Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just a day in the life, locked in the bathroom.

Let me start by telling you the story of an embarrassing day. The day was yesterday. Trevin and I went to Grand Island for some shopping; nothing like a screaming kid in Wal-Mart. Yeah, that was us. You probably heard us. That wasn't even the most embarrassing part of the day. I think it got third place. While in Grand Island, I purchased some new door knobs for the bathroom doors. I thought that instead of nagging my husband to replace them, I would try and be productive and do it myself. I pulled off the old door knob and when I tried to insert the new parts, some of the screws weren't lining up. So I put the center piece in place and wanted to make sure that the door would latch when closed. Trevin walked out of the bathroom and WITHOUT using any of my brain, I closed the door. Well, guess what? It latched. And I had no knob to turn. I was locked in the bathroom and my 16 month old son was locked out. Talk about panic. I started saying, "Oh no, oh no. OHHH NOO!" I heard Trevin start to whine (Like his scared little innocent whine.) I could see him through the hole and with each second he freaked out a little more, and so did I. I immediately called James. No answer. Called again. No answer. Sent him an emergency text that read, "Call me now!!!!!!!" I tried to calm Trevin down by telling him it was ok. It didn't help. I was half laughing and half crying. (If only he would have been in the bathroom with me, I wouldn't have panicked so much.) He kept giving me a worried look as I peeked my eye through the hole. I tried to think of a plan. My options were kick down the door or jump out the window. I knew that physically I can't kick down a door. Only in my dreams am I that awesome. So I started to look out the window and decided to give James another call. He answered. This was the conversation,
James! I need you to come home right now!
I may have locked myself in the bathroom.
Ok, I'll come in.
And Trevin is on the other side of the door... 
I'll hurry.

He was home within 2 minutes and basically told me to put the door knob peg into the door and turn the handle just like you would normally. Why didn't I think of that? Because I'm a woman. That's why. I'm not being sexist, I'm just stating the truth. We tend to over exaggerate situations of panic and look for the most extreme solution.  Don't try to deny it. Anyways, Trevin and I were reunited and I thanked my husband for being kind and understanding. He didn't laugh at me (to my face), he didn't get mad at me (to my face), and he saved me. You think he's great now? Just wait til you hear what I did next...

Quick side note: I can imagine my Dad's and father-in-law's reactions after hearing this story. Sometimes I feel like such a failure. I mean, I enjoyed school and I did well in all of my classes, but sometimes I suffer majorly in the common sense department. I hope they aren't too embarrassed to call me their daughter.

So the bathroom door knob was really embarrassing, but so is the next story. I bought paint to repaint one bedroom that will eventually be Trevin's when he's grown out of the nursery. The room is currently pink and has wallpaper on 2 walls. (I know that everyone just cringed. No one likes to hear the word "wallpaper." Terrifying.) Anyways, last night, I decided that I was going to start removing the wallpaper. I looked up some good tutorials and started wetting the walls with a fabric softener/hot water mix. It took me 1/2 hour to do a 4 inch circle. It was a slow process. But then I discovered that there were multiple layer of...something. I peeled up the next layer to check it out and amazingly, it started pulling up so easily! Foot long pieces at a time! It was a miracle! Except... I was pulling up the sheet rock or something, I'm still a little fuzzy about the details, but I guess I wasn't supposed to touch it. Friends, family, and everybody else, this is bad. Look at what I've done.

James came home and found me demolishing the room, and I could tell from his face that I probably went a little too far. This was the conversation...
I think I messed up. But (insert a long explanation and excuse as to why i just ripped up the wall.)
Well, you might have taken an extra layer off.
So, what do we do?
I think we will just have to re-sheetrock it. 
I'm so sorry.
It's ok, it's not that bad.
(Exaggerated hand gesture and eye roll.) 
It's that bad. I'm sorry.
I've made mistakes too. 
You are being way too nice to me today. 
He then helped me with the rest of the wall and continued to make me feel better about my mistake. He is the nicest man I have ever met. After a day like yesterday, I am happy to sit and blog today. No house projects for me! I think they are putting in our new front door tonight, I'll make sure that I am FAR away from the action.

Oh just eating a little corn...
Let's talk about Trevin. He has picked up a habit. A bad one. He has started biting his fingernails, something that I know way too much about! (If you know anything about me, you'll know that I've been biting my fingernails since I was 2. I've tried to quit twice in my life. My fingernails are so weak now that I can hardly grow them out even if I try. So, I'm still an avid biter.) He doesn't do it everyday, but I catch him a couple times a week. The key is to break the habit, before it's a habit. I've been trying to keep his nails short and I have been trying not to bite when I'm around him.

He's also become quite the social butterfly. He takes the liberty to say hi to random people in the store or at the restaurant. They will then stop and say hi, and he will start telling them a story. He also tells jokes. He will get serious and say something to you, then suddenly cover his mouth with his hand and giggle. It is priceless. You'd be amazed at how long an adult will stand and listen to a gibberish-talking toddler. They all say the same thing to me, "You've got a little talker!" Yes, trust me, I know.

The beginning of August brought Stockham BBQ time!  It is a glorious time of year.

We had a grand time. I played glow ball Friday night and we enjoyed the BBQ and dance on Saturday.

And of course, lots of pie! I think he ate almost the whole piece. There's fruit in it though, so we're good, right?

We were also able to help the band sing "The Cover of the Rolling Stones" by Dr Hook. It seems to be Stockham's theme song. I've had the privilege of singing this song with a band on stage 3 times over the years. They were all incredible, but this one was certainly special. If you are bummed that you didn't hear it live, you can go to my facebook page and check it out. It was a highlight of the year. Now a little advice for those of you that have never hopped on stage to sing with the band, when you grab the mic, you can't hear yourself sing. So it usually ends up as just a bunch of yelling into the mic. I can only imagine what the lead singer is hearing in his earpiece.

We've started to really clean out our basement in hopes of construction this winter. James found his dad's old bee keeper suit. Watch out bees, this one's got a sting.

School has officially started for most kids. And I am not one of them. Many people have asked me if it feels weird, and honestly, I think it is just now starting to sink in. No more classes, no more expensive books, no more homework, and no more summer break. I'm on summer break for the rest of my life. Mind blown. So far, I love it! But I do miss the reading. I was constantly reading during school, whether it be text books, research information, or a recreational book for in between classes, I filled my brain. I've noticed that I haven't picked up a book since school let out. So that is definitely on my list for fall and winter. Now for all of you that are reading this, but should be doing homework, just know that your day will come. It will all be worth it. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

 The beloved Christian Resource Center lodge has officially been demolished. There is now a huge hole where the basement will be poured. Quite a change in scenery.

How touching is this?!

 I came across this gem. This was James' 17th birthday. We had been dating 1 month.  We were babies.  I can't believe that 6 years have passed since this picture, so glad this man has been by my side the entire time!

And here's us now!

Receiving forgiveness, growing on the farm...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yeah, I make jam in my spare time. That's what's up.

As summer is winding down, I can't help but think about how miserable Nebraska winters are. Talk about depressing. I have forgotten what it is like to wear pants. (Like long pants, not pants in general. I usually do a pretty good job of remembering to put them on for the day.) Unbelievably, I think that I have a lot of laundry now, but just wait until we are all wearing 38 layers of clothing every. single. day.  Ok, it's official. I'm just going to hibernate all winter long. I'll board up the doors and just wait and pray for spring. Yeah, that should be realistic...

4th of July: It's tradition for us to camp in Stockham over 4th of July weekend, but it has started to die over the years for two reasons. #1 The older people that used to camp got, well.....older. And #2 The young people that used to camp had babies.  So we did end up pitching a tent and we stayed in it one night. We chose to leave Trevin inside in a pac-n-play, instead of in the 2-man tent with James and I. That would have been miserable. Anyways, it was a fun weekend just doing nothing. 

So below is Trevin's hilarious trademark face. He started doing this last month and I can't help but laugh every time he does it. We figured out that Ashton and James both make that face to him without realizing it and now he has picked up on it. He has also learned that if he makes this face, he will get everyone to laugh, so he keeps doing it, over and over and over again. I almost get embarrassed when we go out in public and he does it, because I have to explain to people that he is normal. At least as normal as any of my offspring can be.

Stockham had their fireworks show on the 4th and we decided not to let Trevin stay up to watch them that night. Which ended up being a good decision. My sista and brother-in-law, Brooke and Joey, have a huge party every year for the 4th. This year was no different, except for the fact that they got a band!  It was awesome and the fireworks display was one of the best ones I have ever seen or probably will ever see in the future. So incredible. We let Trevin stay up that night and he actually sat with me to watch them! AND he fell asleep in my arms! WHAT?! I know. Forgive his "deer in the headlights" look, the flash was bright. :) 
Trevin was sharing a dance with Grandpa and Grandma! I don't think they minded him cutting in. 

James' sister, Gracia, was back visiting for 4ish days. We loved our time seeing her and realize just how much more we miss her every time she comes back. We were able to have a card night playing games with a bunch of friends, and then had a family afternoon of visiting. And you know what? I failed. I completely failed. I didn't snap a single photo. What was I thinking????????? I have NO idea why I am so scatter-brained sometimes, but it's not ok. Maybe we will just have to go visit her this winter and make up for it. :) 

There's something you need to know about James. He takes a good picture, A good picture out of 20. Unfortunately when we attempted these photos, we only took 19...We missed the winner. He closes his eyes in more pictures than Trevin and I combined. Or he talks, for example, above. I am starting to get more comfortable with photoshop and I actually attempted to photoshop a smile from another picture into this one. He looked so disfigured it was nuts. He told me not to show anyone that picture, and I think I'm ok with that. :) But anyhow, it's whatever. I'll love him anyways! 

In other news, we had our 2nd anniversary! Whoot whoot! I just love him. That's about all I can say. What a great man God has blessed me with. Have you ever eaten at Honest Abe's in Lincoln? Because you need to. It's an awesome burger joint that just opened last year. James and I stumbled on it and were so impressed with the food. (I promise this is relevant.) When James asked me where I wanted to eat for our anniversary, I responded, "Would it be weird if I said Honest Abe's?" So it was a date. I still wanted to wear my new dress, so we dressed up anyways. We went to see a movie, grabbed ice cream, and stayed at a hotel. That's all the details you need....

So my dentist retired. No one really likes going to the dentist, but going to a new dentist is even worse. There's so much pressure riding on the bacteria in your mouth. James has a different dentist than I did. In Omaha. I never understood why they have gone all the way to Omaha for so many years. Somehow he got me talked into it. (The fact that we get to make a trip to Omaha every 6 months and do some shopping, may have been a factor.) As soon as we walked into the office, I felt like I was famous. (Remember, I had never met any of these people before.) They knew my name. (Well I had an appt, so that was obvious.) They knew Trevin. They had a picture of Trevin (from Grandma, of course! :) )  Each and every worker came and introduced themselves to me.  It was like they had been waiting to meet me and the day was finally there. And they knew more about my life than my last dentist did (after seeing me for many years.) I realized why James and his family continue to go there. Paul and Dori (James' parents) have been going there for many years (I think over 30, if I remember correctly.) So now, they're like family to the entire office. They were so welcoming and kind. I can't wait to go back. Kind of. So while I was there, we decided to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm scheduled for early December, but I may change it to January, just because I don't really want to do it. And how am I supposed to enjoy the Christmas season with big holes in my mouth? Getting teeth pulled sounds horrendous. Yikes. 
So, since we were headed to Omaha for our appointment, we decided to take Trevin to the Zoo while we were there. 

I wish I could tell you that the "creatures" below are fake, but frighteningly enough, they are real. As real as you and me. If that doesn't give you the shivers, I don't know what would. 

We only had about an hour and a half for the zoo, which isn't nearly enough, but it was about the limit for Trevin, so it worked out nicely. He liked the fish and the aquarium the best.

Staring at the giraffes. 

Trevin now gives hugs and kisses (on his terms.) I love it. He is also becoming quite the parrot. Repeating things constantly (and not always when I want him to....) His little voice cracks me up. I don't know how my brain will handle it when I actually have to process all of the things he says. I think we're going to have a jabber-box on our hands. 

Random fact: It's BBQ weekend!!!! Can't wait for the festivities to begin tomorrow night in Stockham! Glow-golf, dinner, dance, and much laughter, I'm sure! 

Now's the time where you get really impressed. I made jam. 29 jars of it to be exact. Strawberry-rhubarb, raspberry, and apricot. Every single can sealed. It was a miracle. And now we are stocked up for the year! At least now I have one cool house-wife skill!

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend with some good friends. We were "roughing it." Serious. No electricity, no running water. It was rough. We had so much fun four-wheeling on trails, swimming in the pond, kayaking, and sitting around the camp fire. Oh and shooting guns of course. 

I forgot a big knife to cut the watermelon, so I used James' K-Bar. Hey, it worked!

Love these girls! Yockey's, Held's, and Huenefeld's. What a rowdy bunch! 

One thing we've learned in the last few weeks, Trevin loves sweet corn off the cob. We processed sweet corn last week, (a huge process that James' family has seem to perfected.) We took home 50 bags of corn, enough to last us for the year. Trevin played all day, grabbing another cob out of the tank at every chance he got. I think he had 6 by the end of the day. Sooo, that's not good. 

Trevin has also helps Daddy irrigate from time to time.

And he's always helpful in the garden!

Watermelon is a huge hit, as well!

So I am lucky enough to be taking Ashton's senior pictures. She is stunning and I've had a blast doing them. I'm going to attempt a photographer's blog post, by not talking (or writing), but just letting you enjoy the pictures. Believe me, that won't be easy for me to do. 

Ok, so I'm already interrupting, but check out those freckles!!!

If you recognize this truck as being yours, please accept my thanks for letting us use it. So much thrill in not having permission. EEEKK! (But seriously, trespassing isn't cool.) 

I'm not even close to having them all edited, and we still have more to take! 

James likes to give me a hard time when I'm blogging. I usually have the computer, camera (to upload pictures) and my phone by my side. I also can't carry on a conversation with him when I'm typing. So when I was trying to finish up the post, he brought me the kindle, his phone, the remote, and put the ear muffs on me. He thought it was funny, but I'll be honest with you; that was some of the most productive blogging I've ever done. ;)

Monkeying around, growing on the farm...