Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chicken Michael Huenefeld.

We've hit week 26! That means we're at the end of the second trimester and next week we start the longest 3 months, (not longest by time, but by comfort.) It's amazing that we're already 2/3 of the way there! Our little boy will soon be in our arms! We can't help but wonder what his personality will be like.  Who is he going to become? Well, we are assuming the worst when it comes to the toddler years.  If James get the child he deserves, and if I get the child I deserve....then we're really in for it! James was known for cutting off his sister's pigtails, (before the pony tail) killing a duck by shoving it head-first into a boot, and not liking to be cuddled. I'm having a hard time digesting the fact that this baby might not want Momma to hold him. :(   I was known for getting more spankings than my other three siblings combined, I never made it through a store without being taken to the restrooms, and once, when I was crying, I was told by a mentally handicapped man, "Shut up, you stupid baby." Needless to say, if we get the child we deserve, we're going to need some major child rearing lessons! Although the toddler years may be interesting, we pray that he will grow up to be a patient man of God. 

So what has changed in the last month? Well... I've gained just short of 30 lbs since the beginning of the pregnancy, (and yes, that is more than average!)  All the extra weight is starting to take a toll on my body.  My feet get sore pretty easy, and my back has started the infamous "pregnancy ache."  I also put my back out last week and saw the chiropractor to help get back in line. He told me that he'll be seeing me again, because pregnant women always need readjusted. I have a hard time sitting on the floor, I feel like I've aged 30 years! I'm longing to get my body back to normal after the baby's born.  I've heard that the weight comes off easier for the first one.  Cross your fingers!  Also, for the first time in my life, I'm having trouble sleeping.  A body pillow has helped some, but it's been difficult getting comfortable at night.  This may also be due to him kicking a lot more and harder now.  Sometimes it keeps me up at night if he's doing his daily exercise at 2:00 AM.  It has been fun to watch my stomach move around when he's active. The last couple weeks he has started pushing on my stomach and moving, whereas before it was just a little kick, now he kicks out and moves it so we get to see and feel him actually moving around.  I've enjoyed that so much! It's crazy, that just one change can make him feel so much more real.   

I started online classes last week so now I'm at home full-time! Hopefully that will allow me to get all those baby projects done. I think we'll start making the big purchases this next month, to help spread out the expenses a little bit. Note: Babies are expensive. Be prepared.  We've started talking about baby shower details.  So that will be happening before long.  We also have to call in this week to preregister to the hospital.  That means we'll sign up for classes and a tour.  Each day is that much closer to baby day! 

Daddy was SO happy Chick got some camo!
Chicken: Before Christmas, my nephew Billy, age 4, told my sister, "Megan said that I get to name the baby!"  (I really don't remember such a conversation, but apparently he does.)  So Brooke asked him if he had any names picked out yet.  He replied, "Well, if it's a boy, he'll be Chicken Michael."  Brooke tried to keep a straight face, and bravely asked what the girl name was.  Thankfully he "hadn't decided a girl name yet."(Billy also said that my cousins baby boy should be named Charlie Underpants...)  Scott, age 6, then suggested that the boy name be Cason, which was funny because we had that on the list at one point.  Anyways, our baby has now adopted the name Chicken Michael.  It was wrote on most of his Christmas presents, and now he has a name until his big arrival...then we'll probably give him a new name. :)  James' nephews have even picked up on it.   He's called Chick for short. Oh, this poor child... haha

This was at Nuss Christmas 2011.  Ashley, far left, just had a
baby girl 2 weeks ago and Tara, middle, is due 6 weeks before me.
Crazy how much I'll grow in the next 3 months! 
The BIGGEST news on this post is that we finally decided on a name!!! I spent a couple hours going through an online baby name directory, I had a list of 10 or so that I showed James.  I started reading the list to James, he just nodded to each one, not really showing much interest, until I read the final name.  His ears kind of perked up and he said that might work.  (That's his way of showing approval haha) We took a few names off the list that we didn't really like and had about 7 left.  We kind of left it at that, I was just excited that we had an official list.  A couple days later (we still hadn't gone back and discussed the list any more)  we had supper with my younger sister, Ashton.  I was telling her that we had an actual list.  I glanced and James and nonchalantly added, I think I know which one we'll chose.  He looked at me and said "the last one?" I smiled and said "Yup."   Ashton looked at us in disgust.  We decided the name right in front of her, without even saying it!   And that was how we decided on a name.  Ironically, it was the last name on the list because I almost didn't add it.  I thought James wouldn't like it, but good thing I took the chance! We're pretty sure on a middle name, but we haven't set it for sure.  One big sigh of relief from this mom!

Ashton and I made these for Christmas gifts.  Fun holiday baking! 
Scary moment: My older sister, Brooke, turned 30 this month. And my mom was saying how scary it was to have a 30 year old daughter.  I thought about the concept and just about wet myself.  I'll have a 30 year old at age 49.  AH! How crazy is that?  I think that I'll be able to accept that fact that I'm almost 50, but having a 30 year old.... That's a lot to take in. 

Changes I've made since becoming pregnant:
-I wear an apron because I'm more klutzy and I have more surface area to spill on now.
-I eat whenever I feel like it, even right before dinner...because I'll be hungry by then anyways!
-I sleep when I'm tired. I require more sleep than ever before, and I realize that in 3 months I'll be kissing away my sleep for life. :)
-"Can you massage my calf? It feels like tonight's the night that the epic cramp will arrive." (I'm yet to have one, but the time is coming...I can feel it.)
-I only try on stretchy clothes, they're the most comfortable!
-My hair grows faster than the baby. Meaning...I quit shaving. Okay, I didn't quit, but let's just say that I'm glad it's winter time.
-"Hi, I'd like to schedule another chiropractor appointment..."
-Body oil is my new best friend, gotta keep those stretch marks away!
-"Seconds anyone? Thirds?"
-Instead of bending over, I squat down.  My weight is re-distributed, meaning I fall down when I bend over.
-Can we move a desk closer to the bathroom?  I know I'll be making 3 trips there in the next 2 hours.
-"Maybe if I go walk around, he'll fall asleep."
-I have to be more aware of where my stomach is.  I hit it on things too much.
-Never again will I take for granted getting my pants buttoned...

Chalk one more up to these families! Actually, James' sister and brother-in-law, Heidi and Jan Michael, revealed to us at Christmas that they are also going to be having a new addition!  She's due the end of July, three months after me.  Looks like Chick will have a play-mate! 

We were both blessed with such amazing families! Christmas only reminded us of how special they all are.  Thankfully, we have them to help us through this exciting and new time in our lives! 

Getting close, growing on the farm...