Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Show me those pearly whites.

That's right. Trevin's first  2 teeth have made an appearance.  The bottom right came in on 9-24 and the bottom left came in week later.  They are growing each day it seem like.  I've learned the hard way a few times that he knows how to bite now.

These babes are all of the babies born this year in the Nuss family (my mom's side.) It was fun to have them all together for a play date. From left to right, Harpreet, Louie, Trevin, and Benson. 

Trevin has started to hold his bottle.  He likes to help, but still hasn't figured it out completely.  His hand-eye coordination isn't quite there yet.  He usually ends up looking like this picture below when I let him hold it himself.  

So hard to get a picture of his teeth!

My boys! Love them!

I went to Aurora's homecoming game a couple weeks ago.  It's hard to believe that it's been two years since I was standing on the field.  It brought back some great memories, but it made me realize how great my life is now, and there's no way I would ever go back.

He keeps us entertained for sure. :)
We have officially finished harvesting! Yay! Although we are done, it doesn't mean James is.  He is helping out some neighbors finish up.  Looking forward to the winter season which brings shorter hours. School is going by rather fast, surprisingly.  I'm already half way through the semester, which is amazing.  I'm staying caught up pretty well.  Hoping that the rest of the semester goes just as smooth!

He's got a buddy.

Last week I read through my entire blog.  WOW. What a year! There were so many things that I had already forgotten.  I found myself actually laughing out loud, bawling my eyes out, and everything in between.  Such an emotional story. Sometimes it is still hard to believe that it is MY story.  I absolutely love this life God has me in, and it grows with each day. 

 Fall pictures with the cousins.  Trevin sat in the leaves for 10 seconds and then was done.  Scott and Billy were trying to stay calm while Trevin screamed. HA! 

 On house news, we purchased new furniture, a couch and rocker-recliner, and a washer and dryer.  So we are set when our temporary furniture is taken.  It feels good to have it taken care of and out of mind! I was also able to catch up on some do-it-yourself projects today that have been on the list for many months. James was able to help me out and manage Trevin, and help with some of the power tools when needed. :) He's a good man.  It was nice having him around for a few hours just for fun.

Trevin celebrated his first 1/2 birthday on Sunday.  He's a whole 6 months young.  So unbelievable. Where has the time gone? He has started to sit on his own too! He does really well, except when he gets excited, then he topples over. :) 

Sitting in the office for multiple hours in a day has been affecting my tailbone again.  I got an X-ray last week to see if we could identify the problem. The doctor said it was hard to tell, but I may have a fracture in my tailbone, causing the issues that I've had.  His advice: don't sit on hard chairs, stand whenever possible, and carry a pillow. Unfortunately its a slow going recovery.  Just praying that it will one day heal completely.
Having fun with Aunt Ashton!

Another harvest finishes, growing on the farm...