Monday, June 8, 2015

Bed Massacre

Mother's Day 2015

Stockham Church's Mother/Daughter Banquet 

Being a mom is one of the coolest things ever. But I'm not going to get into that today, because, let's be honest, you don't have time to read that novel... 

If at any point you are mistakenly impressed with my mothering skills, (because social media tends to display an inaccurate picture of what life it really like for people,) you need to know that this morning I dropped toothpaste into my son's hair... from my mouth. So that happened... 


Some exciting things have been happening on the farm this spring! A new shop is in place, and my husband is on cloud nine. 

He leaves for work grinning and comes home grinning. He's been envisioning his "dream shop" since he was a tike and it has become a reality. I'm already making a list of all the projects I have for him to work on in his shop. Hey, there's perks for everyone! (Speaking of that, I think my car needs an oil change. Time to give that grease pit a try!) I don't think he'll complain about some extra hours spent in his shop. 

We made a visit to James' wheat field and stopped to see the owner, Gina. She was kind enough to give us a tour of her "animal farm." Trevin got to see chickens, horses, cows, cats, peacocks, ducks, bunnies, guineas, dogs, zebras (yes zebras!), and their pet teacup pig! There were probably a lot more animals that we saw, just can't remember them all! 


Basement update:

Sheetrock and mudding - Check! 

Paint - Check!

Wood ceiling - In Progress! 
We're using wood from our old barn on the farm that was tore down this year. We planed, then sanded the wood and added a clear coat stain. It's fun to see the history in the wood and have it be repurposed and recycled. 
Once we finish the ceiling, it will be trim, then carpet! We're almost there, folks. Then you can all come over. All of you. Because our house is going to double in usable space. 


We've been celebrating Trey and Emily all month with showers, parties, preparation and celebration of their wedding. 

To thank them for their part in the wedding, Trey gave the guys axes. And he personally put their names on the axe. The boys were so excited. 

We found a home for it. Not going to lie, I feel pretty awesome having an axe hanging above our mantel. As long is it doesn't fall down and chop off someone's extremities. 

My handsome groomsman!

The statues have been passed. It was good to see these old friends again. Enjoy Trey & Em! I hope they bring joy, love, and fertility to your home. 

"Wanna see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stones!"


We've enjoyed spending hours in the yard playing. Trevin has been fishing in the grass, practicing for the many hours of fishing to come this summer. 

+ He's started using his own slang.  He now refers to Away in the Manger as "The Mange."  Give your best effort not to laugh when you hear him say, "Let's sing The Mange." You will fail. 

+We do a lot of singing at our house. I had some Faith Hill on one day and was singing along to Love the Way You Love Me. Trevin decided to jump in and sing The Lord's Army.  That's a song mash up that was never meant to be, but it almost worked. Almost.  

Enjoying the first strawberries from our garden! 

Barefoot tag in the yard = Summer is officially here 

Track meet

Trevin still naps every day. Sometimes he plays in his bed before or after napping. One day I heard some noise coming from his room during nap. It wasn't unusual, so I let him play quietly while I got some more work done. After a 1/2 hour I heard a loud thud and I went and looked through the crack in his door to see what was happening. This is what I saw... 

He had completely disassembled his bed. It was a bed massacre. He pulled off the mattress by himself and had it across the room. He pulled all the screws out of the planks and was in the process of pulling the planks out. When I looked into his room he had actually fallen through the planks and was looking around trying to figure out his next move. I was in shock at the destruction that my 3-year-old was capable of. And I laughed when he wasn't looking. It was fairly impressive. I was fine with him sleeping on the floor that night to learn a lesson, but James ended up having time to reassemble the bed and we've had a stern talking-to since then. Oh mercy. 


My dear friends were so excited to become parents. I stole them for an evening and we captured a glimpse of this time in their life. 

Sweet Uzziah arrived last week (pictures to come!) and Caden and Ashli are glowing with pride for their new addition. 

I am beyond thrilled for them to begin this journey of parenthood and look forward to having a new buddy for Trevin. 

Year 2 of vacation bible school is officially completed for Trevin. 

We had an amazing week at Camp Kilimanjaro! 

Trevin had so much fun singing songs, listening to stories, making crafts, playing with friends, and eating cookies! He was so busy, he hardly noticed when I came into his room for pictures. 

But it sure wore him out! He was exhausted each day after camp. 

I was on photography duty again this year and absolutely loved every second of it. I was so grateful to be able to capture sweet moments of Trevin and all of the other kids at VBS this week. 

Donna has taught the 2's and 3's class at VBS for as long as I can remember. She is a saint. There were sixteen 2 and 3-year-old's in her class. Sixteen. She not only survived the week, but managed to give each child a really fun experience. Everyone loves Teacher Donna! 

We've been listening to the bible school CD nonstop, per Trevin's request. "Jambo, Let's go to Camp Kilimanjaro!" "Wise up, and walk with the wise!" (These are the types of songs that get stuck in your head and never get out.) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Our directors, teachers, and helpers did a wonderful job hosting bible school for over 100 kids! 

CRC camps start next week, we're rockin' and rollin' into this summer. Bring it on. 

Singing The Mange, growing on the farm...