Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The party's over

Hello friends. I'm writing from the lab at school. Weird, right? Well I'm down to 2 classes, 2 days, and 2 presentations left.  But I'm stuck on campus until my group meets to work on our powerpoint, so I thought I could fill my time by updating. I really thought that by now, I would do a much better job at regular updates, but it seems like each post is just as long, if not longer than the last! Once again, here's a big'n.

James and I were able to attend Family Life's Weekend to Remember conference in Omaha in March. For those that don't know, it's a christian marriage conference. We were excited about it, but really felt like we had a great marriage already, so we were interested to find out what God had in store for those 3 days. This was also our first time actually leaving Trevin. It was so so so so so so hard. I bawled the night before telling James that I didn't want to go. I begged him to let us stay. I didn't think I was ready to leave Trevin yet. James convinced me otherwise and we sucked it up. I teared up as we drove away, but I'm very glad we went. 

We got to stay at the Hilton downtown. It was a blast. We knew two other couples at the conference and it was great catching up with them. The conference itself was amazing. James and I resolved issues that we didn't even realize were there. We received so much advice and learned a lot. We brought home a couple of resources to keep our marriage growing. 
On our "date night" we went to the Cheesecake Factory and treated ourselves to a great evening. It ended with a stop at Trader Joes for some breakfast for the next morning, which turned into a funny story. We looked for a parking spot and found one right up front, but the car on the right side parked on the line for no apparent reason. Well James pulled in and I shimmied out of the door because we were pretty close. We went browsing and as we were checking out I heard a lady say something about a Tahoe out front. I looked and James, but he didn't hear it, so we continued and went to the car. We hopped into the car and a larger woman came up to James' door and knocked on the window. She said that she was parked next to us and she had tried paging us in the store. (Really didn't hear it over the speaker) She then asked that we do a better job parking next time. (At this point I tried my best not to laugh, because she had parked embarrassingly and then thought it be a good idea to come tell us to do a better job.) Anyways, she said I must be a toothpick because she couldn't fit in her door. James stayed totally calm but I was deciding whether to laugh again or be completely frustrated. Seriously lady? As we drove away, I told James that I was so happy to be leaving the city the next day. And I was. 3 days of city was enough for this country couple! 

So the first night James and I were doing a mini project thing (you go over questions together and get good conversation started) Anyways, the elevators were packed because the conference had just gotten out. So we decided to go to the lobby to wait out the lines. As we are sitting there I look up and I saw a lady taking a picture with a bearded man. I said "James look!" And there he was. Mountain Man. James doubted at first. But after a little persuasion. He believed. I said lets go get a picture. Once again, James was tentative. I knew that if we passed up this opportunity we would never forgive ourselves. So, we chased him down. This is what happened:
Chase from behind, while telling James to get his phone out. I catch him, tap him on the shoulder and ask, "Would you happen to be Mountain Man?" Then, he turned. Looked me in the eyes. And time stopped. 
Well at least it seemed to have sllllloowed down. (HA!) 
He said, "Yeahhhhh." I asked if we could get a picture. He replied, "Wellll, I just got off ssssstage. I was up there ffffffor 4 1/2 hourssss. I'm pretty tireddddd. It's got to be quickkkk. People willlll start to flockkkkk." I tried to crack a joke, "On stage? For your comedy act?" He must not have heard because he didn't reply to that one... haha. His security guy snapped the photo and we thanked him.
It. was. glorious. :) 

Trevin just loves to lift up James' shirt and poke his belly button, but he also started giving raspberries! I laugh so much at this kid. I never thought that someone with a 5 word vocabulary could make me laugh more than any comedian on earth.
I've been enjoying the days at home with Trevin. School was hectic for a week or two, but it has really slowed way down and I've just got to love on this little man. We are so desperate for nice weather so we can go for lots of walks and swing, garden, and mow the lawn. He loves being outside and I'm glad to take him!
Almost every Thursday, my mom, her sisters, and my cousins all get together at my grandma's house to...well...just get together! Anyways, we brought the pack-n-play so Trev could nap and when I went to check on him, this is how I found him. (If you can't tell, he's sitting and laying his head on his legs.) So of course I took a picture. :)  It looked super painful and my legs were falling asleep just watching. Don't worry, to his protest, I laid him down normally.
One day Trevin was having a hard time going down for his nap, I could hear him talking/fussing through the monitor for 1/2 hour. I went in to check on him and he had pulled his socks off (not abnormal) and his pants were off. I have never wished more that we would have a video monitor because I would have liked to see that! His pants and socks were thrown out of his crib and he was just hanging out. I couldn't help but laugh!
This was the first really nice day of the year so we let him explore in the dirt. He was thrilled. By the way, the picture below is what Trevin wears (almost) every day that James dresses him. The Duck Dynasty "Happy Happy Happy" shirt, with camo pants. The pants are starting to get a hole in them. He's worn them for maybe 2 months... You get my point.

Nope, that's not lipstick. It's blush. He's still a little confused about what area of makeup goes where... I'm sure he'll learn eventually, but hopefully he never gets it, if you know what I mean. The bathroom is still the hot spot, he loves the tub, toilet and my makeup. He actually threw his toothbrush, washcloth, and teething gel in the toilet. When I found him, he was swirling it all around. Totally covered in toilet water that was now turning blue, because of the gel. So scary, toilets are no good. But I can laugh about it now. He also loves the trash can. Why? Well, what's to love about banana peels, dirty diapers, crumbs, and really old leftovers? Seriously, tell me if you know, because I got nothing.
Oh and we've figured out how to open the wipies. And pull them ALL out. For the love.... He's getting smarter every day and my patience is getting thinner every day. Thankfully he's sleeping about 12 hours a night, so at least I get to refresh before the next day.
We went to Aunt Ashton's track meet. It was fun watching her. I haven't been able to make it to as many meets as I've wanted, but I was thankful for a nice day to go. We did a lot of stroller rides, because apparently sitting on metal bleachers for hours isn't fun or entertaining for a 1-year-old. Who knew?
Probably the biggest news--Trevin is walking and sometimes running. It went so fast. He went from 3 steps to 7 steps to across the room and now, there's nothing stopping him. He seems so much happier that he can get around faster and easier. It's really fun to see him twaddle around. So cute but so tiring!
He's now saying mama, dada, baby, moo, and hi. And he's been trying to say other words like bird and fish. But mostly just motor noises!
Trevin loves to eat. Trevin loves to eat apples. Trevin loves to eat Dad's apple. He is famous for snatching it right out of Dad's hands and gnawing on it. Or trying to eat it right out of James' mouth, literally out of his mouth. Crazy kid.

My favorite James quote of the month: "There's something about sweat pants, rednecks, and farts.  It's all at Walmart."

So Easter happened this year! And it was Trevin's first! If you remember, last year I went into (false) labor on Easter morning. So he almost made in time for last year, but he decided to wait another week.
Trevin liked the eggs. He actually put some in his basket. But he wasn't too sure about the Easter bunny... :)

We had a lot of events for Easter. The 3 egg hunts, James' immediate family dinner, Huenefeld dinner, Kliewer dinner, and Nuss dinner.
Trevin had fun with Bapa Paul! He's such a tease! :)

Caleb's birthday was right before Easter so we celebrated with cake!
Ron and Marilynn (James' aunt and uncle that live in Illinois) were back to visit!
Huenefeld Easter egg hunt. So many littles. Trevin didn't cooperate so well with the photos... Where ya going?

It was fun helping him get the eggs. He was starting to get it figured out.

He kept putting them in and taking them out, then in, then out.
Well this egg hunt was a flop. The gravel was too much fun!
Progress continues in the entry way! Trevin was watching with a critiquing eye. Almost ready to paint. Next step will be new door and fixtures, then starting on the bench and shelving.
Always living on the edge. I am shocked that we haven't had a ER visit yet. We've had some close calls by the brick fireplace. Speaking of that I was going to pick up bumpers for that today. Help me remember, ok?
Such a goofy boy.
One Thursday at my grandma's house, we had all of the great-grands (minus those in school for the day). So we had to get a picture. I'm pretty sure the adults were outnumbered. It was some fun chaos. The most recent edition was napping, so we actually had one more there!
Trevin was fighting the bad guys with his lightsaber, and the duck of course.

Part of the reason that this post is so late is because Trevin came down with nasty cold a couple weeks ago and then gave it to me. Severe headaches, cough, constant runny nose, and earaches. And it took almost 2 weeks to get over it. It was awful. I had to cancel on a bunch of fun things, but I didn't want to expose anyone. There were a lot of couch days in that dark time.

So we had no idea what to get Trevin for his birthday, so I went to pinterest. I found an awesome busy board and we decided to take it on. James was a huge help. We pained it and then added all the hardware.
It had locks, doorknob, switches, wheels, clasps, flaps, and I don't even know what the other stuff was called. It turned out pretty awesome and I was going to stencil some words at the top, haven't gotten to that yet... But I was still proud that we finished it and Trevin loves it.

My baby sis went to her first prom! Unfortunately my cousin got married on the same day so this was the only thing I got to take part in. She was so beautiful and it sounded like she had a lot of fun.

Those curls! :)

And then it was April 14th. The most awaited day of the year. A day to be talked about for centuries to come. A day... okay, not really that legendary, but it was pretty awesome! Trevin's first birthday had arrived. Crazy how time flies. But I'm SOOOO thankful that it was 4-14-13 instead of 4-14-12....Let's just say, I'm in much better shape this year...
I did a timeline banner from 1 month to 11 months. It is actually still hanging up. It's just fun to look at. Who knows how long it will take me to actually get it down.
James' aunt Linda makes customized bibs for all the grand-nieces and nephews. It was an original drawing by Carson, we felt pretty special. And it's so stinkin' adorable, that I decided to have it framed. And yes, it's still sitting on the windowsill.
Almost all of my and James' immediate family was able to come. Minus Gracia and Heidi & family. It made for a full house, but the kiddos had a blast together.
Trevin got a Radio Flyer wagon from my family and all sorts of books, clothes, puzzles, and toys from everyone else! It's been nice having a few new toys around to keep this busy body occupied.
Check out that awesome board! I wonder where you can buy that?! ----- Yup, I'm really proud of it.
So I didn't feel too motivated to attempt to bake a cake that tastes half-ways decent, decorate it and not make it look pathetic, and live the rest of my life. So, Hyvee helped this girl out. It was delicious, looked awesome, and zero hassle for me! :) Only one complaint, they put the dot of the "i" over the "v" (see the white spot?) It looked like it was misspelled, but it was a quick fix. James panicked a little because he picked it up and the whole way home he was thinking it was misspelled. Note: the tractor, fence, and trees were not edible. Although that would have been awesome.
So we may have mooched some free entertainment off of J.T. Everybody loves magic! He had quite the crowd!
Just going to brag on my brother and his adorable girl friend, Kristin. They rock. And that's my dad. He's awesome, too. My whole family is awesome. I'm glad most people have not met my entire family, because jealousy would arise rather quickly. So glad they're all mine!
Brookey was such a great birthday play-mate! She spoils him awful. It's so fun to watch.
And this was the kids' table. Bird beaks from party hats? Oh yeah! The giggles that emerged from this room were remarkable.
This was Trev's smash cake. Did not go as expected, but still hilarious. I don't think that he was hungry, so he really just played in it.

We were trying to get him to feed Billy. He wouldn't.

He started spreading it all over the bottom of the high chair and on his diaper. He might be a bit strange.  But hey, whatever.  Overall, the party was a success and it's so hard for me to believe that my baby is 1!

After all the naughty things he's learning, I just look at a picture like this and say, "but he's just so perfect." And then I want to cry. I'm really tearing up, in the computer lab. There is nothing like calling a baby your own. I've got to stop thinking about his first day of kindergarten, his first major disappointment, his graduation, and leaving for college. I've got to stop thinking about years down the road, when he comes home and hugs me as a grown man. Heaven forbid I think about his wedding, about putting him in someone else's care. Or the day he becomes a dad and I see those big brown eyes tear up so genuinely. I just can't think about those things right now, because I have a little boy, so precious and so innocent, that I need to love to pieces. I need to mold him and shape him into the man that I dream he will someday be. I need to cherish every single moment that I'm blessed with to be his mom. I'm excited to tell him about Jesus' love and I pray for that moment of acceptace to come honestly and passionately. All of the things I want for this boy starts with loving him today. And he's really easy to love.

Time keeps on passing, growing on the farm...