Monday, August 13, 2012

He has a laugh!

Trevin is coming up on four months.  So crazy how fast it has gone.  He's weighing in at 15 1/2 lbs, and growing bigger every day.  He's getting closer to sitting up on his own.  His balanced has improved tremendously and he'll be walking before we know it! And since the last blog, Trevin has rolled twice.

Trevin doesn't like taking pictures with me...
My high school friend, Alyssa, came over to visit one day last week and I laid Trevin on the floor on his tummy and said, "Now, why don't you show her how you roll, since you won't show the rest of us."  I then turned around and started walking to the kitchen as I hear Alyssa say those unforgettable words, "Oh, there he goes."  By the time I turned around, he was already on his back.  I couldn't believe it! it had been over a week since he'd done it, and just like that, as I look away, he does it! Well, I tried to have him do it again, and...nothing.  Not until yesterday morning.  He rolled one time for us. :)

I also start classes next Monday, one week from today... Goodbye summer.  I'll miss you!

Trevin also hit a HUGE milestone by laughing! (4-23-12) It was one of the greatest moments of my life.  I was playing with him, and he started to let out a little giggle.  I kept teasing and soon enough he was all out laughing.  I wondered if I dare run to grab the video camera, in case he'd stop and I would ruin the moment.  After a couple of minutes I decided to try for it.  I came back with the camera and was able to get some priceless video of Trevin's first laugh.  Since then, I've been able to get him to laugh a couple times.  It's so amazing watching him grow and learn so fast.  As soon as I took the video, I sent a text to James and told him what had happened. He called immediately and asked in a sheepish voice, "Can I listen to it?" It was so sweet.  I played it for him over
the phone and I could almost hear his smile. :)
His (too big) shirt makes his shoulders look so broad. :)

A couple weekends ago was our big Stockham 125th anniversary.  We had a weekend jam packed with activities.  It was so much fun and I was glad Trevin got to be a part of it, even though he won't remember it. We considered attempting to camp, but decided to sleep inside my parent's house instead.  haha I think it was probably the better choice, since it rained during the night.

Glow golf!

Horseshoe tournament

He's got a harley...

Hitler stache

I hosted the beard competition at the BBQ, so now that it's over, James is officially clean shaven.  :(  I was starting to like his beard.  It was looking real
nice. Oh well, I suppose I can't blame him.

Young one in training. 

James' sister Heidi and her husband Jan Michael had their baby! Jackson Paul was born on August 3rd.  We still have not met this little man, but hopefully this week! He is such a cutie and it'll be fun for Trevin to have a playmate!

This last weekend we had my cousin Seth's wedding to his beautiful bride Taylor. James and I were both in the wedding so it felt like we didn't see Trevin much all weekend.  Anyways, it was fun to celebrate with them and remember back to our wedding a year ago.  Gee, how time flies!

Happy Birthday James! 

Saturday was also James' birthday (and my half birthday.)  We celebrated by having a huge reception and dance. Oh wait, I suppose that was for Seth and Taylor... but we partied anyway! :)

Chewing on his turtle

Trevin was so funny in his bath this morning.  He was all kicks and smiles!  He loves each bath more than the last.  He splashed out most of his water, but he didn't care. I actually had to make him get out.  I think he could have played in there all day!

There's our happy four-month old.  Wouldn't trade him for anything!

Summer's ending, growing on the farm...