Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'll take three large orders of mozzarella sticks please.

 9 Week Photos!!! My tummy seems to protrude more and more each day!  Soon any tight fitting shirt will tell it all! Sometimes if I stand just right I can't see my toes.  What a scary thought!

I realized that I never mentioned the due date.  April 20th is National Pot Day and my due date! Fortunately only 5% of babies are born on their due date. I would not be disappointed if my child is part of the 95%. :)
We're at 9 weeks now! Next checkup will be Monday.  Still no morning sickness which hopefully means I lucked out and will not be able to experience that wonderful part of a pregnancy.  I have had some other signs of pregnancy, though. The main issue is with smells.  Not often do smells bother me like most pregnant women, but I smell things that aren't really there.  For a few weeks I kept complaining to James about something being rotten in our freezer.  After a while he finally checked and found nothing of a sort, he emptied out any possible culprit from the fridge and figured that should solve the problem.  But it didn't. I was tasting garlic in my ice cubes.  Every time I would get ice for my water I would end up dumping the ice out and just getting water because it smelled and tasted like garlic.  I told James that there was still something rotten in the freezer, and he asked why I thought so.  I told him about the garlic ice and he gave me a strange look.  He took a glass of water and added ice to it and drank it.  "See what I mean?! Isn't it awful!" I said to him, expecting the same reaction.  He laughed and said he had no idea what I was talking about.  I tasted from the same glass and got frustrated, "How do you NOT taste that? I can hardly swallow it!"
This was the first episode that made me realize that my nose is deceiving me.  Since then I've even tried to put our ice in Dr. Pepper and I can still taste a hint of garlic....and I know that garlic is not one of the original 23 flavors.
My next encounter with this was when I was driving to school one day.  I was just south of Walmart on Hwy 34 about a mile when my car filled with the smell of roasted peanuts.  Now this wasn't anything like, "I think I smell roasted peanuts..."  It was more like, "Why in the world are there roasted peanuts in my car?!"  The smell then went away a few miles later.  (I had the same thing happen with the smell of a fresh perm this week on the way home from school)
The last incident was the most cruel of all.  I walked in the door of my house after eating at James' parents' house yesterday and I was sure that James surprised me with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (glazed, for sure) The smell was so strong and I got so excited.  By the time I got to the kitchen the smell was gone and I felt so silly for being fooled once more.

I've also had some pretty severe cravings, (which James believes are just my way of getting what I want, I hope someday he learns that cravings are a very serious issue haha.)  First all I wanted was fried food, especially mozzarella sticks from Arby's.  Oh man, I really could have eaten them for breakfast if I was allowed to.
Next I wanted a lot of bananas...I bought a huge bundle of 7 or 8 bananas and they were gone in 2 days.  I think James did eat 1 or 2 though.  :)  I also haven't wanted meat really at all.  Which is so weird to me, because the best part of a meal is the meat! And now it just doesn't sound that good to me.  One night last week James was going to throw some steaks on the grill and asked me how big of one I wanted.  My response was, "Um, well...I think, maybe I'll just have a PB & J or something, steaks don't sound very good." Needless to say it might take him a while to get used to my new strange eating habits.

You might wonder what I do now that I'm pregnant...well besides school and keeping up with the house, I did a 750-piece puzzle!  "And what does James do now that you're pregnant?" you may ask. Well besides farming and....farming, he fishes! Some things in life will never change.

life continues, growing on the farm...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby bump?!?!

First purchase for baby! It was a weak moment and it was on sale. Fortunately Husker gear is unisex, and the only thing I'm actually allowed to get right now.  It's been fun being able to browse through the baby section and let my imagination run wild.  I had it hanging in the dining room for a few days and James kept making comments about how strange it was to see baby stuff floating around the house.  He's slowly making the adjustment!
This was the baby's first gift! From Auntie Nicole.  She, too, was having difficulty controlling herself in the baby section. :)  We laughed pretty hard about the truth to this "volume control."  Hopefully it's not faulty!

Here's my 6-week picture! It was taken on September 3, 2011.  So it is actually over a week old.  I had to laugh, I've had two comments over the last two days about starting to look pregnant.  One was from my sister, Brooke.  As I walked out of the kitchen with yet another plate of food, she noted, "I think she's starting to show.  How far along is she!?"  We laughed and decided that I'm showing more that I think I should be....but you'll probably hear that from most pregnant women! 
The next day we got out of the car and James quietly said, "Yeah, you're starting to look pregnant." Apparently I can't get away with much now. The baby bump has officially started.  I know that people (that don't know I'm pregnant) will start wondering if I'm gaining the freshman 15...and then they'll think maybe she got the freshman 50! I think I'll let them toy with that idea for a while. ;)

Now everyone asks me, "How are you feeling, dear?"  Well to answer that question for all of you.  I'm really tired and I have to pee all the time.  But other than that, I'm doing great! (Well kind of...more on this later)  I haven't experienced any morning sickness yet, a few times I felt like I've had an upset stomach, but honestly it hasn't affected me much.  Sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant! Like when I was telling my mom that we should go to worlds of fun and ride all of the rides...she reminded me pretty quick that I'm not the only person I have to think about now. :)  I also tried to use Brooke's weighted hoola-hoop, which is supposed to help you work your stomach.  Brooke stopped me before I even got it past my knees and told me that using it was not a good idea.  I'm so glad for all the people watching out for me! Hopefully I grow a brain and start thinking for myself, but like they say, the baby sucks all your brain cells.  I've already had a few moments like that. Usually turns out pretty embarrassing.

You may wonder how the baby news has affected James and my relationship.  Well needless to say, we are still very much newlyweds.  Enjoying every minute together and having way too much fun.  Life is going on with another adjustment to make and we're happier than ever. 

Now, to expand on my health issues...  Thankfully the pregnancy hasn't had a thing to do with any of them!   Well I had three massive blisters on my feet from wearing high heels, (obviously I don't wear them much thanks to James' height!) They were ridiculous, I couldn't even let them touch the blankets when I slept because they stung so bad.   
Okay so that wasn't a major health issue, but it started the wear down of my body.  My next issue was my eyes.  Ever since the week of our wedding one of my eyes has been getting really red for a few days and then it goes away for a week or two.  I just thought it was my contacts so I kept changing them until last week my eye got really really bad.  So I scheduled an appointment at the family doctor to see what was wrong.  He said that they couldn't do anything for my eye and he didn't even know what it was, so I was supposed to go to my eye doctor.  So we called the eye doctor and told them what was going on and they told me to go straight to a specialist.  I finally got in and found out that I had an infection in both eyes, and couldn't wear my contacts for 2-3 weeks.  Well my glasses prescription is about 2 or 3 prescriptions old.  I don't even feel comfortable driving in them because when I want to pass, I can't tell if there's another car coming until LAST MINUTE.  It's dangerous, so I don't pass now.  :(  
As if that's not enough, I was in a wedding this last weekend and was helping decorate on Friday.  I ran home to grab another strand of lights and I backed into a piece of glass/mirror.  I sliced the back of my thigh pretty good.  Thankfully my mom was with me and bandaged me up a little.  James came and got me and took me to the ER.  Half-hour later I had 6 stitches and had missed rehearsal dinner.  My leg was pretty sore all wedding day, and still is pretty tender.  Now I have to go back in another 10 days to get them removed.  
So not only am I going to the doctor for Baby, I'm going to fix eyes, and get stitches removed.  Hopefully this is the last of the health issues for this pregnancy! 

We went in for what they thought was our 8-week ultrasound when in reality it was our 6-week.  We got to hear the heartbeat and and see the baby for the first time.  How incredible!  I think things really start to set in when you hear that tiny thump-thump-thump-thump, going faster than you ever imagined.  My mom thinks that the baby looks like Grandpa Kliewer.  :)   We're looking forward to the next visit on Sept. 26.    

Pray for us, growing on the farm.