Monday, September 29, 2014

C-3PO is in the Building

My nephews are what you would call "sports junkies." They do it all. And love it all. I might be reliving my sports days through them. My competitive nature comes out and my blood starts pumping. Then I have to remind myself that it's 2nd grade soccer... I'm so proud of these munchkins and their hard work. 

Hey, guess what! More fishing...

Digging for worms. 

Meet the latest toy in the Huenefeld house. The new iPhone 6. Gold edition. Now I feel like I'm carrying around C-3PO, but that's ok because Star Wars is the bomb. 

This device is remarkable, but totally ridiculous. No one needs a device like this. I certainly don't deserve something this cool. We could absolutely live without this. America is the spoiled brat of the world. I mean there's like 780 million people in the world without access to clean water, and a smartphone is a "staple" in almost every home in America. I give a pretty intense "privileged" rant, just ask James. My latest beef is with the push for minimum wage increase. I've read several posts on Facebook about how you can't "support" yourself working at a fast food restaurant. So these workers take to Facebook on their smart phones to make their voice heard. <Insert heavy sigh> 

Don't get me wrong, I'm drooling over this and I'm incredibly grateful to have it. But I also know it's the first thing to go when times get tough. This is a luxury item, and I'm fully aware of that. 
With that said I've been blown away by life with a smart phone. Here's my Top 10 smartphone loves:
10. Being able to find an answer to any question anywhere at anytime. 
9. Netflix on the go. 
8. My music is with me. When I say music, I mean everything in my iTunes, not just default ringers. 
7. Being able to sync calendars with my husband. He doesn't know it yet, but it's going to change his life. It's important that he knows when I have a Mom's meeting, hair cut, or need to wax my legs. He will love being so involved. 
6. Instagram. I'm new to this thing and feel like a baby that needs guidance. Hashtags make me feel uncomfortable. 
5. Apps for kids. There's an endless supply of resources for kids and I've only just begun to explore. 
4. Two words, "Group messaging."
3. The fact that I have a camera in my pocket. I had a camera on my old phone, but generally I could draw a better picture than what the phone took.
2. Devotionals. I've come across some incredible bible/devotional/study apps that really get me excited to dig in and learn each day. 
And finally my #1 love: No more printing directions off of Mapquest. Can I get an Amen?!

Just a disclaimer. Snapchat will never be on my Top 10 list. I have an odd hatred towards it and find it absurd. Just send a text. Good gravy. 

Autocorrect insists on changing "Trevin" to "Trevino" and "Trev" to "Greg." If I thought Trevin could pull off the name "Greg," it might stick. 

Trevin is almost two-and-a-half. Hard to believe. He's talking in short sentences and starting to say pretty funny things. Recently we found 3 bunny books that James had when he was young. They're put out by Focus on the Family and have a bible verse lesson in each book. Trevin is obsessed with them and we read them multiple times a day. He's started to "read" them and it's precious.  "Who tore book? I did, Mama. Who told twoof? (truth) I did, Mama!"

 Another Class of 2011 wedding is in the books! Taylor was the most beautiful bride and the reception was darling.  What a great day spent with friends. 

Harvest is here and Trevin and I rode along today! We are convinced that tractor cabs were not designed for toddlers. I'm going to start designing a baby proof cab made for family farming.  My first change would be the door. Trevin can get it unlatched and if he would open it up and fall out, he'd land right in front of the back tire. Talk about stressing out Mom. 
Next change, a third seat. Maybe even fourth. Or just a couch would be fine. While we're at it, let's add on a sleeper for nap time and a TV for movies. Ooo and a snack bar with a mini fridge. Feasible? 
Sometimes Dad doesn't like to share his toys. 

I've recently learned how to run a website and have been playing with a new one for CRC. Taking pictures, web design, photoshop, organizing, and counseling. Does it get better than this?
I love my job.

Today I sorted old camp pictures and came across this little guy. This is the boy I fell in love with. Those curls. GAH. And those swim trunks that he's wearing? Just replaced them this year... (I spy some Bennett's, Ashton's friends, and a Troester?)


You guys, this is my second family. Well technically they're first family too, because they're my aunt/uncle and cousins. I grew up next door to them and made countless trips down the brick sidewalk to their house. They are some of the most fun-loving, generous, and giggly people you'll ever meet.
Here are the Schelkopf's.

Mom also wanted to take a family picture for the Christmas card. This is the best picture we've ever taken. EVER. And on the first try! Love these people more than anything. 

This is my life. These are my best. And love is here.

Selfies all around, growing on the farm...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"I no longer live, but Christ lives in me."

James and I had the honor of being baptized in the presence of our entire church family last Sunday. It was a decision that was long coming and it was so special to be able to share the day together. I was baptized as a baby, but was convicted to make the decision personally and cognitively. James had never been baptized but knew it was over-due and felt it was time for him to make that public confession of faith. We were so blessed by the support and kind words that were given to us. 
Without Christ, we are nothing. 

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 
2 Corinthians 12:9

"Buried with Christ in baptism..." 
"...and raised to walk in the newness of life."

"But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me..." 
2 Timothy 4:17


Fall is totally here. Football is in progress (Go 'Skers!) Cold weather jumped up and bit us in the you-know-what. Everything is pumpkin flavored. Everything. Scarves and boots are everywhere. Everywhere. Oh and the biggest tell that fall is here...we caught a cold. 

It's really hit this poor bug. Hate having sick babes. 

On the more exciting front, Trevin and I experienced our first Pumpkin Patch! He loved loading up the wagon full of pumpkins and squash.

We also visited a one-weekend shop called Willow Station that had darling decor. And cake pops. Trevin and mom were both happy. 

Here's some of my treasures! This tray is delightful. And the elk scored some brownie points with my husband. 

Washed by the blood, growing on the farm...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

You and Me Going Fishing in the Dark... And Light... And Whenever, Really...

This is a fishing post. Because that’s what’s really happening here. For all of our enjoyment, here's some fishing wisdom from the one and only, Ron Swanson. 

Ever since Trevin has discovered fishing, it has been the favorite pastime at the Huenefeld household. Trevin talks about fishing all of the time, he asks to go fishing all of the time, and he gets to go fishing all of the time. One morning Trevin woke up at 7:00 and the first words from his mouth were, "Daddy, go fishing?" James couldn't say no to that. For heaven's sakes, it was a prime fishing hour! And his son was begging to go! Win, win. 

This was Trevin "dragging" James out the door that morning. He doesn't look too disappointed, does he? 

Before they could go, they had to dig for some worms.  

I love that they get to spend 1-on-1 time together, doing something that they both love.  

James and I somehow managed to become leaders of a small group at church this year. (We were volunteered.) The purpose of a small group is to basically have social events outside of church, with a handful of people so that it can encourage Christian fellowship, friendship, and food. We love our entire group and always look forward to spending time with them. This last month we made a "field trip" to the Ochsner's. I say field trip, because they essentially have their very own petting zoo in their yard. It was great entertainment for the kiddos. James also arranged for some trap shooting to be down with an automatic thrower. I didn't think we'd ever get the big boys to leave. They had a blast. 

Well we crossed a first off the list. Ring worm, (he's a cat cuddler.) I'm convinced that there's an unwritten (but very known) "You're a Mom if" list. If you have to take care of another person with these things, you might be a mom... Or an RN... 
It includes, but is NOT limited to:
Pink Eye
Chicken Pox
Ring worm
If I only had to deal with one of these a year, I'd be content. That's actually not true. I hate everything about these things and never want to deal with them. Lice might be the scariest thing in the world. If we get lice, I might burn our house down. Well maybe not just for lice, but bed bugs for sure.  (That's probably not something I should write on the internet.. I don't want our insurance to get suspicious.)

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I have one cool housewife skill. Canning. Not to gloat, but my lids always pop. The worst thing about canning, is needing 83 dishes and having them all dirty at the end of the day. 

I canned 24 quarts of fresh garden green beans (thanks to my parents for sharing their garden!) 

My favorite thing to can is jam. Because I have never had a jam I didn't like. I've done strawberry/rhubarb, mixed (blue, black, rasp) berry, and apricot. This week I ventured into the world of peach jam. I bought some cute little jelly jars and filled them, perfect for simple Christmas gifts! Not to ruin the surprise for some of you.. 

I also made one batch of peach/strawberry jam. I'm drooling over that one. 

Now I know all of you have been waiting for the latest Mess in the life of Megan story. And I'm glad that I can now provide you with some entertainment. I'm just going to continue without any shame... 100% honest. I wax my legs and I use what's called Cream Wax. Meaning it doesn't harden. I had just finished up with my legs and was going to do my eyebrow and lip. (Yup, no shame.) As I lifted the pot to the sink from the floor, I accidentally tipped it and wax spilled down the front of my pot. I held the pot up and stared at what I had done and wondered how to clean it up. And as I was staring at the mess, I managed to tip it the opposite way and spilled the wax down the back side and made a major mess. My first thought was, "Welp, we're getting a new sink today! Because this is impossible to clean up." 

You're probably thinking, but it's pink! and cute! and tastes like bubblegum! FALSE. The colder the wax gets to stickier it gets. Now if you ever find yourself in this situation, go grab the following:
-Those nasty hand towels you've been wanting to throw away for months
-Wax remover, if you're lucky enough to have it
-All of the olive oil you own
-And your sanity
You're going to throw all of that away, so kiss it goodbye. It took me 45 minutes to clean this up. 45 minutes! I drenched it in olive oil and scrubbed with all my might to get the bulk off. Then used the wax remover once I had it down to one thin layer. This should be a punishment for convicts. My bathroom sink is nicely oiled now, and my eyebrow and lip never got waxed, so if you even think about judging my face, don't bother calling me when you need help cleaning your spilled wax. Or maybe that doesn't happen to other people. 

Now to pretend to be professional and share people's pictures... 
I took photos for my second wedding. I did Gage and Alison's engagement pictures and I was thrilled to photograph their wedding, too. It was a great experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a part of their day. 

I also did my second newborn session for some good friends/family. Beckett was a such a sweetie.

I have found that newborns can be the hardest to photograph. You generally want them to sleep through the shoot, this way you can position them in all sorts of weird and uncomfortable ways. Precious Beckett was wide awake for the majority of the session, only giving us about 15 minutes of deep sleep, which is when we got 75% of the pictures. The other thing hard with newborns is the accidents. I got peed on, Toni got peed on, Toni got thrown up on, Madden got pooped on (she was really not thrilled about holding baby sis after that!) But all together the shoot was a blast and went well. 

James and I snuck away for a day to take Trevin to the state fair.

And the prize of all the land, the word's largest Overall! 'Braksa!
(Get it like 'Merica, but with Nebraska? I think this will be a thing. You heard it here first, folks. This will be the state's new slogan, instead of Nebraska: The good life, it will be 'Braska, Beef, and Corn. Who's with me?)

The Case/New Holland booth was a mom's dream come true. They had tractor ride-ons, free popcorn, tattoos, toy tractors, and huge bins of grain to play in. We loitered there for quite a while. 

I was able to get my funnel cake and James got his Nitro Ice Cream. (That's the only reason he really goes.) 

By the end of the trip, this guy was worn out and ready for a nap. And so was mom. 

Then there was Alaska. When I saw James' pictures, I was so jealous of the beauty that he was able to experience. Take a gander...

They spent some time fishing, (imagine that!) He had such a great trip. This is James' friend, Julius. He was generous enough to share his family with James for the week and give him the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Fly fishing

They were able to do some hiking and they picked wild blueberries. Blueberries are James' favorite.  He brought some home and I made a wild Alaskan blueberry pie for his birthday. He was in heaven. 

Oh, did I mention that they saw bears? Yeah. He told me they were going to a "bear outlook." I assumed it was a place where they're behind glass watching a river where the bears come to get salmon.   Nope, no glass. Just hanging out with the bears, in the wild, near their food source. 

To Alaska and back, growing on the farm.