Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Change of perspective...

With Christmas right around the corner, we are getting even more excited for the arrival of our little man.  The past couple weeks have been rather eye-opening for us.  When we first found out we were expecting, we were certainly excited, but there was still that hesitation and uneasiness about it all.  We had no idea how our lives would change so much.  With each week of the pregnancy we became more sure of the situation and looked forward to the next week with much anticipation.  Our fears turned into joy and our bitterness into thankfulness.  God has used this baby to completely change our attitude towards life and help us step back to "attempt" to see the bigger picture.  Last week I woke up with some strange stomach pains that I hadn't ever felt before.  I thought maybe it was some bug going around and I attempted to ignore it and get ready for the day.  There were multiple times where it almost took my breath away and I had to sit down immediately.  It happened to also be the last day of my classes, meaning I still had one presentation to give that morning, and there was no way of making it up.  For some reason, unknown to me, the pain seemed to get better through the morning and I was able to do the presentation without much distraction.  They had pretty much disappeared by the time I got home that afternoon and I finished my day without giving it much thought.  Right before supper they started up again, worse than they were in the morning.  The pain seemed to come and go.  I'd have a couple really bad minutes and then a few to recover. I could hardly describe the feeling.  It was a combination of the soreness you get when you do a bunch of sit ups and pressure you feel when you get cramps.  I had no idea what was going on.  Suddenly it hit me, you get cramps when you're having a miscarriage. Although it's uncommon to miscarry after 20 weeks, it's not impossible.  I then talked to the baby's grandmas, (my mom and James' mom) and told them what was happening.  They gave me a little assurance.  I hadn't been bleeding, so that was definitely a positive, but that didn't guarantee that everything was okay.  James came home quickly after and we debated whether or not to call our doctor.  In simple terms, we were scared.  But at the same time, we didn't want to overreact and make something of nothing.  But we didn't want to wait until it was too late.  The pain seemed to ease the longer I laid down, so we decided to wait until morning to call to doctor, just to let them know what's going on and see if they had any answers for us.  It was so hard to fall asleep that night.  We prayed that we would be able to feel the baby move, so we could be comforted.  At this point, I was only feeling the baby move every 3-4 it wasn't unusual that I hadn't been feeling him.  I remember crying and hoping that this wasn't really happening.  The next morning we called the doctor and described the pain.  The nurse said that it sounds like the stretching of my ligaments.  Since my stomach is obviously growing quickly, my ligaments were very tight and sore.  This made complete sense because I'd never felt it in those muscles before and therefore wasn't able to identify the pain.  James and I were so grateful.  In those few hours that night I got a taste of how a miscarriage can effect a family.  Never again can I hear about a miscarriage and brush it off.  I don't claim to know what it feels like, but now I can sincerely have empathy for those who have experienced it.  I was able to look at our situation with entirely new eyes after that night.  This young boy will never be a regret and never be a mistake. He is already a huge part of our lives and we thank God for allowing us to care for him. 

The "kicks" that I had felt a few weeks ago were pretty weak.  James was never able to feel them from the outside.  Three days after the stomach pains, (Sunday night) James and I were watching some tv.  I felt a kick, a real kick! It happened again so I grabbed James' hand and placed it on my stomach.   Thirty seconds later James was able to feel his son for the first time.  He only kicked for about 10 minutes but we were so excited!  Not only was this the first movement we'd felt since the pains, but it was the first time that James could feel them.  The next night, about the same time, he started kicking again.  He kicked for about an hour! Words cannot express the joy that we felt.  I'm sure these kicks are still pretty dull compared to what they'll feel like in few months.  Even as I'm writing this, he's starting to kick.  :)  I guess I need to be prepared for all sorts of hands to be laid on my belly. 

Our next doctor's appointment is January 4th.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

Very thankful, growing on the farm...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bring on the tonka trucks!

Things have been happening fast! First, we have a boy! Second, we're half way there! Third, I'm losing my mind! And fourth, I can feel him!  I'll break it down now.

I've actually grown quite a bit since this picture 2 weeks ago.  More photos to come!

We have a boy!  Sorry for all of you who were positive it was a girl. As long as you didn't place any bets on it, than it shouldn't bother you too bad. :) We had the appointment Monday.  As we sat in the ultrasound room waiting for the doctor, we started to get nervous.  James got the butterflies pretty much right away. The doctor came in and got to business.  Not long after, we saw a precious baby come up on the screen.  She was able to identify what she referred to as "boy parts" almost instantly.  James let out a laugh and squeezed my hand.  He had a grin from ear to ear.  The doctor then took some measurements of the baby and when she got to the head I thought that I was going to cry.  She zoomed in on the face and were able to see our baby! My first thought was, "That's James. He looks just like James."  I didn't know if at 20 weeks it was too early to be saying who he resembled so I kept my mouth shut. The doctor noted, "He looks like Dad."  I smiled, glad that I wasn't just making it up. haha Come to find out later, that James saw the resemblance right away, too.  I realize that this means that I will be out-numbered in our house, but I think I'll be able to hold my own. ;) We couldn't be more excited!  This will be the first grandbaby to carry on the "Paul" Huenefeld name.  A huge sigh of relief from James. haha  Now we can narrow down first names....not that we really have a list to narrow down.  James has a name picked out that I can tolerate and I have a name picked out that he can tolerate.  So, we're in better shape than we were a month ago!  We'll be keeping the name a secret until he's born, so don't bother asking. :)  In the meanwhile we'll be busy getting the "boy" nursery ready and trying to grasp the reality of the situation.  This lucky boy will most likely be getting some Christmas presents this year, I haven't figured out who's going to open them yet though...

We're half way there! Monday was our 20 week appointment. Everything checked out well.  Looks like Baby and Momma are growing well.  We just about melted when we caught this "half" smile above.  Can you imagine that this baby only weighs about a pound??? He looks so big! It's amazing how developed he is already, and we still have 20 weeks to go! It's hard to believe that we're already half way.  It seems like we found out yesterday that I was pregnant! The days have flown by, but we are so very eager to meet this little buddy.

I'm losing my mind! The growth of the baby and the shrinkage of my brain work hand in hand.  For example, we completed the majority of the office a couple weeks ago and were able to move everything back in.  We set up our new computer in the corner of the desk and I rolled up to it in the office chair.  Now, remember, we laid down some hardwood floor, so the ground is now an inch above where it was previously.  As I rolled the chair up to the desk, the arms of the chair hit the bottom of the counter.  "Man, just when I thought we were done in here." I thought.  I turned to James, who was working on something and most likely not paying attention, and said, "Since we put the new floor in, it raised the ground too much.  Now our office chair won't fit underneath the desk!  We're either going to have to get a new chair or I guess we could raise the counter..." James nodded and went on doing whatever he was doing.  The next day I came into the office and wheeled the chair up to the computer and it fit underneath the counter!  I was beside myself! My first thought was, "Did he already raise the counter up?"  I looked and there was definitely no sign of that construction.  As I started to start my project on the computer, it hit me.  Office chairs have levers that can easily adjust the height of the chair itself.  I laughed out loud at myself and was thankful that James didn't do the same when I was hysterical.  Lately I've also been leaving the lid of the washer open when I start a load.  So when I come back to transfer it to the dryer I find the washer filled, but definitely not washed.  I think I've done that 3 times now....I can't even learn. haha

I can feel him movin! I felt him during supper on Dec. 5th , it was a constant jab in the same spot, (above my right hip bone.)  Needless to say, I didn't mind.  I enjoyed it, it finally felt real.  Every time I tell James that I feel it, he hurries over and wants to feel. Unfortunately, you can't feel it from the outside yet.  But James is certainly ready to take part in feeling the baby as well.

Here you can see he has his hand up in front of his face/eyes. This is the left side of his face, you can see his ear towards the right side of the photo.

Never a dull moment, growing on the farm...