Thursday, May 31, 2012

A full night's sleep?!

Mr. Trevin is already 6 1/2 weeks old! It's insane! He is about 10 lbs now and getting much longer.  People have said that he's starting to look more like me. His head is getting bigger and his hair hasn't gotten thicker, so it looks like he's thinning out! He's also started to get the famous bald spot on the back of his head from turning his head when he's laying down.  He's been much more responsive in the last two weeks.  He will look at faces and smile back occasionally! It's so fun! He has also started to talk a lot more.  He already has tones of his voice that you can tell when he's really happy, content, or complaining. It's been great to see a personality form.  Although, I'm afraid that he has quite a temper. He can get himself going when he wants to be held. He's pretty ornery! :)

This last week has been awesome. Trevin has slept through the night! I've got a anywhere from 5-7 hours of sleep straight each night!!!! Do you realize how long it's been since that's happened?! Well, Trevin is almost 7 weeks old...and before that I was pregnant for 9 months.  I was up at least twice each night to use the bathroom.  So it's been a LONG time since my bed and I have spent so much uninterrupted time together!  We've missed each other so much! haha

Another funny story about James sleep talking... A couple weeks ago, I came back from feeding Trevin in the middle of the night and snuggled up close to James.  He was burning up! I asked him why he was so warm and he replied, "Oh it's probably just the pepper spray..."  HA! He cracks me up!

First tractor ride with Daddy!
Laundry has multiplied by a million.  I always thought that a little baby would have a "little" laundry.  Oh boy, was I wrong! We sometimes go through 4 outfits in a day.  Sometimes I've left him in his pajamas and James will come home for dinner or supper and ask why he's still in his PJ's.  I respond, "Oh, well I guess I thought that he'd dirty this one earlier and didn't figure I'd waste another outfit."  He sometimes surprises me and goes the entire day without needing to do a costume change! He's also grown out of a lot of his newborn clothes, especially anything that had pants attached.  He's gotten way too long for those! While I'm doing all this laundry I apparently lose track of some things.  One day I heard James say from his bathroom, "How did these get here?"  They were Trevin's socks, and they had been in a pile with Daddy's socks.  :)

Trevin loves it when we are out and about.  Our first all-day outing (besides at relatives' houses) was at Ashton's district track meet.  He slept all day long.  I had to wake him up to feed him, and he fell right back asleep! He loved all the noises, being outside, and the motion.  He's also slept through all-day shopping trips.  That makes this momma happy! We also took him to the lake over Memorial weekend and he enjoyed every minute of it! Now, if only I could get him to be that happy when we're at home alone... haha

I experienced my first Mother's Day this year! James got up and made me breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  They were even chocolate chip pancakes! :) What a sweetheart! It was a ton of fun just being able to spend the day with my own little "family."  Still hard to believe that we are a little family now! Baby dedication at church was also on Mother's Day, so that was special.  Trevin did very well and slept through the whole thing! ;)

To keep you posted, my tailbone is still bothering me.  This last week the pain has been much more severe.  At my appointment a couple weeks ago, my doctor said that the muscles may have been stretched or (not likely) my tailbone cracked.  She said either way there's not much they can do about it.  Physical therapy may be something to consider though because the pain on my tailbone causes me to sit in strange positions and it puts stress on my back and may have potential negative effects in the future. Today I had my sister Brooke work on it (massage) and we'll see if that'll help.  I also tried icing it today, so hopefully it will start healing, whatever is wrong.  Brooke thinks my coccyx (curved part at the bottom of the spine) may be out of place. Please pray for some relief from this and some answers to what's wrong.  It's beginning to get frustrating.

I've felt like a terrible mother at times. Like when I'm holding him and I'm trying to eat, and I drop food on him. Bad mom, bad bad mom.

I left Trevin for the first time on Tuesday.  Paul and Kathy Nauman are hosting a college-aged bible study this summer and I was hoping to go. James needed to work late that night so I knew he couldn't watch him, so I called up Dori (his mom) and asked if she'd be around.  She was thrilled! So I took him down and got her set up.  As I kissed that little man good bye, my throat started to constrict.  I turned around and left as fast as I could because I knew if I would have taken one more look at him, I'd decide not to go.  I got to the car and drove out and was bawling by the time I got to the end of the driveway.  I had to take the long way around to pull myself together.  I enjoyed the couple hours out, but it was definitely great to get back to my baby!

We're loving baby life and looking forward to the days ahead!

Our little family, growing on the farm...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trevin Trimble

I gave that last big push and I felt instant relief from pressure.  I looked down and saw the most beautiful baby.  He was quickly placed on my stomach and that moment proved that love at first sight is possible.  Suddenly all the fear of the unknown was gone.  Peace swept in and joy overwhelmed me. He was perfect.  It was a wonderful moment that words cannot begin to describe.  I pulled him up to my chest and tried to soak in every second.  His cry brought a smile to my face and I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

Trevin Trimble Huenefeld was born at 2:06 p.m. on Saturday, April 14th.  He weighed 8 lbs 5.5 oz, and was 19 3/4 in long. Yeah, he was a little larger than expected. We were so blessed to have such a healthy baby boy.  He had lots of hair (his mother's son!)  Even some on his back and shoulders! The hair on the back of his head is longer than the hair on top of his head, so I'm pretty sure he'll have a mullet in a few months.  He's awesome already! He also came out with all sorts of rolls.  Right away the rolls on his neck were pretty irritated because it was skin on skin and it wasn't able to get dried out.  The nurses said that he didn't have a very long neck and so that's why those rolls were even bigger.  He was 6 days early, so if he would have gone full-term, we would've had almost a 9-lb baby. Yikes.

After they had taken him from me to weigh him, I remember thinking, "Oh no, I didn't check for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Surely someone would have noticed already and broke the news to me. Right?" I tried to glance over to see if I could count, but there were too many bodies in the way.  As soon as I got him back, I made sure.  They're all there! haha.

Trevin has impressed us from the get-go.  The first time he was up on my chest, he lifted his head up.  That doesn't usually happen for at least 1 week.  His short neck may be part of the reason he can hold his head up so well.  He gains more control of his head every day.  He moves it to look at things in every direction.  He also is able to throw himself back when you have him up.  He certainly requires two hands, otherwise he would end up on the floor.  (Don't worry, it hasn't happened! But he has caught me off-guard and scared me a couple times.)  He's also very alert for his age.  When he's awake, he's awake.  He has bright eyes that seem to be taking in everything! Last week I had him kind of squatting on my lap and talking to him. That silly boy pushed up on his legs and stood! Now, he was wobbling like crazy, but I couldn't believe it! At two weeks he was able to push himself up with his legs.  He's getting really good at it now.  It's starting to scare me. I keep telling him that he needs to slow down and be a baby for a while!  Before I know it, he'll be pulling himself up and taking steps... Oh boy. We took his pictures yesterday and I was trying to hold him out on my hands with his bottom against my stomach.  He was not having that! He pushed his legs and locked them tight.  My arms were out-stretched, I was barely able to hang on.  He's a stinker already. :)  He has an interesting temper, too.  Generally he is very patient and content even when he's in need of food, changing, etc. BUT, when he decides that he has waited long enough for you...he'll let you know.  It's usually an instant scream, he doesn't always work up to it to give Mom a warning.  Nope, the timer just goes off.  He also is starting to realize that he's spoiled.  The last couple weeks have been pretty busy.  Very few days are we just home alone with no visitors or nothing to do.  So, that means he's been held. A lot.  And the days when we are home all day by ourselves, he reminds me that no one is holding him and he would rather be held.  How do you start child-rearing a 3-week old? haha! It's hard not to spoil him though, he's too stinkin cute.  He's been smiling more and more.  Not necessarily at anything imparticular, but when he's content or sleeping.  He makes all sorts of faces.  He's got his Dad's expressions, for sure!

Now the story on his name: If you've read my previous blogs you'll know how we came about choosing Trevin, but Trimble is a whole new funny story.  James' Grandpa Moore's middle name was Trimble, and that's why we choose it. (Now, Trimble is also the name of an Ag company that makes GPS systems for farm equipment.  Did James have double motives?  Most likely, but who knows for sure. haha.) We assumed that Trimble was just a family name.  It turns out that it is, but not our family. We heard the story of the name after Trevin was born and named. -- Grandpa Moore's father was a traveling pastor that essentially lived on scams.  He would go to churches all over with his 10 kids and wife and ask for money.  That's how he "supported" the family.  One way he would attempt to get more money was to name his children's middle names after wealthy families in the churches they were at, in hopes that those families would be impressed and give them money.  Interesting concept, but that's how the name "Trimble" came into our family.  Trimble was the last name of a wealthy family in a church they visited.  So, now we have quite an interesting story to tell and pass on! haha!

I have a couple more hospital stories for you.  I mentioned last post that I've lost all sense of privacy and modesty.  Well, a couple of friends were visiting us in the hospital and right before they came I was needing to use the restroom.  This was only the second time I went after the birth, so I pressed the call light to get some assistance.  (The first time, I almost passed out when I got to the bathroom.) A new nurse came in and I explained that I needed help.  She helped me to the bathroom and got me squared away.  Our friends came into our room in the middle of all this and over heard the following.  As she was just about to open the door to leave she said, "Oh, by the way, my name is Brandy."  When I came out a couple seconds later, they were laughing.  She was helping me use the bathroom and I didn't even know her name until she was done. haha. I would have never thought anything of it and I couldn't have cared less...

First bath!
I had asked my mom to take pictures with my camera and record a little right after he was born.  So she did.  The next day in the hospital, James turned on the video camera and watched a little bit.  After a few minutes he said, "Um, I think your mom left the video camera on."  I wasn't too concerned, but asked him to show me.  She had set the camera down on my table next to my bed, and it was still recording.  The camera was pointing directly at me, so it really had a good shot of things, maybe too good.  James said, "Well, we have a good view of the first feeding..." haha yikes. It was a direct shot of my chest, minus my gown... We had a good laugh, thinking that would be the worst of it.  Then I remember that I had tried to eat a little bit after the delivery and thrown it up...all over myself...  I laughed in terror, hoping it got shut off before then.  Sure enough, a few minutes later I hear myself say on the tape, "Someone grab me a bag, I'm gonna throw up!" And then I did.  Right there on tape.  James and I turned it off after that, and we haven't seen the rest of it still. I'm going to have to edit those majorly! But it made for a good laugh!

One other thing, last post I mentioned that epidurals don't take away all of the pain.  Well, they do. Either mine didn't work completely or I was given a smaller dose (if that's possible.)  Anyways, mine did not reach its full potential.  I was still able to feel the pressure and also was able to feel everything when she stitched me up.  Thankfully, it was my first delivery, so I had no idea that it would be any different.  I'm grateful for my ignorance.  And I'm glad that it did what it did.  I was able to be in control of pushing, while being able to focus since I didn't have the severe cramping with each contraction.

James has been loving parenthood.  It's a whole new world, but it's been incredible.  He comes home and just holds him.  The first week we were home, he told me, "It's not fair that you get to stay home with him all day."  James also has modified his own pacifier for Trevin.  His nose.  It sounds disgusting, but it is pretty funny.  If Trevin starts crying, James will put his nose to his mouth and Trevin sucks away! Sometimes he likes it better than his actual pacifier!  Crazy Dad... He loves every second with him.  Even if he's screaming.  The first couple nights at home, I began to get annoyed getting up every 2 hours.  Each time we'd hear that little squawk from the monitor, James would start to laugh.  I asked him what was so funny and he replied, "He's just so cute!" Cute if you're getting more than 4 hours a night... haha It really hasn't been that bad.  That was obviously the first week.  By week 2, and now 3, James sleeps through it all.  He's adjusted well. I do get some good laughs in the middle of the night sometimes, though.  I wear contacts usually, so when Trevin starts crying in the night I can't see the clock to tell what time it is.  One night I asked James what time it was (This helps me know if it's time for another feeding, or if maybe he has a burp...) James sat up, looked at the clock and said, "It's Valentine's Day.  Do you want me to give him some water?"  I tried not to bust out laughing.  I don't know what he was dreaming... I chuckled a little and said, well let's try the pacifier instead.  The next morning I mentioned something to him about it being V-Day.  He had no idea what I was talking about. :)  This week the same scenario was played out except his response was, "As long as his wheels are still spinning, he'll be alright."  Oh brother! I didn't even bother responding that time. I just laughed as I headed down to the nursery.  I told him about it the next day and he insisted that I'm making all of these stories up.  I told him there's no way I could make up something that random.  I'm looking forward to the nights of funny quotes ahead!

11 Days

Speaking of night-time, Trevin gave me a 5-hour stretch last night! Woohoo! We're generally on a pretty close schedule through the nights.  He eats about at 10, 2, and 6. Give or take.  I hope that last night was a sign that we're working towards one LONG night stretch.  The first couple weeks were a little rough, there were nights that I saw every hour of the clock.  Somehow I survived.

12 Days
So baby's doing well, growing fast and getting loads of kisses from every one around.  But how's Mom?  Well, post-natal hormones are real. Stupid songs on the radio, or a certain look from that sweet baby face will either send me bawling or brighten my entire day and I just can't stop smiling.  Emotions are such a funny thing, aren't they?  I'm also starting to think that my tailbone is damaged.  I'm still having quite a bit of pain.  If I sit too long in a position it hurts, but especially when I go to get up from sitting.  The first couple steps after standing up, I feel like I need a walker.  I'd never heard of tailbone pain after birth, but apparently some women even go in for x-rays because their tailbones have cracked.   I go in for my appointment next week, so we'll see what the doctor has to say.  But on the positive side, I hardly spend any time in my bathroom now! Sometimes I panic thinking something is wrong because I haven't used the bathroom in hours! And then I realize that I'm just not pregnant anymore!  :)
2 1/2 Weeks

Trevin had an appointment when he was 9 days old.  He had gained back all of his weight and a little more, and had grown a little longer, too!  She said he looked so healthy that he didn't need to come back for his one-month appointment.  Atta boy!

Trevin has his baby dedication this Sunday, Mother's Day.  Very exciting! :) It's also my first Mother's Day.  How crazy!

I got the rest of our maternity pictures. Man,
I forgot how big that belly was!!!

One beautiful boy, growing on the farm...