Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Say Cheese!

I received a good chunk of change from the college a couple weeks back; it was leftover grant and scholarship money. I decided that I wanted to upgrade to a new camera and hopefully purchase my first sewing machine. I ordered a Nikon D7000. It is way beyond my ability right now, but I hope to learn a lot in the next year. I've been so impressed with it's quality already, I can't wait to dive in and pick up new tricks. Trevin has become my model. I think he's gotten used to the constant flash in his face. :) He's been a goods sport. (Oh and the bruise is from falling into the kitchen cupboard handle.)

I'd like to say he gets his silliness from his dad, but I don't think anyone would believe that... 

But he certainly gets his good looks from Dad! 

 I almost can't take this. That round face gets me every time.

...and the drool. :)

So our plan for the winter was to start construction for the basement, but that is being put on hold and we decided on a smaller project. First, the front entry way. Now this was, by no means, the room most needing updated, but I thought that it would be a nice, easy one to start with. All I wanted to do was turn the closet into a nice seating area, yet somehow it has turned into a huge project, once again. James started by pulling out the front walls of the closet, on each side and on the top. Well when we, I mean he, did this there was no linoleum underneath where the wall was, but we found this gorgeous wood floor. 
This gave us a couple options. 
#1 Find more linoleum and patch up the space. 
#2 Just cover it up on both sides with a bench, shelves, etc.
#3 Pull up the linoleum and refinish the wood floor.

Original entry. 

And.....this is what happened. 
 It's in need of some extreme sanding, but I think we can make it look beautiful (with the help of professionals that do this for a living.) Well, when we got it all pulled up we found that hundreds of staples had been used to keep everything in place. So our next step is to pull all of them out. There's probably at least 300. That's not even the worst part. The staples break in half really easily. This leaves lethal spikes all over the floor. I'll be glad when this step is over with. Anyways, I'll keep you updated on the progress as it comes.

Our church rents out the Leadership Center every year for the Super Bowl. This usually consists of swimming, basketball, ping pong, game on a big screen, board games, and way too much food. This year was no different. Trevin was finally able to get in a real pool for the first time.

 He loved to splash. I had so much water in my eyes.

 And after playing hard, he crashed. 

Still no walking or talking, but today he learned how to spit food out. This momma was not impressed.

Trevin turns 10 months old on Valentine's Day, I'll turn 20 and James will turn 22 1/2 on Monday. Where has the time gone? What a crazy busy time. School is going well, over 1/4 of the way done with the semester. Hopefully the next 3/4 goes just as fast.

One year older, growing on the farm...