Friday, July 5, 2013

Nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey June...

June was a blur. So much, just so much. One week of VBS, 2 weeks of CRC day camp, 3 weddings, a bake sale, a pregnancy celebration for a friend, Father's Day, babysitting, painted the entryway, hosted a progressive supper, gardening, surprise trip to Lincoln with the nephews, many parties to attend, and a lengthy To Do list for CRC. Oh did I mention that I like to see my husband and son, too? I know that I'm just going on and on about being busy, but people, hear me out. This was one of the craziest months of my life. MY LIFE. Yeah. But every second was ridiculously memorable. 

I helped in the kitchen and took pictures for our VBS early in June. It was an incredible week with close to 100 kids attending. It was knight themed, and overall was just a smooth, fun, and exhausting week. Take a look.

We got the first 2 cuttings of hay already. James has been trying to finish putting in pivot wires for other farmers; he's done over 70 this year. Considering he did around 30 last year, he's been swamped. Irrigating has also started, leaving us chained to the farm all the time. The corn and beans are looking awesome, and I think we are harvesting wheat this week. I'm really trying to keep caught up with the farm agenda. Truth is, it's summer and the days of seeing James have mostly come to a halt. He does surprise me every now and then by taking off an evening for supper, or coming home a couple hours early so we can attend an event together. And for that, I am grateful. 

 Ok confession time. I feel like we've been friends long enough that I can trust that you won't judge me after I admit this. Seriously, prepare yourself to love like Jesus. Here it goes... I don't cook. There, I said it. Now you are all thinking, "Oh surely you do. You're just being too hard on yourself, silly!" You don't understand. I don't. My good friends Paige and Jill (SHOUT OUT!) once asked me what we eat if I don't ever cook, thinking that I was exaggerating. I thought for a second and replied, "Well, I guess we eat a lot of eggs." It's true. We do. They still give me a hard time for that. Really though, eggs are good and easy and healthy. C'mon folks, eggs are a super food. We grill fairly often and do sandwiches way too much, so I don't really know if that counts. But back to cooking, I just don't really enjoy it. You see, my mom is a rockstar. She makes pies in her sleep, that's not even a joke. She will go to bed (at 2 AM!) while they are in the oven, and she'll wake up to the timer and take them out and make them look pretty. This weekend, yes 4th of July weekend, she is making 40 pies for a 2-day trap shoot. That wasn't a typo, I said 40! So you'll understand when I say that helping with pies or supper kind of became a chore for Ashton and I. That would be part of our responsibility was to help out with that. (Not saying I did a good job or was always the best help. Or any help, for that matter.) So when you think about it, it makes sense. Not many people enjoy taking out the trash or doing the dishes, am I right? Anyways, I did pretty good cooking meals in May, I was fresh out of college, motivated, and energized. Now I'm busy, burn out, and totally over that. Sorry about it. Most of all, sorry James. 

 Cousin Conlen came to play. They had a great time splashing in the pool, it was a little chilly that day to actually swim, but we had fun!

 Father's Day!

 This is cousin Jackson, and he has a stink eye that could kill. I've captured a glimpse of it here, but don't look directly into his eyes. I take no responsibility for any harm that comes from this; you've been warned. 
 They had a good time playing, and actually seemed to get a long most of the time. 

Sometimes we get so dirty outside that we take a bath in the utility sink. Hey, it works!
And check out that hair!!!! It curls so nice in the back that it doesn't seem that long, but when it's wet....It's a total mullet. What a stud. 

And then it was June 25th. We showed up at the boys' house to take them on an adventure. This was their faces when we got in the car. :) They had zero idea as to where we were going or what we were doing. 

They read the sign on the Lincoln Children's Museum and were excited, but I don't think they knew how much fun they were going to have. 

If you've never been, you have got to go. But you should probably find a child to go with. They might have to keep an eye on you if you show up alone to watch other children. 

 Scott made use of the face painting Q-tips. "What, I'm just cleaning out my ears!" 

Notice, above, the boy behind Scott. He has his face painted as a goatee and drew on some hefty eye brows. He came walking up to us as at this station and I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I genuinely thought he was a midget man. Totally creeped out that he would come up to us and watch us like that, but then I realized it was just a child posing as a man. False alarm, everybody. 

Mug shot!  
Apparently it was a big day for Ashton, went to jail and had a baby! Posting bail and having delivery charges...whew that's rough on the bank account. 

We stopped at Five Guys for lunch. They loved it. 

And for the finale, we went laser tagging. Definitely the highlight of the day. We all had so much fun. It was Scott and Billy's first time, and I think we could have gone for hours. We played for 1/2 hour, four 6 minute sessions with breaks in between. The first 2 sessions it was just the four of us. For the last 2 sessions, two other girls joined in the game. They were maybe 12 or 13. We ganged up on them and crushed them. It was heroic. The last game we played free-for-all, I didn't want those girls to leave crying. Overall it was such a great day. I'm not sure who had more fun, Scott and Billy, or Ashton and I. 

Trevin is doing things all the time. He doesn't slow down. I see other mommy's cuddle with their children on their lap for multiple minutes, and I think to myself, "Why not me?!" Nope we just play chase. Which is great. But. Ok the first hour is great, but it's the next 23 that get me.  

So he's been doing sign language for "please." I've tried to teach him "thank you," but the first time I took his hand to do it, he got his finger up close to his nose. He immediately tried sticking his finger up his nose. And now, anytime I can actually get him to try saying "thank you," he automatically sticks his finger in his nose. My son shows his gratitude by being a nose-picker. People, this is my life. 

Trevin got to ride his first carnival rides last weekend at the Sutton Dug Out Days. He was not too sure about any of the rides, but we managed to get a smile out of him eventually.

This ride is not made for big kids. I have bruises from the bar over my legs. Probably not ever again. Until next year.

Please notice my precious son, below. He is praying for their safety. WHAT A DOLL. I think I'm in love. 

He wasn't too sure about the train ride with Ashton. I'm pretty sure he was afraid of the pot-head carny running the ride. That man was a happy man. "Choo, Choo, All Aboard!" He was great with the kids........ Oh brother. 

James insisted that I get a picture of this grotty monkey. Yikes.
(And who knew that 'grotty' was spelled like that. I had to look it up because apparently I've been spelling 'grody' wrong for years. And trust me, I've probably wrote the word more than most human beings.) 

And then the parade...

I've had a lot people ask me about what I actually do for CRC. So here's my version of my job description. I do mostly secretary or office work, including making lots of calls. Some calls to parents for camp jobs like driving or craft help, or to staff to work out schedules. I also ordered t-shirts for the camps and made up name tags for all the campers. I've picked up random things at the store from time to time, too. They are currently trying to gather addresses of Travel Camp parents and also former TCers. I've spent many hours compiling lists and cross-referencing them. A big part of what I've done so far is making flyers for all sorts of things and mailing them out. I also went on as staff for the Jr. Hi Day camp a couple weeks back. I subbed this week for the elementary camp, as well. The weekend after Jr Hi, Paul and Kathy's daughter, Natalie, got married at CRC. Kathy ended up taking the last couple days of camp off, to see family and get the final preparations completed. This left me as the lead lady at camp. It was a lot of my responsibility to make sure everyone was where they needed to be and we didn't leave anyone behind on the traveling days. I'm not currently doing the bookwork for CRC, they already have someone on the job. I've a grand ol' time helping out. Couldn't ask for nicer people to work with and for. 

What a stud.

Eating a lot of sandwiches, growing on the farm...