Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's a Brown day.

Well, today is the day that this sexy beast officially goes off the market. Kiss him goodbye, ladies.

It all started when he was born just two days before me. He'll never let me forget that. I'm the baby; he's older and wiser. (Or so he says.) But technically I was conceived first, so really he has very little ground to stand on. 

We spent many hours at Grandma's house playing Power Rangers, making dough, starting clubs, inventing new food (I'm convinced Tacky Tam will take off someday,) playing in Grandpa's treehouse, tricking Ashton and Jesse, interpreting Grandpa and Grandma's German, and eating a lifetime's worth of donut holes. 

He's been making me laugh since we were babies. I'll never tire of his never-ending useless facts or his repeated jokes. 

The whole crew! We were inseparable and fairly obnoxious. 

Trey is quite impressive in nature; Emily is lucky to have snagged him early. 

Seriously, I didn't even know how to have "girl" friends, because I grew up with these hooligans that cared much less about emotions and crushes, and more about darts and farts. 

I've smelled more of their farts than anyone else's in the world... even my own... 

He's the most caring, honest, goofy, loyal friend I'll ever have. 

Last summer he worked on our farm as our hired hand. It was the best summer. We'd chat every day during lunch and James would have to break up the party and make Trey go back to work.  Somedays  he'd sit for hours after work and just do what Trey does best. Talk. Anyone who meets Trey will leave the conversation with a smile and will have gained an enormous amount of knowledge. He's one cool guy that will never get boring. 

Today he'll become a husband, and though I'm sad that he won't be crashing on my couch anytime soon, I know he'll always be back to wipe me out of chips and salsa. 

I'm excited to welcome his bride-to-be, Emily, into the family! I'm envisioning many vacations, memories, parties, and laughter in our future. Love to you both!

Happy wedding day to my longest friend.