Monday, September 10, 2012

5 months later!

Memorial Day wore this baby out! 

First time in the big boy swing!

James and I picked peaches off of a neighbor's tree (with their permission, of course!) one Sunday afternoon.  We had close to 65 lbs of peaches! I had no idea what to do with them all, but James did. He wanted to dry as many as we could.  So we washed, cut, soaked, and placed them on the trays.  Believe it or not, we ran out of trays.  We had 11 trays full of peaches, and James would eat them just as fast as they could dry.  :) We managed to save a few bags worth for the freezer.  With the extra peaches that we didn't dry, we covered in honey and put them in the freezer.  It will be so worth the work when we can have fresh peaches in the winter! 

Hard at work. 
Trevin couldn't just sit back and watch, he wanted some peaches!

The finished product!
Note the few missing already!

I laid Trevin down for a nap at my parent's house not too long ago, and I was surprised by how much he can roll.  I put him on a blanket on their floor in the middle of the room.  He always fusses before he goes down, and about 3 minutes after I laid him down, he started crying harder than he was before.  I went in and checked on him and he was up against the wall! This was over 6 feet away from where I laid him! What a stinker! :)  

Here's what is new: 
--He is fake coughing, or at least it sounds fake and dramatic.  It is hysterical. 
--He has learned to make motor noises with his mouth, and he loves to do it when he's eating food.  It usually ends up spraying all over Mom and the highchair.  
--He moans when he eats, yes, it is that good!
--He likes to hear himself, too.  He yells. Not because he's upset, or needing something, he just likes to yell.  It's great! 
--He also has started staring at his hands, like he's just realizing that they are his.  He holds them up to his face and stares in amazement! It's cute. 
--He chews on his toes.
--He's learned that he can shake his head back and forth, as if saying no.  He'll do it for up to 10 seconds at a time, just shaking as fast as he can back and forth. :) 
This little man is revealing his personality each and every day. I think we're still  working on teeth, although, nothing has poked through yet. Just fussy, drooling, and chewing! 

Trevin is starting the first stages of crawling.  He is able to push up on his knees.  Sometimes he can actually scoot a little bit, but most of the time he just flops back down.  Once he figures out his arms, there will be no turning back.  I'm SO NOT ready for a mobile baby.  The house is not baby-proof at all. Yikes.  Well, the pac-n-play will be very useful in the time to come! :)  Trevin turns 5 months this week.  It makes me want to cry. 4 months still sounds like a little baby, but 5 months... Oh man. 

This last week Trevin has woke up in the middle of the night every night, sometimes more than once.  I really can't complain, but we were so spoiled for such a long time! C'mon Trev! Give us a full night! We miss it! :) 

We took our first ride in the combine tonight and Trevin cried.  I hope James doesn't think that is a sign... It's such a great feeling seeing the first crop being harvested.  It brings a sense of excitement, relief and stress. This is my first harvest as mom, and my second as wife.  I'm asking God to give me strength through this season, but more importantly we're thanking Him for his provisions. What a gracious God we serve!

And this is what it's like in real life...
I'm sure James will be impressed that I'm sharing this.
Love my family, even if we're a little crazy! :)

Living the dream, growing on the farm...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Give me some real food.

Oh the changes that are taking place! For starters, Trevin is eating food!  Just for laughs I tried giving him some cereal (baby cereal, that is) a couple weeks ago.  He had just turned 4 months so I expected it to be a major flop.  Well, it wasn't.  He figured it out so fast! That first meal, he was able to get most of it in his tummy, and not all over his face.  He loved it!  He had started to pay attention to food when James and I ate, so I thought we would just roll with it.  He gets two "meals" a day, around noon and supper time.  So far, he's liked everything I've given him.  Yes, even the green beans. :)  What a good boy.  He now thinks that anything that goes into my mouth, should go into his. Sorry, bud.

I believe that Trevin is starting to work on some teeth.  He's been drooling like crazy for weeks, and he tries to chew on anything he can get his hands on.  But the last couple days, he's been a bit more fussy. And I think I'm starting to feel some bumps on his gums.  Oh joy.  I'll be glad when this is over with! 

Also a week ago, (8-25) he rolled from his back to his tummy, and he hasn't looked back since.  He's a rolling machine.  Unless there's an audience...then he freezes and pretends he doesn't know how.  It can be a chore trying to change his diaper sometimes when he thinks he needs to be on his tummy.  He also is rolling in his sleep.  We find him on his tummy, on his back, on his side, and that's just during one nap! 

I've started my fall semester of classes, that is part of the reason it's taken me a while to update. It is going alright.  A little crazy at times, but we're managing so far.  Trevin's grandmas have been pitching in to make life a little easier for me.  I'm able to get a good couple days of school work in without interruption.  On the days I have him, and it's crucial for me to get something done, he's cooperated.  We were given a johnny jumper from James' sister, Bethany.  And we are soooooo thankful for it! He jumps and jumps in that thing.  And it works perfectly in the office so I can keep and eye on him while I'm on the computer.  I'm nervous about next semester, since I will be traveling to GI twice a week for classes.  But, that's a long way off and life will be much different by then! We'll probably have a boy walking around!

I took a sigh of relief when James announced last week that they were done irrigating.  I'm so thankful that we live in NE where we have the ability to irrigate, but it gets to be too much for too long.  Now we have a short break before harvesting.  But by break, I mean, lets build 5 pipe trailers, plant alfalfa, service the combine, and who knows what else.  And James said that the popcorn looks like it could be ready to go next week already.  May this be a fast and smooth harvest for this farmer's wife!  I've never looked forward to winter so much, but I'm ready to see my husband. :) 

We did make it to the state fair last Thursday.  Trevin loved being outside, (even if it was 90 degrees).  He was so good for us all day.  As we pulled out of our driveway I realized I left the camera, James said that he would take pictures with his phone, and you know what? I believed him. :(   We got one picture.  Trevin (and Dad's) first state fair, and I failed. haha oh well, there's always next year! I went back last night to see the one and only, Steve Miller Band.  They have been a favorite of mine since I could talk.  It's been a lifelong dream to see them in concert, before THEY die... They were famous in the 70's... I know, I know, it wasn't that long ago for some people, but for me it was. Anyways, it was amazing! So glad I was able to go.  That meant that James played housewife yesterday, and he did a fabulous job! Trevin had a blast hanging out with Dad all day.

Trevin will be 5 months old in another week.  SO CRAZY!!! It is unbelievable how fast the time has gone.  Although, it feels like Trevin has always been part of our family. It is almost unfair at how fast they change and grow.  We hardly get used to a stage, before it's gone. Gone are the days of a sleepy newborn, gone are the days of that tiny innocent cry and changing 6 dirty diapers a day. (Ok, that last one isn't so hard to watch leave...)  Gone are so many adorable clothes that fit him for such a short time. Gone are the chances of him being in the same position in the morning that he was in the night before. Gone is the baby that would actually cuddle with momma.  It's all gone.  I absolutely love this stage he's in now, but I will certainly miss my little man being, well, little.  

Trevin's first Husker game day! GBR!!!

Trevin's balance is getting really good.
 He stands up next to things really well,
and he's started pushing up on his knees getting
ready to crawl!

The boys hanging out the their grandmas!

Trevin and Louie "playing" together.

Sleepy baby. 

All geared up for the Husker game!

Eating REAL food, growing on the farm...