Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prepared to be unprepared...

How about this weather?!?! High of 80 today and a little breezy, but hey, I'll take it! After doing devotions in a camping chair, I just couldn't make myself go back inside.  So here I am, updating my blog, and we'll see what else I can find to do out here today. :) Chick is just loving being outside, whether he knows it or not.  Something tells me that this is the first of many hours of just the two of us out in the yard.  Makes my heart smile.

Okay, now to baby talk.  We're sailing strong at 34 weeks! Only a precious 6 to go.  I say precious because we're really trying to soak up the last 'days' of being childless. Don't get me wrong, children are great (as far as I know) but our life is about to change drastically.  All the new moms I've talked to say that nothing can truly prepare you to be a parent.  So I'm prepared to be unprepared.  That's just the way it's going to be.  I attended a women's retreat this last weekend in Nebraska City and had such a great time.  The speaker, Jen Hatmaker, was thought-provoking and  inspiring.  I came home with a better sense of what God expects from me and how to do it.  It was held at the Lied Lodge, a gorgeous place.  I bought a couple of Jen's devotional books.  Today's devotion talked about failing as a parent.  (Doesn't sound too encouraging, eh?)  But the point was actually so comforting.  She talked about how we can't be perfect parents to our children, because we're not perfect people.  But it's okay!  God is the perfect Father to our children, we don't have to have the pressure of performing without flaw! Wow, doesn't that lift up a burden from my heart! No matter how many times I'm going to mess up as a parent, my child has to learn that
they must must must rely on God as their perfect parent,
because I won't even measure up.

Anyways, back to soaking up the next 6 weeks.  James and I have talked for a few months about taking a Babymoon.  I've been encouraged to do so by many people, but I felt kind of silly, since we just took a honeymoon 8 months ago. We've finally decided that it is certainly worth at least taking a weekend to get away and enjoy ourselves.  So that's what we're going to do.  Now I told you that the conference I attended was at the Lied Lodge, well as soon as I walked in, I knew that I wanted to come back.  I immediately texted James to see what he thought, and he decided it would be pretty fun.  It will be so easy to spend the weekend relaxing, and really enjoying ourselves without having an agenda.  We're going this weekend for two nights.  Really looking forward to it, I'll be sure to post pictures soon! 

There's four pregnant cousins on James' side, well one just had her baby, but anyways, his aunts threw us all a combined shower.  It was really fun and I was able to cross more things off the "To Buy" list.  My sisters, mom, and grandma were all able to come.  My church is also throwing me a baby shower this coming Sunday.  I'm really excited and looking forward to celebrating this little life inside me!

Other baby news.  We finished our 4-week childbirth class.  Learned some new things, heard some old things, but we feel a little more ready for the labor and delivery.  One funny thing from our class...The first night we were given name tags, which were simply a large circle of construction paper.  We wrote our names on them and waited for class to start.  The instructor tells us, "Look at your name tags.  They are 10 cm in diameter.  Thats how big you must be before you start pushing."  I think I just about dropped at that second.  I've always known that you have to dilate to 10 cm, but I guess I never took the time to think about how big that really is.  If you haven't really thought about it either, go and get a ruler.  You'll be amazed...and terrified... :) Don't worry, I pulled myself together and was able to digest the rest of the lectures, but that will always stick out in my mind!
I also went to a breastfeeding class last night at the hospital.  I had already decided that I was going to breastfeed, and the class certainly reinforced and encouraged my decision.  She spoke for 2 hours about benefits, and I think she could have gone on for another 2 if we would have let her.  Very interesting statistics and facts.
We are scheduled to tour the hospital in 2 weeks.  It will help us be more comfortable with the surroundings before the big day.  More info to come after the tour...
We're still having appointments every other week.  Last one checked out great, my weight has stabilized and he's growing at the right pace too.  We have our next appointment tomorrow, but no concerns so far.   Very thankful for such an easy pregnancy!

Did my first load of tiny clothes trying to get ready for the big arrival!
I couldn't help but stop to take a picture! 
And I can't write a blog without telling you about the man of the hour! Chick is growing, and it is quite obvious!  He's half-ways attempting to turn and then he'll bounce right back up to where he was.  Let's hope he just stays put before the birth.  We don't want a little breeched guy.  He kicks me really hard and sometimes I feel like I'm already trying to discipline him. haha.  When he's up in my ribs, I try to convince him to move positions.  I tell him, "No, you're hurting Mommy."  But it's almost like he doesn't understand.  Kids these days.... :)  He also gets the hiccups frequently.  Sometimes even 4 or 5 times a day! Poor guy.  Honestly, besides a sore back and feet sometimes, I'm really doing quite well.  He's been good to me.

James and I also tossed around the idea of maternity pictures.  I tossed it to him, and he says, "No we shouldn't."  Then he tosses it back to me and I say, "Yes we should."  And long story short, we're taking maternity pictures! A friend of a friend, Emily (Sullivan) Peterson, is going to be taking our pictures hopefully by the end of the month.  She's also going to be taking our new born photos as well.  I'm very excited!  She has a talent and does it for her own enjoyment, and we just want some casual shots, nothing too fancy.  I'll certainly be posting these as soon as they come!

At this very second, here's a snapshot of our nursery.  There's much to explain here. We've had a tremendous change in plans.  The nursery was recently painted by the couple that lived in the house before us, and it was gray.  Which was fine by me! It's a great neutral color that you can do a lot with.  There's already a few nicks in the wall where paint has been scratched off, and we don't have touch up paint.  Anyways, the trim was all white, but it was painted over an oil-based paint and so it comes right up.  We hadn't really thought about those problems until we decided to get some custom made vinyl decorations for the nursery.  My mom reminded me that as soon as we want to repaint the room, meaning how ever long I can stand to have scratched up paint, the vinyls will have to come down and they'll be ruined.  Bummer.  So we decided to just repaint the walls, I liked gray so we choose to put gray over gray! Well we also decided that the trim should just be taken care of while we're working on the nursery.  But in order to repaint them we needed to sand them down so that the paint would stick.  In order to do that we had to pull up the trim.  That's when we discovered that the carpet was laid after the trim was in place, so we had to pull out the carpet to get to the trim.  OKAY....That's not even the end.  When we pulled the trim and baseboard up, it busted.  So we had to buy new trim. We then decided that since the whole room was being redone, we'll just spend the extra money to replace the carpet, (which was a used remnant from another house originally and it was kinda pink looking.) We bought trim and carpet. I painted all the trim and baseboards, so now it is waiting to be cut and put up.  After that we'll stretch and place the carpet and THEN we can set up our nursery! One side note, our crib arrived the same week that we decided to repaint, (which was a gift from James' grandma! :) So I've been itching to get it set up and now I must wait even longer. You'd think that we could have started this process a little sooner... haha Oh the joys of remodeling! At least the room will be fresh and clean for Chick when he comes home!

He's coming soon, growing on the farm...