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If only I was a stuffed moose...

Oh my lanta, it has been too long. I had been prepared to update about a month ago and then it happened.... we started the crawl.  Monday, November 19th started off like any other day, Trev and I got up and ate breakfast, and began to play.  He kept pushing up on all fours and really seemed eager so I moved his toy a few feet away and that was all it took.  He put one hand in front of the other and started to move.  Of course, he was sooo wobbly. His lack of coordination was adorable. I was so thrilled and gleaming of pride for my sweet baby. I think all we did for the next week was simply watch him. Exactly a week later he had improved so much that he required full on attention.  He was a-movin.  Cords were hidden, decorations put up, gates in tact, and Mom lost her mind. One of those first days, I had Trev at home while I was trying to finish up some urgent school work.  We locked ourselves in the office and I 'attempted' to get something done.  Before I knew it, the trash was dumped over and he was  thrashing around in it.  I didn't get much accomplished that day...  Since then he has only gotten faster and smarter.  It has been entertaining!  He absolutely loves cords.  He has also tried to climb up the brick fireplace hearth.  We have since tried to keep sleeping bags around the ledge so that it doesn't look as interesting.  That has helped keep him away.  It seems like we have a lot more messes now that he crawls. He finds so many things to scatter around! :) 

***I found some pictures on James' phone, so there are some flashbacks!
Trevin's first solo ride with Dad in the tractor for a few hours. 

Trying to remember what the last 2 months have brought... Obviously, crawling... He turns 8 months old tomorrow. He's eating a lot of new foods and starting to get more from my plate.  He likes everything! He loves to eat new foods and is doing pretty good at feeding himself with finger foods.  We have somewhat started a sippy cup. He really hasn't taken to it much.  He prefers drinking from a cup.  I originally started him with water in the sippy, but he didn't even give it the time of day.  Then I put juice in it, thinking that it would be much more enticing, nope.  He doesn't really care for it.  He drinks anything out of a cup if I let him, but the sippy thing isn't quite there yet.  He plays with it more (like the picture) than he uses it.  He still gets a couple bottles, one right away in the morning, usually one in the afternoon, and one before bed.

Trevin got his top tooth in 2 weeks ago and the other one is probably coming soon.  That's 3 official teeth now! He is getting closer to walking, it will probably be a few months yet (hopefully!!!)  He does great in his walker and can get going pretty fast.  He loves walking with your hands and pulls himself up to things now, so it may not be long before he is shimmying around furniture.  He still loves taking baths.  It's hard to get him out. Last night we let him sit in the big tub for the first time and he got to splash and play.  We even had the shower head on for a little bit and he loved it! It was precious.  Say goodbye to one more baby item! 

My camera has a light that blinks before taking the picture,
so now he just squints when he sees the light so that he's
prepared for the flash. 

At the beginning of November I had all of the Kliewer women over to my house for Bunco night.  We do it annually, and I believe this was the 8th year.  It was a blast! The theme was Farm and we had a great time. James took Trevin for the evening to his parents and they stayed the night there.  That was my first night away from my little man.  It didn't phase me too much because we were pretty caught up in the party and he came back right away in the morning.  But we got that 'first night' out of the way!

Trevin had his first Halloween this year! It wasn't much, really.  We just went to Stockham and hit 3 houses maybe? Which was ok! All of the candy he got, went to Mom and Dad anyway, so we didn't need too bring home a big bag stuffed full. But it was fun to see him all dressed up. He wasn't too sure about his hot dog costume. He hates hats so that hood didn't stay up for long.

This was from the State Fair in September.
Trevin has started giving hugs and kisses, which is just so sweet! He is not a cuddly baby at all! So when he does give hugs and kisses it just makes me melt.  His hugs are short and his kisses are with a big open mouth, usually right on your chin.  But I'll take what I can get! :)  He also has started walking up you when holding him.  He plants his feet on your stomach and starts to climb or just push away.  Makes it hard to hold onto him. He also likes to sleep with his stuffed moose and his blanket.  He cuddles them at every nap and night. I am jealous of that moose...

We see this face way
too often!
Since he has started crawling we have had a few owies. The corners of our brick hearth are wood blocks that come off, so that it is more forgiving if you fall into it.  Well, for a while Trevin would try to climb up right on the wood, and before I caught him one day, he had put all his weight on it and the block came up and hit him in the face. It caught his lip and it bled for a little while, but it has healed nicely and there haven't been any trips to the ER, yet.... He has also started exercising his attitude.  When we tell him 'no' or take something away, he gets mad. Sometimes he screams and throws himself back on the floor, hitting his head in the process, and then sits up and does it again.  He is a ball of fire sometimes. But such an angel! :) As much as I am deathly afraid of this child as a toddler, he is so precious to me and I wouldn't change him. Hopefully his strong will can be turned into great motivation when he's older.  He is so determined and curious, when trying to figure out a toy, or how to get past the gate, he just won't quit.  He has great focus.

In late October we took antiquities pictures.  They were Trevin's 6 month photos and they turned out great.  Cousins Jackson, Scott and Billy also took them so we got a few together!  I don't have the ones with Jackson yet, but the ones of just Trevin are on facebook.

As of Tuesday, I am finished for this semester of schooling.  I am one semester away from graduating with my Associates degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.  I am so excited to be so close! I have learned a lot that I will be able to use here on the farm.  Starting January 7th, I will go over to G.I. every Monday and Wednesday for 2 classes, and the other 3 will be online.  My mom and James' mom will continue to watch him each week to make that possible.  I found out that my first class starts at 8:00, I realized I would have to leave home before 7:30, which isn't a big deal, but to get a baby out of the house and delivered by then is! I was expressing this to James when he said, "How about I just stay home with him every Monday and Wednesday morning until someone can pick him up."  I was very appreciative of his offer, but I reminded him that my semester won't finish until May, meaning we'd be into planting season. His reply was, "But isn't parenthood about give and take?"  I was so impressed by his genuine heart. Since Trevin has been born, it's been hard for him to balance work and home.  He's been trying, but still feels like he hasn't found the middle-ground where he wants to be.  When he said this, I was fully aware of how much he is trying. He's doing what he can to make sure that I can finish what I started.  I have much to be thankful for.

Driving the tractor with emotion! :)

We are planning a trip to Illinois in a few weeks.  We will be going to a suburb of Chicago, where James' relatives live.  I have met them many times, but haven't ever been out to their home. We plan to leave December 29th, or 30th. It is about a 10 hour drive...yes we are driving... We are going to take 2 days to get down there, stop in the middle somewhere and enjoy our little time away.  We will spend New Year's there, which I'm really excited about!  Hopefully we can make it downtown to do some touring, (not the prime time of year, but oh well!) I think we will do some ice skating at Millennium Park and check out the aquarium and Navy Pier, but mostly we will just enjoy family and getting to spend some time away from the farm. We will probably leave for home January 4th early in the morning and attempt to 1-day it all the way. We aren't sure how Trevin will do, but that's why we are so flexible with the time and events.  The more you try to plan and be in control the whole trip, the more disappointed you will be. :)  Anyways, I promise you pictures upon our return! 

 Family Christmas picture time again! We gained a few since last year! :)

Each year Sutton does a parade of lights in December.  It's been a tradition to attend. We had a lot of fun and Trevin got to take it all in!

We are so excited for Trevin's first Christmas.  He is so curious about the new items in the house.  Everyone asks about the tree.  He does leave it alone for the most part.  When he does crawl over to it, he mainly just touches, and not pulls. So far, he's been good.  I'm just waiting for the day that he pulls it over on himself.  I'm sure it's coming.  He is also interested in the gifts under the tree. He likes to scratch the boxes and bang on them. It will be fun to see him attempt to open them. 

He is a busy one, certainly keeps us on our toes!

Oh and I've been working on my photography skills. Here is my most recent art.  Enjoy!  :P

Have a Merry Christmas! 

A year of firsts, growing on the farm...