Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bloody Sunday

This little turkey is two! We finally got around to snapping some pictures. Excavator is one of his favorite words, so these pictures were fitting. 

This is what taking pictures of a 2 year old is really like...

My first wedding is officially in the books. It went smoothly and it ended up being a lot of fun. I was grateful for the help offered by my mom and sisters. Danielle made such a stunning bride. 

Remember when you were a kid and the absolute worst thing in your entire life was having to brush a quadrillion (15 zeros) knots out of your hair? Yeah, well I'm not sure if you know this or not, but people do that now for fun. It's called "teasing." The first time I heard of it I literally thought someone was "teasing" me and trying to get me to fall for the latest practical joke. Come to find out, big hair makes you beautiful, so the more you "tease" the bigger the hair and the more beautiful you become. The problem is that you can only do it one time in your life because at some point you have to brush your hair and then you welcome a massive bald spot where all that nice unknotted hair used to be.

James' cousin Caden got married this month, you may remember their engagement pictures that I took a couple months ago. He married this sweet gal named Ashli. We quickly became friends and I couldn't have been more happy for the two of them. It was such a beautiful day with beautiful people. 

Trevin was able to attend his first Vacation Bible School. He didn't do great with me leaving him, but he seemed to do better with each day. He brought home some adorable crafts and it's made Sunday School a little easier to adjust to. 

Want to be grossed out? Here's a story for you. I'm going to say something that I never imagined having to say in my life. Ever. I took a lint roller to James' peeling sun burn. I actually lint rolled dead skin. I was gagging. He thought it was a brilliant idea. I thought it was torture. I am scarred for life.

We are in full swing at CRC. Right smack dab in the middle of  our day camp. I counseled for Junior High Day Camp and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite camps yet. This was my 8th year of counseling and they seem to just get better and better. 

I was lucky enough to have this man staffing by my side once again. We met 8 years ago counseling together. Camp has such a special place in my heart because of that. 

Dead bug tag!

We studied Daniel this year.

I got "stuck" with a boys group this year, but I can't begin to tell you how much fun we had. We had a couple intense games of Ninja, including handprints left on my arm. Those boys are for real.  I accidentally knocked over part of their domino maze. They forgave me. They were all awesome. 

Laser Tag! I failed miserably. I tried to team up with some of my boys, but they continually "forgot" that I was on their team and shot me. Laser tag will never get old. 

Just a little history... I get bloody noses like you would not believe. I used to get them every now and then when I was young; then when I was about 10, I broke my nose --trampoline stunt gone wrong, thanks Seth...-- Since the break, bloody noses have become a regular part of my life. Many nights I've woke up to a blood covered face and pillow. I've gotten them while driving, not the safest scenario. Travel Camp was brutal because of the air change, causing multiple bloody noses a day. There was many a time where I would get up in class to blow my nose, only to be left at the back of the room for 10 minutes trying to get blood to stop gushing from my face. One time a teacher tried to send me to the nurse's office, I told her that I had it under control and she looked at me like I was insane. Anyways, bloody noses are my life. So let me tell you a recent story about my own Bloody Sunday. Our church has recently switched to a rotating praise team that I am privileged to be included in. I decided to blow my nose before I had to go on stage, so that I wouldn't be stuffed up. Big mistake. Immediately I had blood soaking the kleenex. Trevin just stared at me. I had about 3 minutes before I was to be on stage. God answered prayer right then and there and paused my nosebleed just in time to go up and sing. I literally wiped the blood of my nose and immediately walked down the aisle. I had to keep sniffing the blood back up my nose after each phrase just to keep a catastrophe at bay. Believe it or not, I was wearing a white top and the gal next to me was in a white skirt. You can't make this stuff up. Thankfully we made it through without too much of a distraction and I was relieved that I didn't squirt blood onto the first row of my church family. 
Collecting shells on Memorial Day. 

Just FYI....If you text/call me, expect to get Trevin dialed. Feel free to chat with him, but don't feel obligated. Odds are you won't understand any of it.

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. We visited the courthouse where they were married.  
Father's Day!

Trevin recently learned the word "load." So when he's watching Netflix or waiting for a game, he always says "load."  I went to heat up his lunch in the microwave one day and he points to it and says, "Ya load." Almost, buddy. 

This is my 50th post, thanks for sticking with me. Here's to another 50!

I'm still writing, growing on the farm...