo. We came across a lot of machinery and Trevin was quick to point out all of the "bobcats" in the construction zone. He is all farm boy. Totally, entirely, farm boy. 

He was completely captivated by the zoo and talks about it every. single. day. He asks to go back and I have to break his heart every time by telling him we won't be going back until next summer. 

We had a great day, but he was wiped out by the end. 


We really have tried not to spoil Trevin rotten, but I gave in one day and took him to two parades and a carnival. Toddler heaven. He collected loads of candy and enjoyed watching all of the floats, cars, and machinery. I've never seen someone wave as aggressively as he did when he was hoping they'd throw some candy. 

Trevin is a tentative kid. It takes him a while to warm up to people, activities, or ideas. But he surprised me with his eagerness and independence at the carnival. He wanted to ride by himself and go on the "fast" rides. He couldn't stop grinning. 

Trev was THRILLED he got to ride with cousin Marah!

Aunt Brooke even took him through the fun house!

Of course after a day like that, we had to end it with a mega-tantrum. I'm sure you heard it from your house that night. I literally have a scar on my face from that one.... 
I totally deserve being on the parenting end of mega-tantrums. Because they named them after me. I remember throwing them and ruining everyone's fun. And now it's payback. Karma folks, karma. 


I got to spend some time with these sweet cheeks. 

The baby fever that was previously irregular and sporadic is now in full force. This one made it stick. He creates baby fever in everyone that comes into his presence. It's terrifying. 

Seriously. STAWP. 

And then I remember that he already has a mom and a dad and I can't have him forever. 

We actually got to spend a little time with Uzziah and his momma today. 

Trevin loved holding him and made sure to tell me, "I really like Uzziah." 


You might remember a couple years back we made a trip to Chicago to visit some of James' family. 
Well they came to visit for a week at the farm. We always love time spent with the Helms'! 

 This was a monumental moment. Trevin willingly and independently sat between them. Like I said before, he takes a long time to warm up to people. By the time he acknowledged them, they had to go home. So we're hoping to plan a trip to Chicago this fall to rekindle the connection between Trevin and the Helms'. Because once a year just isn't cutting it. This is going to be a well-travelled year for us! 

While they were back, Chad, Amy and their kiddos came and toured CRC. They had a "go-kart foot race."  It looked exhausting, but these people are like LED lights. They never die. We played ultimate frisbee the first night they were back and I was sore for 4 days. But they hopped out of bed the next day and put themselves to work on the farm. They are made out of steel and I'm more comparable to a twizzler. 

Day camps were in full swing the week they were visiting so Trevin ended up spending lots of time with Papa, Mimi, Uncle Ron, Aunt Marilynn (the "other Mimi" as Trevin called her,) Chad, Amy, Noah, Ruthie and many other cousins. We were able to take Chad and Amy to Grafton, NE for the best wings in the nation; we're expecting them to return the favor with Chicago pizza when we visit this fall. Can't wait so see this crew again soon. 

Caleb, Trevin, Ruthie, and Jackson

I've been a camp junkie this month. 1 week of junior high, 2 weeks of elementary and soon to be 11 days of high school. 

We had 80 junior high campers, almost 100 elementary campers, and 55 high schoolers. It's been a smooth, enjoyable, and life-impacting summer. Our staff was incredible and the kids were so fun. 

Trevin joined me at camp a couple mornings. Starting them young!

Here's the four directors that make our camp a success every year. They have an incredible willingness to serve and a genuine love for these kids. 

Clayton and Jordan
Paul and Kathy

At the end of day camps we host a family picnic, Trevin got to come this year and experienced the camp actives for the first time. He was beaming with excitement. 

Obstacle course
I'm going on staff for Travel Camp this year. We leave on Tuesday and I'm just as scared as I am excited. 11 days is a long time to leave my big babe and my little babe. It's going to be a great opportunity and a wonderful experience, but my heart will certainly be with the bouncing curls back in Nebraska. The good news is that we're headed to Canada, Banff and Calgary. The Canada trip is a great one, I have so many fun memories as a camper, and I only hope that the students will make as many memories as I did. But please pray. For my husband. Who is keeping our 3-year-old. For 11 days. And feeding him. And bathing him. And napping him. And wiping him. And parenting him. And farming. And experiencing mega-tantrums alone. And oh my goodness. I'm not sure if he'll survive. I've been trying to stock the freezer for some quick and easy meals... for example, the Schwan's man came today and I bought enough to send him into retirement at 30-years-old. (Not really, but it was a lot of frozen food, he had to quit for the day because I emptied his truck. Not really, but you get it.) I did make a freezer meal from scratch too.. Don't be so quick to judge me. 
I'm sure I'll have many stories to share with y'all when I get back. Just remember while you're sweating from the NE heat, I'll be freezing in my tent each Canadian night. 


My friends are cute. 
Fourth of July was a blast. (No pun intended.) 

Trevin and Marah have a lot of fun together. They loved watching the fireworks! 

We spent the fourth at Brooke and Joey's at the 5th Annual Bash on the Blue. Joey's firework display is second to none. Someone gets hit with a firework every year and it keeps it interesting! It's not a good show if you're not a little afraid. 

Once again, Trevin surprised us with his excitement and eagerness for firecrackers. He even lit some small ones by himself! 

Happy Birthday, America. 

A few other memories from the month:

We were asked to participate in a parade for a camp that hosts foster kids for the week. The theme was royalty... so we put a crown on a bobcat... I rode in the bucket and tried not to let James dump me out as we drove through the parade. It was such a great memory and watching the kids light up was worth every second of making that silly crown.

One evening I had the chance to babysit 4 of my nephews along with my crazy boy. 5 boys. I was completely outnumbered and out of control, but we sure had fun!

Father's Day 2015. We are the luckiest to have this guy as our leader. 

The famous, "Trevin selfie" 

+We buy Simply Orange with Mango juice. One night Trevin asked, "Mom, can I get some of that flamango juice?" Laughed for days.
+He started calling James, "James." No bueno. Parenting is just as much serious as it is funny, and sometimes you don't know which emotion is trump. 

+Trevin saw his first movie in theaters this month! I was anxious to see Inside Out, so I had to take him so I didn't look like a fool going by myself. It was adorable and he sat contently through the whole thing!

Trevin loves running through the sprinkler, and it's brought countless hours of fun for us, but he's recently learned that he can use the sprinkler as a water weapon. It's no longer a peaceful endeavor. Luxy came to run through the sprinkler one day, too!

 It was that day, that I got us into the biggest pickle any of us had ever been in. (Any Sandlot fans out there? MY FAVORITE.)  When we were remodeling the basement we came across a valve that had been shut off. Turned out it went to the hydrant on the front of our house. We flipped it on and that's the hydrant I hooked the hose up to that day. Long story short, I had to run inside to get Trevin a special toy and I heard the sound of rushing water. I ran (SO FAST) and shut off the hydrant. Turns out the valve was off for a reason. Apparently, years ago, the pipes had froze and that line had flooded the basement, so they shut the valve off. Water had been pouring into our basement for 20 minutes. Yes our newly remodeled basement. Thankfully it was on the old side, where we hadn't painted. But our brand new sectional was in plastic in that room. The water only got a couple inches so only the feet of the couch got wet. I had to spend hours vacuuming up water. Our new drywall was soaked. We had fans going on it for weeks. When I came in the water had just started to trickle down hall to the new basement where we had many barn boards on the floor waiting to be hung. Hallelujah that it didn't get that far. I was so grateful that there was no serious damage, but it was a good reminder that stuff is just stuff. Hold it with an open hand, not a closed fist and life will be much more enjoyable. 

One of my favorite days was picking wild raspberries on the farm with my boys. Not a single one of Trevin's berries made it into the bucket. He devoured them. Life is just too sweet with this one. 

Enjoying the sweet things, growing on the farm...