Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello, my name is Megan, and I'm a potty training quitter.

Guess who turns two in a few days! This kid. So unbelievable.

Don't let this picture fool you. He doesn't cuddle in real life. Now I have this picture to stare at and daydream of what life would be like with a cuddler. 

With the upcoming second birthday, we're looking at a lot of new changes. One being, VBS. Trevin is able to be in a class this year and I was determined to have him potty trained before then. I'm not sure why, but I just needed a goal to shoot for. So we gave potty training a shot. I was totally insane about this whole thing. Seriously, I was acting like a crazy person. You should have seen the amount of candy/crackers/treats/suckers/juice/kool-aid that I bought... I was delusional. I was prepared to give Trevin an endless amount of sugar just for some success. I would not suggest irrationality to anyone. If you find yourself in this situation, find an adult and ask for help. 

So here was our "Potty Central." It consisted of lots of distractions (toys, books, and George.) I started pumping him up with liquid and set the timer. This set up worked fairly well for us, except that we didn't actually get potty trained.  We spent a lot of time on the potty. A lot of time. So much time. Too much time. A ridiculous amount of time! Instead of saying "Ok, let's go sit on the potty!" I would say, "Ok, let's try getting off the potty!" This is my first one, guys. I just can't even figure out how this works. We had a about a 60% success rate the first day. I was feeling positive going into the second day. 50% success on day 2. And on day 3 we were up to 70% success. The only problem was that he never initiated going to the potty. He was either already on the potty, or I would recognize his concerned look when he had to go. He started to understand when he had to go, but I felt like he still wasn't grasping the concept of what to do. After 3 days of this I was so done, and he was too. We called it quits and decided to try again in a couple months. I'm not a quitter, but if it's potty training we're talking about, I'll accept that title. 

We did learn through this process, that Trevin loves hooking up his tractors and trailers. I'm not exaggerating when I say that he played with them about 5 hours that week. Which is HUGE for a 21-month-old. I did enjoy not having an "agenda" for 3 days and just enjoying my little boy, even if it meant cleaning up pee on the floor multiple times.     

Fun fact. The dirt in the picture above is from the hall in our basement! It doubled as an awesome "play set" for Trevin. He had dirt in every crevice of his body after playing on the mound. 

This, my friends, is a Trevin selfie. Congratulations society, you've even reached my toddler. Maybe you'll like his tweet on Instagram. Or wait... What? 

We got to meet Miss Luxy! What a doll. Trevin loved her, but didn't love me loving her. Basically, he got jealous. But we're glad that Trevin has a new friend to grow up with. Congrats to the Nuss'!

This is one of Trevin's favorite spots. He takes off the lid and crawls in with the blankets. Apparently it's the best view in the house for the TV.

And while we're on the topic of odd places to hang out... Yeah the cupboard is good. 

And then there's always the pantry! He loves to play in there for some reason. Just look at that face, doesn't look guilty at all, does it? Check out what's next to his feet.

Yup, just emptied a loaf of bread onto the floor. Most were smashed and some had a bite taken out of them. Whatever, we ate it. 

Are there even words for this? GAH! I'm just gushing over here.

Horsey rides are totally in right now. Dad is the coolest. 

Ashton and I built a fort for Trevin. He wasn't as impressed as he should have been. But we still managed to get an hour of play-time out of it. Our fort building skills have definitely diminished since we were kids. It was way harder than we remember it being. And it broke constantly. 
As March madness comes to a close, we finally begin our own basketball. We've loved the nice weather so Trevin can "shoot ball!" 

Two more things that Trevin loves: the driveway rock and going in and out the front door. The other day he decided it was time to bring the flower pots inside. (I think we were just a little late on that..) 

Trevin is all about order. Until he longs for destruction. Destruction generally wins. 

Farm life is good. 

The first touch of 
grass under the toes.


With summer right around the corner, CRC responsibilities have been picking up.  Lately I've been taking a stab at graphic design. It was almost as much fun as journal entries. And that's not a sarcastic remark. I had a blast learning new things in Photoshop.

Birthday bash coming soon!

Planning a party, growing on the farm...