Monday, November 25, 2013

House projects and emergency calls

The entryway project has finally come to a close!
And after:

I'm so thrilled with how this turned out. So much more welcoming than the closet! We can check this room off of the list!

And just as we finished one project, we began a new one.  The basement. Just saying the words make me grin and shudder at the same time. Connecting the two basements together is going to be intense. I couldn't even get a beginning picture, James dug in a little too fast, but here's the progress so far.

We've hit the other basement wall! Just a little bit further. 

He has this system rigged up in a way that is simply incredible. This conveyor funnels the dirt and concrete right up and out of the window. It's then dumped into the bobcat bucket and drove off to a pile. It's rather ingenious.

One night I was home by myself, sitting on the couch when I heard a noise. I slowly looked over and a cat was staring right into my soul. WE DON'T HAVE A CAT. I jumped up and chased it, it ran down to the stairs, climbed on the conveyor, and was out the window. I was not too impressed. And since this baby shoots straight out the window, the cold air welcomes itself into our home. James did what he could to cover it with tarp, but it doesn't keep everything out. Not air, and not cats.

The past few months I've been having troubles with uploading pictures to my computer because I'm out of space. I would go through and move a bunch to the external hard drive and then attempt to upload more. It still wouldn't always let me and I was really frustrated and confused. One day I was expressing my concern to James and he asked if I was just deleting them from iPhoto or actually removing them from the computer. Turns out iPhoto has a trash can of it's own that has never been emptied. Almost 19,000 pictures. Holy moly. Well that's taken care of now...

Here's another set of family pictures I did for some friends. They are precious.

Sometimes I look up "desert recipes" on Pinterest, just for kicks and giggles, to see how many people still misspell "dessert". 

Annual fall leaves cousin picture!

I'm telling this story because I have humility. If you can't laugh at yourself, then you shouldn't laugh at anyone. A couple days ago I went to get Trevin after he woke up from his nap. As soon as I walked in, he said, "Socks!" and pointed behind the crib. Many times before, he has thrown his socks behind the crib (against the wall.) So like usual, I laid down on the floor between his crib and dresser. I'd done this 10 times, but for some reason this time I rotated my arm under the crib and was unable to get it out. I couldn't pull back because of the dresser and I had it turned palm down so I couldn't bend my elbow. I'm not sure how this happened. It was almost lunch time so I knew James would be coming in shortly. I called him and asked if he could come right in. Here's the conversation that followed...
Yeah I can come in. What's up?
Um. I'm stuck. 
Oh. Uh, are you ok?
Yeah I'm fine.
Do you have any broken bones?
(laugh) No, I just.... (then tried to explain how it happened.)
Ok, well can I feed the cows first? 
Serious? I'm stuck.
It will only take a few minutes and I'm on that side of the farm anyways.
Fine, just hurry. 
10 minutes passed and no James. Trevin wasn't thrilled that I was just laying on my face next to his crib. Thankfully he was contained in the crib so I didn't have to worry about him. The door bell rang, and I just laid there laughing with my face in the carpet. Finally a call from James.
Where are you at?
I'm sorry! Someone stopped me on the road to talk. 
So you talked to them?
Yeah, but I'm almost home. But, umm...I gotta go.
It seemed like I laid there forever. Trevin started throwing his blankets and animals on me. I couldn't even defend myself. I tried to reach in and tickle him through the slats. (When I reached up, my back was to the crib, one arm under the crib and the other was in the crib.) Trevin then grabbed my arm and pulled it back. It was like that awful stretching torture of medieval times. Then, once again, a call from James. 
I am coming! I'm sorry! I'm pulling in the driveway. 
What happened?! 
Someone else stopped to talk to me, like a half-mile later. But I'm home, I'm coming. 
He came running down the hall and just busted out laughing. Then he got Trevin out of the crib. And then, he sat on me. Then he told me to try and get my arm out. Like I hadn't been trying this whole time! Finally he lifted the crib and set me free. Folks, I was under there for 1/2 hour. I joked with James saying the fire department could have gotten there quicker. Surely other people have ridiculously embarrassing things happen to them, right? 

Finally got around to taking some 18 month pictures for Trevin! 

And took some more family pictures... 

Thankful for this life, growing on the farm...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super glue works...

Countless times this month I've been in over my head and I've come up with a good routine to help calm down. I've recently re-discovered a song from my childhood that just brings a smile to my face. I'll share it with you. "Can't you see, whoa, can't you see, what that woman, she been doing to me." Now to answer your questions... Yes, it's from my childhood. I grew up with classic rock. I'm so sorry if you didn't.  And if you don't know that song, just go. Right now, go and listen. Don't mind the verses, because the lyrics are depressing, but the tone is soothing.  You just can't beat that beat.

This kid is all about style. 
So fab. Ow Ow! 

I helped throw a shower for my friend, Jill. Notice Trevin's clothes hanging... I was in charge of decorating, so I went to the one-stop-shop, Hobby Lobby. I was thrilled to have an excuse to buy yards and yards of burlap. I don't freak out about a lot of things, but I love burlap. I also made dessert for the shower. Better than sex cake. It was delicious. (Of course I had to tone that down because it was a church shower. So it became 'better than anything cake.' People are funny when you start throwing around certain words.)

-Turned 18 months... How?
-Still hasn't had a hair cut, maybe by Christmas...
-Periodically a picky eater. Loves peas, though.
-Sleeping 12-13 hours at night, regularly. And one good nap, 1-3 hours, every morning`.  He's awesome.
-Loves watching Curious George and will say "Georgey!" when he wants it on.
-Most ticklish on his shoulders, and giggles when I try to rub his back.
-Finally got his last 4 baby teeth in (minus some molars.) He's got a full mouth of chompers.
-He likes to dance, but is almost tentative and sticks to just a few moves.
-Talking quite a bit. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding him and he gets frustrated. He's learning new words every day.

Guess who wasn't paying attention... Whoops...

I know I've mentioned before that I don't enjoy cooking. But I can make a mean pie. This was apple. Making pie isn't so bad, and eating it is certainly not bad, but the smell of the house while it's baking is incredible. You get me?

Went to a harvest party and it was quite a celebration!

The photo booth was a fun time! But Trevin found the most joy in following the kitties around.

The static from the trampoline was helping give Trevin some volume...

He had a good time knocking the pins over, and tried his best to help set them up. Although he usually ended up falling into them and knocking them all over before they were all set up.

Trevin got the first whack at the pinata. He wasn't able to even make a dent, but he still got some of the reward...

His very first candy. He choose Twix and he clung to it. 

We kept Halloween pretty simple this year. 3 houses. Somehow we still ended up with a full bucket.. He wouldn't leave his hat on to begin with, then he rubbed off his nose and didn't mind the hat. So we didn't get the full effect of the costume, but he's a year and a half. What did I expect? 

Trevin just keeps us giggling. Check out that retro sweater!  I'm pretty sure that was my brother's 25 years ago...

You know that feeling of panic when you've lost your child? I experienced that recently. We were at home and I was working on the computer.  Trevin ran off to play and I got carried away with my work. 10 minutes went by when suddenly I heard it. Silence. It was dead quiet. There's something about being a parent and knowing that something is wrong when it's quiet. I shot up from my chair and walked briskly to the toy room. Nothing. Nursery, nothing. The bathroom door and 2 other bedroom doors were closed so I ran back down the hall and checked the office, the other bathroom, the basement, I even opened the door to see if he managed it get in the garage. I ran back to the hall, opened my room and peaked in, nothing. Guest room, nothing. Bathroom, nothing. Playroom and Nursery again, nothing. At this point I was shouting his name and freaking out. I come running down the hall again and then I heard a giggle. I stopped and looked in my room again. There he was laying on the floor behind the bed, hiding from me. He had closed the door behind him. So it began, our first game of hide-and-seek. And then I went and changed both of our pants. (Just kidding. But practically.)

James was short-handed on the last day of harvest. So I was recruited. I thought that I would be driving the grain cart, but I ended up in the combine. It was a new experience for me. I've drove tractors and the swather before, but the combine is a whole different story. I unloaded on the go, didn't spill an ounce of corn, and went at it for 6 hours. I was mentally exhausted by the end of the day, but I'm glad to have gotten the experience! I was able to talk to James on the radio all day. Instant communication. It was awesome, (at least for me!) James said that he might hire me back next year, I told him he better act fast, now that I'm on the market.


We are finished harvesting! So grateful for this year's crop. We celebrated with some awesome ribs, cooked by my husband.

Every November, the women on my dad's side of the family get together for our Annual Bunco Party. This year's theme was Big Hair Bunco. Enough said. Just be glad I don't have any pictures for you... I don't think that I know of another group of women that laugh that much. Too much fun. 

James' relatives (that we visited last Christmas in Chicago) came out to the farm last weekend. It's always so fun to catch up with them. Fun was had by all. James always appreciates the extra hands while they are around. They are always willing to jump in and help out. Can't wait to see them again! 

We've been in the midst of house projects, but this blog post is getting long, so I'll update you on the progress in another post. 

So I've been taking more pictures.... I feel guilty, like I need to confess this sin to you all. Folks, it just doesn't make sense. I am not an artsy, creative, inspired, imaginative mind. I like math, calculations, and things that don't change. Photography should not be in my world. BUT, with that said, God has it smack-dab in the center of my path. So it's photography for this season.
I've been taking our church directory photos, and I should finish it up next week. Huge relief. I've also taken maternity pictures, 3 sets of family pictures, and our own family pictures. I've gotten several more offers to do pictures for families, maternity, and even a wedding.. Wowzers. I feel right now like my biggest concern is consistency. Not to sound braggy, but I know I can take a good picture...I just don't know if I can do it every time. So I lack some confidence in that area. We'll see where this journey takes me. Here's some of my latest work... 

The next two families are my precious in-laws! 

Funny story of the month: We have these cheap fridge magnets that continue to fall apart. I finally got frustrated enough and decided to fix them with super glue. As I finished, I put the brush back in the super glue bottle. At the same moment, Trevin came running up behind me and hit my legs, causing the super glue to tip and the brush to go flying on the floor. I quickly picked up the bottle from spilling any more and managed to get glue in between my fingers in the process. They were stuck. Trevin started running to the brush to "help" pick it up for me. He grabbed the wrong end and got his fingers glued together. I was able to rip mine apart but Trevin didn't seem to like me ripping the skin from his fingers. He was bawling and so confused as to why his fingers wouldn't move apart. We were able to soak them in finger nail polish remover and that did the trick. Man alive. 

This is where we are in this crazy thing called life.

The harvest is in, growing on the farm...