Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meet our new friend, the Potty Chair

Hey, we joined the potty trained train! Well mostly. It all started when I finally convinced Trevin to simply sit on the potty. And he went. Just like that. So we put on our big boy undies and off we went. Some days he's a rockstar. And some days I clean up a lot of pee. And poop. And it's no fun. It's those days that I watch my hair turn gray. The potty chair has now become an accessory for us. It goes to church, goes to the store, goes to Grandma's. It also has become a new decoration for us. It can be found in the bathroom, laundry room, garage, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Basically wherever we are. 

And also Trevin has been constipated, so we did the prune juice thing. It worked. A little too good. Poor guy. Thankfully we were outside when it happened. Hosed off the sidewalk. Hosed off the child, (and then bathed him.) Threw away the totally awesome Cars undies. (Because there was no way I was going there...) 

Besides hitting the bathroom every other hour, we've been farming.  Harvest is rolling along, with about a week off due to some wet popcorn. Have I ever told you how cool it is to grow popcorn? So cool. We eat a lot of popcorn. And my guy knows how to fix it to perfection.

Also, if you're looking for some rocking awesome organic kettle corn. Check this >>>  http://www.kettlepop.com/
(Shameless plug) If you buy some KettlePop you very well might be eating corn from the sweat and tears of James Huenefeld. His sweat and tears are what irrigates the land; it gives the popcorn a little more flavor and certifies it as organic.  


Everyone loves a good "fail blog." So here's one for your enjoyment. Baked mozzarella bites. I've made them once before with string cheese and they turned out great. I tried to make them again but used fresh mozzarella cheese instead of string cheese, and the result was fail blog worthy. 

We called them mozzarella chips and they might be the next big thing. Or they might not. Either way, though... 

I hit a milestone this month. It was a pretty big deal. I went to my very first Grandparents Day. (Technically it was Grandparents and Special Friends Day, but I prefer just Grandparents Day.) Ashton and I were lucky enough to accompany our nephews, along with my mom and grandpa. We had cafeteria food again, and sat at undersized desks. I used a SmartBoard and played at recess. Elementary school is the coolest place. 

Proud grandma. 
This is a spinning arm torture device. Kids consider it "fun." This is what we did all of recess time. My arms were burning. I really looked pathetic when the other grandma at recess (approximately age 60,) was swinging from it with impressive form. 

Confession time. I go through obsession phases with everything. Food, music, shows, styles, clothes, hobbies, etc... My latest obsessions are...
#1. 19 Kids and Counting (Love me some Duggar's, and was mortified when it was taken off of Netflix. I found out today that Jill is having a boy, can't wait for Jessa's wedding, and love to watch Jim Bob attempt to speak Spanish.)  
#2. My Eagles Pandora station (A little Eagles, a little Steve Miller, a little CCR. Also a tidbit, this is the best music to have on while cleaning. Killer beats for vacuuming.)  
#3. S'mores bars  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/121808364897296714/ (My mom used to make these when I was a kid and she broke out the recipe this weekend. I ate 4 pieces. 4. Within 2 hours. I think that qualifies it for making my latest obsession list.) 

October has brought another month of pictures. Clayton and Sandy Kliewer were my latest experiment. And this colored, matte family shot may be my favorite picture I've ever taken. They're even my family, so it doesn't get better. 

This was taken in between poses and would have normally been a throw out picture, but something about this shot kept me coming back to it several times. I love the innocent expressions of each personality.  

On Sunday, I crashed a surprise birthday party for a grandma that wasn't mine. It was my uncle's mom, and we were able to squeeze in some LARGE family pictures. Large in quantity and head size. But they say, big head, big brain. I'd say that's the case with this bunch. Meet the extended Schelkopf family.

Happy 80th birthday, Bev! 

Coming soon: Another photo shoot, a girls trip to IKEA with my besties, Halloween, and bunco.

A day as a grandparent, growing on the farm...