Monday, May 19, 2014

It's a party, Jack!

Duck calls, cookies, beards, presents and CAMO! That’s what made up Trevin’s Duck Dynasty birthday party. I had so much fun making the decorations and not making the food. It was great. We decided to have the party in our garage and it ended up being a pretty nice day for it. Trevin enjoyed spending time with his cousins and the cookies and presents sure didn’t hurt!

On the menu:

Duck beaks (bugles)
Camo mix (green & brown m&m’s)
Miss Kay’s fruit salad
Redneck cookies
Uncle Si’s iced tea

I ordered the cookies from Eileen’s Cookies. They are the best cookies, but their art department could have used a little help. I busted up laughing at the “beard” on the cookie. I was pretty sure it looked more like a devil sheep. Am I right?!

I’m really not one that can mock anyone’s artistic ability, because I have none, but surely they could see that it was fairly horrific. Maybe it was just the sideburns/horns that threw me off. Nonetheless, our possessed animal party went on! 
(Maybe there’s an idea for next year’s theme!)

I somehow managed to not record him blowing out his candles, so the next day I made him do it again at breakfast. Yes, with a cookie….for breakfast.

At the party, Trevin started throwing a tantrum. I was asked about it, and I replied, “Trevin’s having issues.” Our young nephew responded, “What's an issue?” Priceless.

On Trevin’s actual birthDAY, we didn’t have much planned. Trevin and I ended up running errands with James for the morning. We even made a stop at Case to let him pick out some new tractors and trailers. He was thrilled and has played with them for hours. In the afternoon we napped hard and played hard.

I tried to get a nice picture with Trevin on his birthday, and no kidding, this is the best I got. 


Easter seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? Well now that you’re all in the Memorial Day weekend mode, I’m going to take you back to Easter.

All those years of free babysitting are paying off! Now my nephews take turns chasing after Trevin. :) 

Kliewer cousins

Notice the chocolate on his face. He looked like that for about a week. 

Easter Sunrise Service

 All I wanted was a nice picture, but this is more realistic. 

My mom’s side of the family celebrated Easter, cowboy style. Trevin joined in on the fun and had some new boots to show off.

Trevin's friend Anna!

We're in the midst of planting season. 

Vacation Bible School is coming up fast and this year it's a Spy theme. I'm taking pictures again this year and had to get some head shots for badges. I couldn't help but share this one of my sister Brooke. We decided she looks like Mr. Lunt on Veggie Tales. 

Trevin is officially 2 years and 1 month old, but I haven't taken his 2-year pictures yet. I need to get on that, but these smiles will hold me over for now. 

Remember that room that I ruined? The one that I tried pulling wallpaper off and then I ripped too many layers off? Yeah, that one. Well it’s been sitting like that for months and we finally took the next step in stripping the sheetrock out of the entire room. We’re down to the studs. James will be hanging new drywall soon (I think.) Can’t wait to have another bedroom remodeled just in time for an addition to our life. I suppose now’s as good of a time as any to announce some big news in the Huenefeld house……

I’m expecting! Expecting my baby sis to come live with us, that is… That’s right, Ashton is moving in this summer so she can attend CCC in GI. (You guys thought I was pregnant, didn’t you? Maybe I could have announced this in a way that wouldn’t have been so misleading… Really I’m not pregnant, but you should have seen your face! And I should have seen your face, because it was probably pretty funny.)

Lots of Luxy kisses!

Trevin got his first "real" hair cut. I cut it in December, but this was the first time that he got it cut by someone who knows what they're doing. Nicole and Luxy stopped by for a visit and Trev managed to get a trim while they were here. We had to go through 2 suckers to get there, though. Don't worry, his curls are still there. They're just even for the first time in his life. 

Speaking of hair cuts... For the past few years we've just been shaving James' head with a guarded electric razor. Well it came time to do it again and James decided he would shave his head himself and I could come and touch it up. When he was done, he called me in to finish it. Without looking at the razor, I noticed a large patch that he had missed on the back of his head. So I started go over that spot to even it out. Little did I realize that he had taken the guard off for me to shave his neck. I shaved his head down to nothing in one strip on the back of his head. It was hideous. I wanted to cry, but we were both laughing so hard, that I couldn't. It was the funniest, saddest thing that has happened to me. We ended up trying to even it out with the shortest guard. It was still obvious that the patch was shorter, but it beat having to shave his entire head. You'll see in these pictures which happened before "the cut" and after. It has evened out now and is back to what it should have been after we cut it. Good thing it grows back! But I believe I'm fired from being the house barber and that's why I didn't want to touch a precious blonde curly hair on my son's head. 

So this pretty girl graduated this weekend. I'm so proud of her and the woman she has become. I'm not going to get more gushy than that because I don't want to bawl for the next 3 hours. I love her and she is cool. 

Her reception was a success. I think we had enough dessert...

Congrats Ashy!!!

We took an afternoon last week to go fishing! It was Trev's first time on the boat and my first time since we'd been married. We had a great time until we realized that we had a 2-year-old on a boat in the middle of the lake. 

This picture makes me laugh! Trevin wasn't so fond of the fish in the boat. 
We only caught a few small fish. When we first started fishing, I felt a tug on my line and I started to work my magic to reel in the first fish of the day. I told James that I was about to catch the first fish. James said, "Not if I get one first." Next thing I know James is reeling his line in as fast as he could. So I started reeling in, too. We pulled fish into the boat at the exact same time. It was crazy and hilarious. 

 I'm surprised it's taken this long, but Trevin has officially made his mark on our home. And on my freshly painted entryway walls, of course. <Sigh>

And then there's my photography life... These were my first two engagement sessions. I think that engagement pictures have been my favorite to take so far. They're so fun and joyful. Here's just a few of my favorites.

I have my first wedding coming up this weekend. I'm incredibly nervous, but excited to have the opportunity. 

Adding a member and literally growing on the farm...