Friday, July 27, 2012

Rainy Day (or more like hour)

                                                                  Well here's our thumb-sucker.  This picture seems to be his go-to position when he's tired.  The majority of the time after he wakes up from his nap, he is doing this.  Also as he's going down for a nap, he tends to do this.  It's so cute, especially because he doesn't put his fingers in a fist, he fans them all out! Gotta love it! :)

On Wednesday, James' sister Hannah came over and helped me make strawberry-rhubarb jam.  It was so much fun and it turned out wonderful! I think I'm going to have to make some more! Today we're headed to my mom's for a scrapbooking day.  I suppose it's time to start that. I'm already almost 4 months behind! :(  And Ashton gets home from Travel Camp today; very excited to see her!

Yesterday we got rain! Not much, but it was a nice shower.  Trevin and I went to the garage and sat inside the opened door. I took the opportunity to put his boots on for the first time. Obviously, they are too big, but I thought it made a cute picture.  The rain helped cool the day, so we were able to stay outside for a while without overheating.  

Trevin didn't really react to the rain much.  We stepped out into it for a few seconds as some big drops landed on our heads.  He didn't care.  He must have discovered his shorts at this point because all he did for the next 10 minutes was stare at them.  

 The rain stopped and the clouds made for a perfect time for outdoor pictures.  The grass was a little wet so I grabbed a bucket from inside and plopped him in it.  (And Trevin plops.  He's almost 15 lbs now! Chunk-a-munk!)

He really liked those shorts.  He wouldn't look up at all.  James' uncle Dan drove by as this was happening so he pulled up and tried to get Trevin to look up. He tossed his muffs towards the bucket...nothing.  He clapped and talked...nothing.  He even started up the four-wheeler and revved it...nothing.  Only when he drove away, did Trevin look up. :)

First time touching the grass! 

 He reached down and started playing with the grass.  New experience! 
Ooo look what I found!

And then the sun came out and it was nap time.  What a day! 

I love this little man! No rolling yet... stinker. :)

We discovered grass...growing on the farm. :) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

 We're rolling! Well sort of... Sunday morning (7-22-12) before church we had Trevin on our bed on his tummy.  All of a sudden he started turning up on his side.  James and I watched in awe as Trevin grunted and rolled the rest of the way onto his back.  It's official. Trevin is rolling.  We were so giddy, we put him back on his tummy and I got the video camera.  Trevin rolled, over and over again. I think he rolled about 10 times before we left for church that morning.  We were so excited, we told everyone at church what he'd done.  We brought him home later that day and tried again....nothing. We thought, "Well maybe he's all rolled out for the day."  So we tried Monday....nothing.  And Tuesday....nothing. And I've tried a couple times this morning...nothing.  He forgot how to roll. Either that or, he is just testing our patience! Thankfully we got it on camera, so now people don't think we're losing our minds.

Trevin also smiled at himself in the mirror for the first time on 7-20-12.  It's funny now, how excited he gets when he sees that baby give him a grin. :)

Yesterday (7-24-12) I took Trevin to the chiropractor to adjust his back and neck. He's been having issues looking to one side.  While we were waiting, the secretary started talking to Trevin as I held him.  Believe it or not, he got shy! He cuddled his head into my chest and looked at her pathetically. Trevin is not a cuddler at all, so this was hysterical.  He wouldn't smile for her or talk.  He just dug his head into me.  Too cute. This proud mamma soaked it in!

Such a character!

I also took Trevin to a wedding this weekend.  He did so well, except he filled his pants twice during the ceremony.  (At the last wedding we were at, he had a complete blow-out during the ceremony.)  At this point, I'm glad he can't talk and tell us how he really feels about weddings, because there seems to be a trend... :S

You're probably wondering why, suddenly I'm able to update my blog at a respectable time.  Well I finished my summer classes, and it feels awesome! I start my fall semester on August 20th.  It will be tough, but God will give me the strength to get through the next year.

Love this face! :) 

 I realized that I haven't posted any of his newborn photos yet... Yikes.  Well I haven't gotten them all back, but here's a few! This was when he was 3 weeks old.  Hope you enjoy!

Now we're ROLLING on the farm...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

One year later.

A tribute to a wonderful lady.  Tuesday, June 12th, Ruth Moore was welcomed into Heaven with a, "Well done, Thy good and faithful servant." As I recall the last day with her, it brings a smile to my face.  Monday, June 11th, Trevin and I spent the day at the my in-laws.  Some relative were visiting so we hung out all day. Bonnie (James' Grandma Ruth) shared a special moment holding Trevin, little did we know it would be the last time.  She held him in the kitchen and her face was glowing.  Nothing can compare to the bright smile she gave whenever she saw us walk in.  She was a woman full of joy.  Trevin laid on the floor for an hour kicking and smiling.  Bonnie watched him from the couch and soaked up every bit of it! As the day came to a close and we got ready to leave, she grabbed my arm and looked at me and then to the precious boy in my arms and said, "He is so beautiful." She had said it many times before, but that time will always be remembered.  I'm so very thankful that she was able to meet Trevin. Unfortunately, Trevin will not remember her, but we will tell him that she was a treasured grandma.

The first time I met Ruth, she treated me as if I was already family.  I was greeted with a hug and a kiss.  I remember her specifically telling me right before this picture a few years ago, that I was considered her granddaughter.  She was so welcoming and I will always remember the kindness she showed me.  She will be greatly missed!
This is my favorite picture of James and Grandma Ruth.

We found this picture here and saw resemblance to Trevin.  This is James at 6 weeks.  I handed the picture to a few people without saying anything, and they would respond in a similar way, "Aww, how cute! (pause) Wait! That's James!!!" It was pretty funny. So he does look a lot like Daddy, but there are certain characteristics that are mine. Trevin is now 3 months old! It's insane how fast it's gone.  He changes everyday in appearance and personality.  He's so much fun!  We've been saving money because we no longer need to find entertainment, he does it for us! :)  Last week he discovered his thumb. I'm not that excited about it, though.  A thumb is a lot harder to break the habit with than a pacifier.  He likes his pacifier, but he likes to play with it and chew it, so it never stays in.  That's why he loves his thumb so much.  Not going to lie, it's stinkin' adorable. haha.  
This week he's been staring at his feet quite a bit. I'll put bright socks on him and sit him up, and he will just stare at his feet.  It won't be long before they find there way into his hands (and mouth!)  
The older Trevin gets the more we are revealing his personality.  He is not a cuddler.  He doesn't like to lay in your arms like a baby, he wants to sit up and see the world.  He has certain times of the day where he talks a lot, and this week he's gotten more adventurous in his words and pitches.  All of a sudden he'll let out a squeal or a grunt.  He also fake coughs. When he's in a talking mood, he won't let you get a word in, but when he's not in the mood... You can't get him to talk at all! He also deliberately avoids eye contact.  When you are holding him up, he won't look you in the eyes.  His head literally turns back and forth so he 
doesn't have to look at you.  So funny!

Trevin is certainly responding to people.  He recognizes me, and when someone else is holding him, there's not greater feeling in the world than catching his glance and making him give a huge grin and start to squirm.  He knows how to tug at Mom's heartstrings already! I can usually get him pretty excited, but no laugh yet. We've been close, but I can't wait until he gives his first real giggle. 
He also has started to grab for things, and he loves to scratch his fingernails on anything possible.  They are claws! It seems like I clip them every week, and they are still so long! I've already gotten some battle wounds from him. 
Trevin is growing incredibly fast.  We're outgrowing clothes like crazy!  He's getting so big that the changing station on his pack-n-play is getting too small.  He touches from head to toe.  He end up pushing with his feet, and his head ends up in the corner because there's no room for him to lay straight.    I'm not quite ready to give it up yet though! It's been too convenient!
Trevin got a cold a couple weeks ago and started waking up a couple time through out the night.  For a couple weeks after that, even when he was over the cold, he would still wake up a few times. It was depressing! He had gone from sleeping most of the night, to up every few hours again. It was rough going back! Then last week, he slept 8 hours, and hasn't gone back since! WOO HOO!!! He goes down between 8 and 9, and I feed him quick before I go to bed after 10, and then he doesn't wake up until 6 most mornings.  The other day he slept until 8! I didn't know what to do with myself!  :)

I know how over-due this post is. I just looked at the last post and realized how much has changed since then! I've been rather swamped with my classes the last couple weeks.  One class was due on Wednesday and the other is due next Monday.  I'm in much better shape than I was, but I still have a few hours left in my last class, so most of my free time has gone to that. 

I still seem to be recovering from Trevin's arrival. I've seen the chiropractor 7 times in the last month for my tailbone.  We've done acupuncture 4 times. There has definitely been improvement though! I no longer suffer all day.  I had some terrible pain after 2 of the adjustments and the Dr thought it to be scar tissue tearing.  That meant that I should be back in place.  Sunday's are probably the worst for me because of sitting all through Sunday school and church.  It seems like the rest of the day is lousy.  Otherwise I usually just have pain in the evenings after long days, or after longer car rides.  If this continues for much longer without relief, I'm going to check into X-rays to make sure the bone isn't cracked.

James and I celebrated out one year anniversary on Monday, July 16th.  We are so so so grateful for the year we've had.  God had blessed us with provisions we couldn't even fathom.  Trevin has truly been a joy to us.  God's plan for our first year was unexpected, but somehow it was perfect.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  While I may have given up a "normal" college life, I may be considered a "teen mom," and my life may be questioned by others, I know for a fact that this is what God had planned for me and there's no better place to be than in God's will.  I've never loved two people more than I love my husband and my son.  God has transformed this girl into a 
wife and mother, in the matter of a year.  
How blessed am I!

We chose to take a relaxed evening in Grand Island to celebrate our first year of marriage.  We tried out the new Olive Garden, which was delicious.  Then we went mini golfing, where James somehow beat me by 10 strokes.  Anyone that knows us well, knows that I'm the competitive one and James could care less if I beat him.  I ended up going 8 strokes on 2 different holes.  It was awful! James made me smile when he tried coaching me, (since I was the one that taught him how to golf.)  I very much enjoyed just being silly together and doing something fun! We topped off the night with seeing the new Spiderman movie, which we hadn't seen the previews for, so we were completely confused until we realized it was a new story.  We didn't take Trevin with, but by half-way through the movie I was so ready to hold him. On the way home, I was just itching to give him kisses.  I realized that a night out is great, but coming home to be with Trevin is even better.  

What a blessed year, growing on the farm...