Wednesday, April 22, 2015

He's three! Yippee!

My baby turned three last week. Excuse me while I crawl into my bed and cry for an hour.  Three years have flown by. 

When you have a toddler, there's never a dull moment. They have their own thoughts and no filter. One week during church, James took Trevin to the restroom. He came back to the pew and announced proudly and loudly, "I had a big poop, I not really constipated." Everyone around us had a good laugh and congratulated him after the service. How could I love this kid more? 

With him being three, he still has some vocabulary/pronunciation issues. He often asks us to play. Instead of saying "play with me" he says, "pray for me." We smile and respond, "Trevin we pray for you every day! 

Trevin has never been a people person. Any social contact was like a punch in the gut to him. Not lying, he really disliked people... But he's come out of his shell in the last few weeks, and it's been wonderful to see him interacting with other kids. He's actually initiated conversations and I about fall over backwards every time. His personality is opening up. 

We've been loving the nicer weather and spent many hours walking our country roads. Shadow tag has been our favorite game to pass the time. Trevin could run for miles, but it's the coming home that usually doesn't go as easy...

Dancing is my favorite pastime. And dancing with Trevin makes it even better! We have dance parties several times a week and it brings me the most joy. 

James' favorite pasttime is farming, and he loves when Trevin tags along. They're so fun to watch together. Trevin sits better each time he rides; he'll make a great farmer some day. 

Orscheln's = the best. 


We started our Easter off with Christian Resource Center's Easter Sunrise Service. We had a great crowd and a wonderful morning!

Jordan referenced The Princess Bride in his sermon. He knows how to reach people's hearts. 

Stockham does an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos. It was fun to see the next generation of Stockham hooligans playing in the beloved park. Have I ever mentioned how cool it was to have a park as my backyard? It was a child's heaven! I love my Stockham besties and that my son is buds with their babes. 

We also enjoyed spending Easter with our family!

When I was in Jr high and high school, I spent uncountable hours babysitting my nephews. Evenings, weekends, summers... I was more than happy to do it! I loved spending time with them, because having nephews when you're in high school is the coolest thing. But I never thought I would get repaid for all those hours of babysitting. I thought that it was chalked up as volunteer and I was getting no refund, but I could'nt have been more wrong. My nephews are now 8 and 9 and they let Trevin tag along ALL the time! They love playing with him and I can trust them to keep an eye on him while we're out and about. This, my friends, is the best payback. 

Happy Easter from the Huenefeld's!

We have an old piano in our living room that we sit and "play." (I took 2 years of lessons and can play Ode to Joy and Chopsticks.) When he sits to play I start singing The Piano Man song to him. (This will be one of those habits I hope never dies. Maybe when he's 14 and taking lessons, I'll go about the house humming that song while he plays.) Now HE sings the song as he plays. It's the sweetest. "Sing us a song, you're the piano man..."  I think he needs a harmonica next. 

Not a day goes by without this kid making me laugh. He's quite observant and sometimes it makes for some great stories. When you have a toddler, you have no privacy... Everything is done with the door open and questions asked.. Recently Trevin saw a tampon for the first time and said to me, "Mom, you got string cheese in there?" "Uhh.. Hmm.. Um... Yes, string cheese... let's go with that..." I'm still giggling about this and now have many people scarred for life when it comes to string cheese... So that happened.. 


I'm finishing up the last of my senior sessions for James' cousins, Adrian and Carson. I've had a good break from photography the last couple months, but so much enjoyed getting behind the lens again. 

When someone brings a sword to a photo shoot, you squeal with delight and pretend you're living The Princess Bride.
(Two Princess Bride references in one post? I'd say my sub-conscience just made plans for me tonight. "Inconceivable!") 

Hard to believe these guys are graduating! They were itty-bitties when James and I started dating. But then again, so was I... 


Some of you might have seen my husband's Instagram post a week ago... 

James stocked up on worms for Trevin's "fishing" birthday party. He had several hundred worms. Yes, I said hundred. Maybe even millions. James, being the caring, responsible guy that he is, needed to store them in a cool place so they would be healthy for the hooks. He decided that place was my new refrigerator. The first couple days I wasn't thrilled about it, but let it happen because I wasn't going to pursue that argument... As the party quickly approached, I ran out of room in my fridge and kicked the worms out. He managed to keep them alive for the days surrounding the party and then they reappeared in my fridge a couple days later. Remind you, this cooler is large. It took up the whole top shelf of the fridge. And then one day I stepped on this... 

Horror struck me. "Don't look in the fridge. Don't look in the fridge!" 
I looked in the fridge. 

Worms were everywhere. Crawling, dropping, flying, creeping, terrorizing. I called James and I could hear him giggling as I was freaking out. Everywhere I looked - WORMS.  I guess my fridge needed a good cleaning... But now we have a new house rule that states: No worms in the house. 
Suddenly we're getting a garage fridge.. 

We decided that we'd let Trevin go fishing for his birthday party, since it's his favorite activity.  

Our family came out to help us celebrate 3 years of Trevin!

James and I got him his very own tackle box filled with supplies, and a new fishing net. He has his own pole and casts better than me. (Literally. I tried one cast with it and I got it stuck in the tree. I monkeyed out over the lake on a huge limb to untangle it. Trevin didn't get it stuck once..) 

He made this face while he opened presents and we were all laughing so incredibly hard. Sometimes kids just do weird things. 

All the boys spent most of the afternoon on the boat. I think James spent his afternoon untangling lines.. 

Oh, Pinterest. What would we do without you?

Unfortunately it was a little too windy, and we couldn't get his candles to stay lit. So we re-lit them at home and let him try again. 

We spent his birthDAY (April 14) doing some of his favorite things at home and made a special trip to the park for an extra adventure. 

There's something about being a mama that turns you to mush. This little guy has captured my heart. There's certain feelings that can never be described by words. I'm so proud to be his Mom. 

I love:
his fake giggle and his belly laugh...
his innocent questions and endless curiosity...
his counting and his fear of band-aids...
his energetic personality and eagerness to learn...
his silly faces and his sweet kisses...
his carpet-farming and construction skills... 
his singing voice and his dance moves...
his chubby hands and his ticklish neck...
his ornery grin and his genuine concern...
his one freckle and his crazy curls...
his 1/2 somersaults and his skips...
his squeaky voice and his mispronounced words...
his bright smile and his deep brown eyes. 

I love him just like this. 
Happy 3rd Birthday Trevin Trimble!

Where did three years go, growing on the farm?