Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas happened. Recovery in session.

The Christmas tree is still up. In fact, I think my mom will get hers down before me this year. She is notorious for leaving the tree up for weeks months. Maybe it's in my blood. She's done better in recent years, but one year we were able to decorate it for St. Patrick's Day. It officially became a holiday tree that year.

Christmas was a marathon this year. So many activities, parties, and goodies. Honestly, it's all a blur.
But I do remember the food! Here's a recap...
Huenefeld: Baked potato bar
Mine: Prime rib
Ours: Ebelskivers and smoked chicken
James: Shrimp lunch and Turkey supper
Kliewer: Pot luck
Nuss: Brunch and soup
New Year's: Homemade Runzas and German soup (If I had to sound it out, it would look like this, glooned beta shneetzeld nep meet vaush soup. That is definitely not close to how you spell it in German.)

Trevin received a lot of movies (per my request) and equipment. Trucks, trailers, tractors, semis, dump trucks, diggers, and cars. He's had plenty to keep him busy. Ashton was bunny-sitting over Christmas so that made for some good entertainment. Now he always asks for the bunny when he goes over.

Trevin loves being spoiled by his cousins. Adelé toted him around like a prince.

We were glad Gracia could be back for a week. We soaked up every moment of her being around. By the end of the week, Trevin had warmed up to her and it was fun to see them interact. Trevin even got to try out Papa's razor!

We spent Christmas Eve at home with a quiet celebration. James got a massive gun safe and I got a new surround sound. And it's awesome. 
I found some metal Tonka trucks a couple months back and decided that they would make a good Christmas present for Trevin. I bought the dump truck and brought it home. I showed it to James and he said, "What's he going to use to fill it?" So I went back and got the payloader. Boys and their toys... 

We had our annual high school reunion Christmas party. These are some of the greatest girls you'll meet. Such a fun-filled evening with presents, cake, yearbooks, and catching up. So good to see them all! ***You guys made the blog! ;) ***

We had Scott and Billy over for movie nights during Christmas break. Cousin bonding time!

New year's eve brought our dear friends over for our Christmas celebration. Decorations included candy, because what's better than candy? Have you ever noticed how church banquets always include candy on the tables as "decorations?" People of Jesus know how it's done. 

Just Dance. Enough said. I think I could play that every day. Way too much fun! The men went hunting for the majority of the night and may have ruined some poor young couple's plan for their evening. I've been so grateful to have friends with spouses that are friends with my husband.

This is pretty accurate as to what our friendship looks like. 

New Year's Eve got late, like it's known for. Unfortunately, children don't sleep in when Mom and Dad would like to. Trevin woke up at his usual time and James got him out of his crib and came back into the bedroom and laid back down. Trevin headed for the living room and before we could get up, we were back asleep. I woke up in a panic 5 minutes later. We ran out to the living room to find him on the table digging, elbow deep in the M&M's. I don't know how many he had, but he was shoveling them in as fast as he could. After a start like that, we're probably out of the running for Parents of the Year. So that happened.

Trevin's obsession with peas has not dwindled. Corn and peas are the only vegetables that he will touch. Unless french fries count... He drinks almost all of his calories. He's a chugger, but rarely will eat a good meal. Yet, he still has rolls.

My DIY project for the month was to re-do this nasty old card table that I bought at an auction a year ago. It was really simple and it turned out awesome! James painted the frame for me. What a nice guy. I already bought another card table at an auction this weekend. For $3! Gotta love that!

This. melts. me. 

Warming our toes, growing on the farm...