Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single digit weeks quickly approaching!

30 Weeks! We have reached the point where we are beginning to have appointments every other week, instead of once a month.  The next 10 weeks are going to fly by, no matter what I tell you.  Once we hit the single digit weeks left, YIKES! It'll be here before we know it.  My last appointment they tested me for gestational diabetes. All results came back great! Very thankful for that! I can't imagine trying to juggle that along with everything else that is happening.  We did have one issue at the last appointment, though. I'm supposed to be gaining about 1 lb a week since Christmas, until the very end.  Well it had been four weeks since our last appointment, so if you do the math, I was supposed to gain about 4 lbs.  Well, I stepped on the scale and just about lost the urine they needed for the diabetes test.  I had gained 10 lbs! I looked at the nurse, in complete shock and said I don't weigh that much! (I've been weighing myself every day at home, and I had never come within 3 lbs of what the scale said.)  She laughed and wrote it down, probably thinking that I was joking.  When we got into the room she looked at my information from last time and then I think she realized what I had meant.  According to the papers, I gained 2 1/2 times what I was supposed to.  I realized my jaw was still in my lap, so I put it back where it belongs.  My doctor came in and asked if I had any questions or concerns...well I jumped at the chance to defend myself. haha I said well I don't know what's going on with my weight.  I then tried to explain to her that I had been weighed with my winter coat on..so that might have added some.  And I also had an extremely full bladder since I had to wait an hour after drinking the solution, and my bladder was pretty full at the beginning of the hour anyways.  So that definitely added some to my weight.  She smiled and said, "Well I'm not going to worry to much about it today, but I'll see you again in 2 weeks, and you're only going to gain 2 lbs between now and then."  I laughed and said, "Yes, mam." I've already gained 35 lbs since the beginning of the pregnancy, which is about what most people gain through the entire pregnancy. Now before you freak out, you have to realize that I moved out of my parents' house, got married, started college, and got pregnant all in the same month.  So, not only did I probably get part of my "freshman 15," I'm also pregnant.  So if you take the 35 lbs I've gained minus my freshman 15 it equals 20 lbs. That's right about where I should be.Yes, I've done the math many times... I know that it's still not good to gain extra weight when pregnant, but in reality I was probably going to gain at least 10 lbs anyways, pregnant or not. 

A few other things going on is I'm getting leg cramps at night now.  I've only gotten two so far, but there have been times where I wake up and it feels like it is right on the verge of going.  I knew that they were coming, my calves were starting to get pretty sore and tight, so around the week of the first one, I kept telling James, "Now if I wake up screaming, just reach for my leg and start rubbing and stretching it. Don't freak out." So, later that week, sure enough I got my first one and he did just as he was told. It passed within 30 seconds.  Well I stopped reminding him about cramps, and then about a week later I got another one and he was all sorts of confused.  "What's going on? What's wrong!?" The poor guy...I just screamed, "LEG!"  For the next couple of days, my calf is really sore, and strangely enough, it's been my right calf both times.

The other night James just started doing the dishes after supper...not usually his job.  Well he looks at me and says, "After the baby comes, I'll take over the kitchen for you." I was shocked and really pretty impressed.  I said honestly, "Well, thanks James. That's really kind of you." And then I heard him say that 3 letter word that would ruin the moment, "BUT" haha "But, I won't do any diapers." I started to laugh, and really had to consider his "deal." I told him that it was honestly a pretty good idea.  Then he made more specifications, "I mean, I'll just do the dishes, I won't really cook because I won't always be home when you're hungry." (Like I'm hungry at different times than he is)  Well that changed the story a little bit, "Okay, that's not fair James, here's my counter-offer. You handle dishes and you only have to do wet diapers." He considered the offer, and we decided that we'd think about it.  Man, he really wants out of those dirty diapers! I told him that it'll be different when it's his own kid, but he didn't really agree with me. So the deal is pending at the moment...
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Tiny clothes hanging in the closet

My cousin's wife is due about 6 weeks before I am and I'm helping to host her baby shower this Sunday.  I went straight to Pinterest to find ideas for gifts, decorating, food, games and other things.  Well I just pinned it all to my Baby board.  And I had a thought the other day, I bet that there are some people who have seen my post things, thinking that I'm wanting it for my shower, or I'm trying to plan my own.  Well for any of you wondering, those ideas are not for me! :) I just happen to be pregnant while hosting a baby shower, ironic.  My church is hosting as shower for me coming up March 18th. It was just set!

Well we are all registered for our classes, one more detail out of the way.  Our first Childbirth class is supposed to be this Thursday, unfortunately I have a meeting that night that I can’t miss…So we are going to go into labor with NO idea of what’s going on.  Haha No, we’ll catch up next week! There’s just four sessions total, and we’re anxious, nervous and excited to finally get our feet wet in this whole event.  We also have a breastfeeding class, just one session, coming up in a couple of weeks.  Now, they strongly advise that the husband attend so that they can be just as knowledgeable as the wife.  They do this for many reasons, partly because the class isn’t just about techniques, it’s also teaching you everything about the benefits and maybe struggles of breastfeeding.  Well, if you know James at all, you’ve already guessed that he is not wanting anything to do with this class.  We’ll see what happens, I keep telling him that it’s only two hours and then it’s over! But to him, he’d probably rather break his leg again.  We are experiencing the total oppositeness of males and females… :

 When you look at this belly from my perspective, you may realize that certain simple tasks are not as easy as they once were.  Things such as putting on socks and shoes, clipping and painting my toenails, and bending over to grab something off of the floor are becoming difficult.  (And Chick is supposed to grow 1/2 lb. a week until he's born?!)  I was going out to supper with some gals and as we were getting ready to leave I started the process of putting on my socks and shoes.  Now I had tall boots that day, meaning I had to roll and tuck my jeans into them and then try to work my foot into position.  One lady must have been watching me do this, and she busted out laughing.  I looked up at her, kind of confused and she explained to me what I had just done.  Before I bent over each time to put a boot on, I took a deep breath, almost like I was about to jump into a pool of water, and then went down.  I hadn't realized that I was doing this, but ever since then I notice it. Apparently it's a little harder to breath down there. :) I'm getting anxious for spring to come because my winter coat is getting quite snug around my tummy.  I don't know how much longer I'll be able to zip it... This baby bump is turning into a baby mountain. I can tell he's getting more squished in there because his movements are a lot stronger and more frequent.  Hang in there Chick!

We've made our first big purchase! We found a travel system. It's a stroller/car seat combo, which I was thrilled about.  It also came with a base to the car, so that we can just snap in the car seat and not have to re-buckle every time we get in and out of the vehicle.  The car seat snaps right into the stroller as well.  The stroller can also be used for an older child when the car seat isn't in it.  It also has an extra-large basket underneath, which is awesome! It's also a light-weight stroller, meaning once a get a baby in there, a diaper bag in the bottom, and try to climb some hills, it "should" be much easier since there's not much stroller weight.  We tried to go with more neutral colors just in case a girl would come along in the future.  The little newborn brace makes me think about how tiny that baby really will be the first time he's in there.  I might not be saying the same about a "tiny" baby during labor...but in reality Chicken will just be a little man. 

Counting down the days, growing on the farm...