Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So I said to the guy, "I don't even like cheese!"

Hello All! October has brought chilly days and chili days. How glorious! It seems like with each change of weather, we come down with colds. So out comes the Kleenex's and that grotty nose-sucker. On a less sucky note, I found out today that my sister is going to state golf! So proud of her! (SHOUT OUT!!!)

 This little man has a farmer's-heart. He loves the outdoors and gets really excited when he gets to ride with Dad in the tractor or combine. He loves to take over the wheel, which is not encouraged, thus a tantrum happens in the 2 square feet of the tractor floor. Yeah, that's a good time... (Sarcasm at it's best.)

Trevin seems to say a new word every day and it amazes me how easily he remembers. Some of the recent words that make me laugh are the following: at-ta-ta (spatula), ah-meh (Ah, man), and ay-ben (amen).

 We had the Honken cousins over to play last week! They had a blast and definitely kept Trevin busy!

With cooler weather, we haven't been able to play outside as much, so we've gotten desperate for activities. We're working on the coloring often. Straws through a colander? Why not? And a paper towel tube to put a ball through, yup.

I'm excited to show you our new entryway furniture! The room is finally starting to look complete. We still have trim left and we have to touch up some paint. I had first thought that I was going to put up wanes coating behind the bench, but after looking at it, I think I'm going to paint the wall a chevron pattern on the inside of the shelving unit. Thoughts? (If you are a man, I don't want your input. I'm secretly just wanting everyone to tell me it's a good idea. Women will do that, no problem. Men won't.)

Look who already loves climbing in the cubbies. What a monkey.

 Had a little fun at Aunt Brooke and Uncle Joey's house! Just hanging on a beam! 

 And then we found the kitty. This kid freaks whenever we come across any animal. I don't like animals, maybe I've mentioned this before. We don't have any pets and we won't ever. At least that's my wish. But Trevin loves them. (I'm wondering to myself if you can sponsor a pet. Maybe we can just get a picture in the mail of an animal and send a few bucks and call it good enough? Sounds like a good pet to me. Cue Sarah McLachlan and some sad puppies, "In the arms of an angel, fly away from here!")

Here's a bunch of crazy Germans. That is all. 
So I said to the guy, "I don't even like cheese!"

Stitches came out last Wednesday and now it looks like this:
I haven't been wearing the brace the last few days and I seem to be doing alright. I do manage to over-extend it on accident usually making me cry. But I'm a wimp, so that's not really saying much. It's a pretty sweet scar, if you ask me. Eventually I'm going to have someone ask me what happened to my wrist and I want to have a good story. I've found that "I had a cyst removed," isn't the most rad tale. If you have any suggestions for a thrilling story, I'm all ears.

Last week we got almost 3" of rain, putting a halt to harvest. Thankfully we were able to finish up all of our beans before the rain. James and I took our first official "rain date." Meaning, if it rains, we celebrate and seize the opportunity to be together. We dined at Red Lobster, a first for us both. We tried the crab and lobster. I'm pretty sure we looked like fools trying to eat our food. I was totally clueless on what to do! After we left, I told James that we just jumped up in social class. Sophistication. (But notice James' Duck Commander shirt...that's more like it. HA!)

Rain dance to get rain dates, growing on the farm...